Riots in Ferguson, Missouri after police shoot Michael Brown

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by The Wrong Guy, Aug 10, 2014.

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    On CNN we've been told that cops have "stolen" a reporter's camera, and another cop smashed one belonging to a reporter.

    Now this from an Associated Press reporter, which will not end well:

    Andrew Peng@TheAPJournalist 8s
    Several reports indicate the police have just arrested a legal observer from the National Lawyers Guild. #Ferguson
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    #ItsBiggerThanYou: Atlanta protesters challenge CNN’s Michael Brown reporting | RT USA

    Hundreds of protesters gathered outside the CNN center in Atlanta on Monday to march in memory of unarmed Missouri teenager Michael Brown who was gunned down by a police officer, many in protest of CNN’s controversial coverage of the incident.

    Demonstrators who had been urged to attend dressed in their “Sunday’s best” marched under the slogan: “How good must we look to be considered innocent?” and used the #ItsBiggerThanYou hashtag.

    The protest was staged in response to CNN’s Ferguson protests coverage, which had a strong emphasis on past actions by Brown which may have incriminated him. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, as many as 1,000 protesters marched.

    Participants and observers also took to Twitter to denounce CNN’s lack of coverage of a protest directly outside its offices.

    Continued at

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    Anon Ops @AnonOpsPro · 2h
    This SGT with the MHP assaulted me and 2 reporters last night. Just did it again. He is inciting people. Who is he?

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    o shi-
    amazing stupid
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    sit ins work and they help people.

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    Underlying point (less police use of firearms in the UK) is valid - although I'm pretty sure there's also less assailant use of firearms - but the specific data on number-of-shots-fired are wrong.

    3 incidents where police discharged 'conventional firearms' (which means guns rather than tazers or chemical spray) in 2012/13, but each of those incidents may have involved (probably did involve) multiple shots fired.

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    Many thanks...ReTweeted @OpFergusons Tweet to my followers.
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    Missouri GOP official: Ferguson voter registration efforts 'disgusting

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    There is a report that St. Marks Church in Ferguson is being raided by police. This is where a rally for Michael Brown was. Rev. Al Sharpton spoke. There is one report- don't know if its real.
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    I wish our American communists would take a closer look at Russia. I am not sure they got the memo about Russia going way over to the right economically.

    Russia is a piratocracy run by pirates who used to be in the KGB. They’re using their KGB network and skills to get more booty and to gain more media control for propaganda purposes. They bullshit people about global warming along with their Koch brother friends. Anyone who spams the public with misinformation is bad news. I am looking at you, Mr. Putin. Also you, Koch1 and Koch2.

    Commies want a revolution and an overthrow of the US government so a new, more egalitarian system can be built. They seem more exited about the possibility of revolution lately, probably because they are getting help from their Russian supporters. I have seen YouTubes from Russia predicting the US will fail economically in the near future.

    The dream of a nation where capitalist fat cats have less power to take advantage of people is very nice. However, if the US were to collapse like the USSR, we would not get this. Instead we would have a piratocracy, which is the opposite of communism and it would suck.

    Anti-Federal crazy talk from right wing Koch funded people and from far left youth oriented political groups sounds incredibly similar. Oil company money behind both. Oil companies do not give a fuck about people, only deregulation, access to Federal lands, and their own bottom line.

    One of the biggest problems we have right now is our national debt and a lot of cities and states in dire financial circumstances. So we can’t really afford to have big violent events involving hundreds of law enforcement officers. We can’t afford to destroy downtown business areas that must be rebuilt. We can’t afford dozens of lawsuits against townships for cops fucking up and people getting hurt.

    That is why Imma say, people need to calm down and use their inside voices a bit more. I do not want so much stress on the system that the pirates get the upper hand and pwn us.
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  27. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Communist pundits always jump on the band wagon. Why do you take their message as proof ANYONE in Ferguson cares about them.
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    They don’t show up with a sign saying, “Imma communist.” They’re the same as everyone else. But they look for opportunities to encourage confrontations, like the woman who was quoted urging people not to comply with the curfew. A strong voice like that from within a crowd answered by a few of her friends will create a bandwaggon effect. Because people in a protest seek solidarity.
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    Did you notice that none of those LEOs are wearing their name tags or badges which have the officer numbers on them? Under these circumstances, do they still have LEO authority?
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    Well, if the prosecutor does not dot his i’s and cross his t’s, he won’t have a chance to make a case. So the evidence must be collected and analyzed. Then the appropriate charges must be drafted in detail and presented to a grand jury.

    There is no real need to rush because Darren Wilson is probably not a flight risk. Also, lotta chiefs involved in this one which is going to slow stuff waayyy down.
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    I read someplace that the area had a lot more white people not that long ago (not sure when). But it’s one of those middle America places hit hard by economic problems, with homeowners moving away in droves. It may be that the police demographic didn’t shift as rapidly because no downsizing, layoffs, as with other employers.
  34. [IMG]

    “I’m deeply, deeply troubled by what’s going on in Ferguson,” says Epstein. “It’s a matter of racism and injustice, and it’s not only in Ferguson…. Racism is alive and well in the United States. The power structure looks at anyone who’s different as the other, as less worthy, and so you treat the other as someone who is less human and who needs to be controlled and who is not trusted.”

    Grandma ROCKS!
  35. Meant to at least bold that 94% figure, TI, because that is a number approaching Kim Jung Il's election vote, ie its message is quite unmistakable, not open to question, as plain as the nose on your face.
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    I only saw one reference to it on Twitter all day, but no where else. Not even in the newspapers.

    Ryan Devereaux@rdevro 1h
    Organizer at St Marks claims police came to the church last night armed with long rifles, been parking squad cars out front

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