Revealed: how the FBI coordinated the crackdown on Occupy

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Quentinanon, Dec 31, 2012.

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    That explains the Post Office.
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    pretty much the opposite of the approach our gov took
  4. Here's a question that's kind of off topic probably but why do we need a government? Surely a nation of civilized individuals could definitely survive. And the ideas and knowledge of the world is what would keep us thriving as a massively independent people. At this point people just shake their own heads "No" without even seeming to think about it! They love the beloved government to much... The United States is a prime example. You say something against it in a room odds are the result will be negative towards the crowd. However they do not seem to see the false lies and corrupt leaders in there Gov. They only see the shades of good within' it. Like say a history major would see the only good bits in the American revolution and not at all the good lots we had with the British government when they ruled over us. But then again history is truly written by the victor! And thus its time for us "We the People!" to write it again. I feel this government HAS failed US! The United States is FAR to violent with its own citizens! They are meant to control them not start massacre's! Or throw terrible smoke bombs at them! Who really starts this violence? Us? Or them!? Ask yourself and answer what you feel is true. And further more if the police force is working with banks against us then why wouldn't you want to fight against them? They don't stand for what they used too. They stand up for government tyranny! They aren't traitors of are country. They are traitors of the citizens within' it!
    And Also P.S. Sorry this is so long..... LLLLLLOOOOONNNNGGG!!!!! And P.S.S. Education is a good way to combat crime for the future. Thanks Horace Man!
  5. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Since I am in a rather good mood, I'll refrain from unleashing the usual spiel.

    First and very foremost: There has been plenty of discussions about this very topic all across WWP. However, there has been very few that have survived and a good deal either end up in the Off-Topic Area inside the NWO/Zalgo-something-or-other thread or end up in the Thunderdome (an area you can't access unless you have an account). I suggest looking around and seeing what threads already have this discussion.

    Second: You may want to provide some documents, links, videos, etc. (called "Dox" here) to support your claims. A lot of what you are describing sounds like typical conspiracy theory logic. I'm not saying or implying that it is. However, having some background and showing it via "Dox" goes a long way around here.

    Third: Keep in mind that this is an International forum that is read by people outside the US. Most Anons who live in other countries couldn't care less about how corrupt the US is. Most of them are going to be the first ones who say "NYPA" so prepare for that.

    Finally: Before making a thread to address your grievances, double check to see if an existing thread is already made and bring as much info as possible.
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    When you have homeless people and Apple fan boys protesting blindly against Wall Street and the Government with no purpose but to only set things on fire and shit on cars then you call the Police and FBI to get rid of them. It's like when you have rats in your home and call an exterminator.

    1. Large Protests with no goals
    2. Located in a public place where families and children come through
    3. They won't go away, they smell they stink they beg for food, shit in public areas, use drugs, have sex in public
    4. Some of the protesters WHERE in fact violent and violence spreads.
    5. I am pretty sure the U.S. government and local governments did everything in their power to exterminate the pest.
  7. They can start by spending tax dollars on real crime and not on people whining that they can't get in line to grab their 10 dollar frappuccino, its a protest. You don't agree with it, too bad. As I've already stated in other threads your arguement is great in all except for the fact that homeless people don't have lobbyists. So, yeah, unfortunately you're going to have to step over them to get in line at Starbucks, its called life. Unfortunately, you have to deal with other people's points of view and continue living instead of coming on here and praising your mighty Government. Yeah, they did a great job hurting people and putting them in jail for dubious reasons. Bravo....
  8. cTp Member

    What do you think the outcome would be if they spent no money at all keeping the occupiers in line and left them to do as they please? The outcome would be exactly what you want " Anarchy" The Government is not stupid enough to let that happen.
  9. I don't want Anarchy. I expect more out of people. I expect them to use their brain first, not their fists. Maybe I'm asking too much.
  10. cTp Member

    In a sense you are asking too much. Too many people would take advantage of an unregulated protest and would get violent
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    It wasn't a protest, it was a nothing. It was stupid right from the start and the stupid wouldnt go away. The only supporters of it were hippies and professional protesters and those who won't go get a job because they are jelly of those who have money. No public support, no direction, no organisation, it took too long to go away and as time has shown, not one single fuck was given when it did. It will not be remembered well. It's life, act stupid and stupid things will happen to you.
  12. cTp Member

    I would have rather them write in a journal their feelings
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  13. Thanks for sharing that.
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    It gave a few individuals the chance to say.............well, not really sure actually.
  15. I thought they did a great job covering the Kimani Gray protest.
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    I was talking about occupy.
  17. well, they're proof that not everyone involved with the movement is useless.
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    If the Occupy movement does not get organized and reinvigorated, the FBI and banks will have won. With all the new issues being exposed, a new push for justice on economic issues as well as privacy issues is needed badly.
    You win when you don't quit.
    Occupy won its case against the State of Tennessee for being wrongfully arrested while protesting. Its time to use those court decisions to the peoples advantage.
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    Has anyone heard of the Million Mask March Nov 5th in DC?
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    "which advocate views that Sunstein deems “false conspiracy theories” about the Government. This would be designed to increase citizens’ faith in government officials and undermine the credibility of conspiracists. "

    wow, what a fucking scumbag
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    Would you buy a used car from this man?

    Hell, if he was my waiter, I'd check my salad for loogies.
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    you tax dollars at work
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    You could shoop Dianetics in his hand tough
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    Let me sell you this Bridge

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    So which charm school did you attend?
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