Riots in Ferguson, Missouri after police shoot Michael Brown

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by The Wrong Guy, Aug 10, 2014.

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    Trey Yingst @TreyYingst · 15h 15 hours ago
    Just released from Clayton County jail after being arrested for exercising my First Amendment rights on a public sidewalk.

    Ryan J. Reilly @ryanjreilly · 2h 2 hours ago
    ACLU of Missouri out with a statement on @TreyYingst's arrest


    St. Louis County Police Violate Court Order By Arresting Journalist Standing on Sidewalk | Reason

    A credentialed member of the media was arrested in Ferguson around 11:40 pm Saturday night. The arrest appeared to violate a court order issued Friday prohibiting the police from arresting law-abiding journalists.

    St. Louis County Police Violate Court Order by Arresting Journalist Taking Photos | Photography Is Not A Crime

    It took little more than a day for St. Louis County police to violate a court order ruling that police are forbidden from restricting citizens to record in public after they arrested a journalist for doing just that Saturday night as tensions continue to mount in anticipation of Monday’s grand jury decision.

    The fact that a judge needed to issue three court orders for three law enforcement agencies to enforce what the First Amendment already protects is an indicator of how heavy-handed police have been with protesters and journalists over the last three months since the police shooting death of an unarmed teenager.

    The fact that police blatantly ignore the court order is an indicator of how heavy-handed they might be in lieu of the grand jury decision that will determine whether or not Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson will be indicted for the shooting death of Michael Brown.

    On Twitter, you can read the comments to the PD's announcement here:
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    Here's a live stream of tonight's demonstration, where there are dozens of photographers:
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    DIGITΛSHΛDØW @DigitaShadow · 17h 17 hours ago
    Reminding everyone once again that if you are harassed by a KKK member or a cop give us a name and we will shut their asses down.

    DIGITΛSHΛDØW @DigitaShadow · 15h 15 hours ago
    This is just the start, St. Louis law enforcement. If you continue to detain innocent citizens we will cripple your infrastructure.

    DIGITΛSHΛDØW @DigitaShadow · 12m 12 minutes ago
    Let me get this so far. KKK talks shit then gets owned by us then hires mercenary hackers due to low IQs but still losing the war.
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    Paul Hampel @phampel · 1h 1 hour ago
    1. On 8/18, I took this pic of #Ferguson protester Becca Campbell arguing with a cop. Campbell was fatally shot on Friday.


    Paul Hampel @phampel · 1h 1 hour ago
    2. Circumstances of Campbell's shooting are suspicious. Here's the Post-Dispatch story. Check back for updates.
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    Is Missouri breaking the law by concealing the names of officers involved in shootings?

    One hundred days have passed since Kajieme Powell was shot and killed in a barrage of bullets in St. Louis, and his family still has no idea the identity of the officers involved. Police refuse to give them the information.
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    Ferguson grand jury decision expected today | CNN

    A decision is expected Monday from the grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri, that is weighing evidence in the Michael Brown shooting, U.S. and local law enforcement officials told CNN.

    The announcement will come from the St Louis County Prosecutor, the sources said.

    The sources did not know what decision will be announced.
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    Either way this pans out it won't end well.
  18. rof Member

    They will pan for black gold across the thin blue line.

    Or else pan for blue blood using black arts.
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    BbZGKlKG_normal.jpeg Cassandra @CassandraRules · 47m 47 minutes ago
    CNN reporting Mike Browns family is upset and offended that prosecutors office has not yet reached out to them and that they learned via cnn

    gGNAPKWu_normal.jpeg Trap Illarramendi @Trap_Jesus · 16m 16 minutes ago
    They put this out to make muthafuckas mad. Like the grand jury comes directly from a pool of ONLY Ferguson


    Trap Illarramendi @Trap_Jesus · 23m 23 minutes ago
    This why y'all can't listen to the media about everything...they selling fear and misinformation.
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    Dr. Cornel Fresh retweeted
    gGNAPKWu_normal.jpeg Trap Illarramendi @Trap_Jesus · 24m 24 minutes ago
    The Grand Jury doesn't come from JUST Ferguson. North County as a whole ain't even majority black anyway.
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  23. Random guy Member

