Revoluntary Guards Billions

Discussion in 'Protest Advice' started by JohnDoe, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. JohnDoe Moderator

    How the guards have taken over the economy too: #IranElection This explains why they need to hold tight.

    You have probably all already seen this, but I was thinking one of the things the western gvts should do, is that much of this money is in the west, so the gvts need to find out what companies are owned by the IRG and freeze their assets.
  2. Yeah, there is a good report in the NYT which touches on the all consuming power of the Guard in Iranian society.

    Hard-Line Force Extends Grip Over a Splintered Iran

    It is very informative and I recommend that yall read it and then tweet it all over the map.

    Trouble is that the Guard's income is from the black market. $12B/yr. Also it's income from the regime is not required to be reported on the public books. So they are basically doing whatever they want, forking in the bucks, bribing their own -- all with virtually zero oversight.

    We can try counter-bribes. There are already rumblings of discontent within the army and even within the Guard itself. They don't defect (though they may want to) because of the money. Maybe a bit of financial encouragement from us will open the floodgates?

    Now the subsidiary companies? Let's see what we can find out there. The main one is Khatam al-Anbia. Companies include construction, oil/gas, nuclear, missiles, eye-surgery clinics, cars, roads, bridges.

    Thing is, the regime is holding the Iranian people hostage. It would be counterproductive for the West to damage the economy of Iran. People would starve or die of exposure this winter. If we can shut down the rogue companies while at the same time getting humanitarian aid through the Red Crescent into Iran -- that would be ideal.

    Also the Guards are very cozy with China. Obama has been making overtures with Syria to divide loyalty to Iran there, with some (though not complete) success. Perhaps a deal can be struck with China. What does China want that we can give? That will require lobbying our political representatives though. And can be done with a simple email blitz.

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