Resources for reporting online child sexual abuse.

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    Here is a link to some resources available for the reporting of child sexual abuse in any medium be it social medias, clearnet or the dark net.

    OpPedoChat [Eng]

    Friends and Allies:
    Anonymous Academy Anti-Pedofilia
    Guerrero Virtual [Esp]
    CPC. International group of “PROTECTION” [Rus]
    OpScareCrow [Eng]


    Reporting Online content:
    VGT Virtual Global Taskforce
    (Law Enforcement Agency in their respective countries):
    AustraliaCanadaItalyRepublic of KoreaNew ZealandUnited Arab EmiratesUnited KingdomUnited States of America

    CyberTipline The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children®, through the Child Victim Identification Program®, serves as the central repository in the U.S. for information relating to child victims depicted in sexually exploitive images and videos

    Internet Watch Foundation reports child sexual abuse images hosted anywhere in the world, reports UK-hosted non-photographic visual depictions of the sexual abuse of children, such as computer-generated images, UK-hosted criminally obscene adult content that may be considered to “deprave and corrupt”

    Useful Sites: UK database for sex offences (SO) against children, Search by offender/area. USA, Puerto Rico, Guam, and numerous Indian tribes, SO Search by offender/area. USA database of SO Search by Town/county/State.
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    Please everyone feel free to add to this list if you have more links to organizations that work to stop the proliferation of child sexual abuse in any form.
    Thank you.
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    Oregon - Curent Criminal Statutes
    163.263 Subject another person to involuntary servitude in second degree
    163.264 Involuntary servitude in the first degree
    163.266 Trafficking in persons
    163.261 Definitions for ORS 163.263 and 163.264
    163.269 Victim assertation of defense of duress
    167.017 Compelling Prostitution
    131.602 Asset Forfeiture
    166.715 Definitions for Racketeering activity
    192.854 Services for Human Trafficking Victims
    For additional information about State and Federal Policy, including pending legislation and current statutes in other states, please visit the Policy section.
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    Click on your state in the map below to access in-depth local information and resources.
    Click on the drop-down menu to view the map according to a specific variable.
    For information on pending legislation, click here.
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    The Washington Anti-trafficking Response Network (WARN) is a coalition of organizations in Washington State that provide direct assistance to victims of trafficking.

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