    'fraid you're right.
  24. The Wrong Guy Member

    How It Felt to Be Inside the Ferguson Media Circus | VICE

    As a local reporter in St. Louis for the Riverfront Times at the time of the shooting, I saw the first wave of protests rapidly grow from a predominantly local phenomenon with mostly local reporters to a full-scale "media circus." I watched as the news vans swarmed, CNN anchors yelled at me for standing in front of a police siren they were using to light a shot, and it became seemingly impossible to take a photo of protesters without two or three other reporters in the frame.
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    Yamiche Alcindor @Yamiche · 29m 29 minutes ago
    I just confirmed that the family of #MichaelBrown has been told that the grand jury has reached a decision and a press conference is coming
    Yamiche Alcindor @Yamiche · 24m 24 minutes ago
    St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar just walked into a meeting at the prosecutor's office. Things are lining up.

    deray mckesson @deray · 52m 52 minutes ago
    Stay tuned into the national response: . There will likely be a protest in your city. #Ferguson

    Governor Nixon has just arrived in St. Louis.

    Grand Jury has been released/sent home.

    Yamiche Alcindor@Yamiche 7m7 minutes ago
    McCulloch's office just sent out official email confirming that a decision has been reached.

    Decision to be announced shortly.

    They won't wait until 8pm


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    You might be surprised. The RbG Rebels just announced they're going to be marching peacefully. If you've been paying attention, that is a HUGE shift. Wilson got married in Missouri recently. Both might be indicators that an indictment is coming. Wives in Missouri cannot be forced to testify against their husbands, but must be married before their spouse is indicted.

    I'm still holding on to hope, albeit a tiny bit.

    Plus, this...

    mJ93CLs__normal.jpeg Bassem Masri @bassem_masri · 4m 4 minutes ago
    Is no statue of limitations on murder,a no indictment doesnt stop us from bringing the charges back up once we take local gov back #Ferguson
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    If you want to know if/when there are protests in your city, keep this link, and refresh it often. (It's not the only source, but it's a main one.)
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    Pentagon Orders Military to Avoid St. Louis Area Ahead of Ferguson Grand Jury Decision | VICE

    The Pentagon has ordered military personnel and their families to avoid the St. Louis, Missouri area due to "ongoing sensitivities" in the city of Ferguson, where a grand jury has reportedly reached a decision in case of Darren Wilson, the white police officer who shot and killed unarmed black teenager Michael Brown.

    VICE News obtained a Pentagon message Monday that accompanies a military advisory distributed last week. The message says Department of Defense employees and their dependents in the St. Louis area should "exercise a greater degree of situational awareness," and "avoid certain activities." The warning was issued "due to the increased tension" in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

    The advisory from the Joint Chiefs is unusual. It says the Air Force, Navy, Marines, and Army should "limit all non mission essential military activities within 25 miles of St. Louis [excluding operations in the vicinity of Scott Air Force Base] and along Missouri interstates in proximity of St. Louis until further notice."

    Continued here:
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    Further unconfirmed reporting suggests they may be ordered to eat their helmets as well.

    If you find big dog poop within 25 miles of Ferguson, you may be able to scavenge the metal for scrap value.
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    So, check this out...from Missouri:
    • Governor's press conference NOT aired on non-cable news channels in Kansas City.
    • Local news reporter "lost" during news report - anchor upset. Probably validates reports that jammers are already being used that are affecting lower-powered signals.
    • GJ decision to be announced at 8PM CST. Missouri residents across the state questioning the lateness of it. Governor "blaming" it on prosecutor. Timing is much later than rush-hour traffic would take and school buses getting kids home from school.

    Protests have already started in NYC and likely other cities. If you can, please d/l open garden and firechat. They're legal programs and can help people who might get stranded to contact loved ones to get to safety if cell towers/internet goes down in their locations.

    Also, those with active Twitter accounts, please follow and retweet this: and tag #Ferguson so people can find updated medic info.
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