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Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by webkilla, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. webkilla Member

    Heyo anonymous

    its me again

    nobody probably remembers that a good while ago I mentioned I was going to do my master thesis on explaining what the hell Anonymous is, which include explaining Chanology...

    so... I've actually finally gotten around to it

    Now, most of chanology is nice and well documented. placed like ED, this forum, and loads of initial media coverage (well, enough for me to use) explain the overall concept

    however, because I'm an anon at heart I want to add a paragraph in the paper explaining why camerafaggotry is considered such an important thing in chanology

    namely, I want vids of scilons attacking anons - both to illustrate what the cameras help catch, but also prevent - plus show how dangerous the protesting can be.

    heck, back while the copenhagen protests were going on we had our share of bullbaiting (good times) and IIRC one of the initial protests there actually did result in a scilon or two getting grabby and pushy. but I have no proof of that happening.

    also, a video of a shaken anon talking about 'i was just assaulted', while ok for what I'm trying to document isn't as good as actual youtube vids of it happening

    also links to threads with post game reports where someone got attacked are useful

    Yes i have used the search function and found a few already - but more are always better, and not all of them show on the search
  2. I remember seeing an assault video that involved an Anon in Nova Scotia, Canada, if memory serves.

    I haven't got time to search for this ATM but maybe there are some keywords that would serve a search for a Canadian Anon Assault situation on WWP, or YouTube.
  3. Pique Member

    Never proven that assaulter was a scientologist. Only some suspicion of a connection.

    But there is Clearwater Unibrow Boy. And Ax at the Indie gathering this year.
  4. Anonymous Member

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  5. Pique Member

    not by scientologist on anon ^^^, rather assault by LE
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  6. telomere Member

    Check this post / thread

    • Halifax. Video from at least one camera. (No direct proof she was a Scientologist)

    • Sydney had a Scientology lawyer attack and forcibly kiss one of their protesters.(video from at least 2 cameras of the entire incident).
    Proven, because the attacker had the balls to leave his business card.
    (Still photo)

    • Melbourne [FAIL] No video, but photos of injury taken immediately afterward. Proven to be Scientology.
    • Paris, France [FAIL] Nono The Clown. :( no video but pretty severe injuries. Attackers fled into the Org where they were arrested. Criminal prosecution. gssg.jpg
    • Saint Hill Manor, UK. Attack on camera (no bodily harm) captured by the 'victim' itself ;)
    Scientology security guards. I'm not sure they were ID'd.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    It was by private security hired by CoS and instructed by CoS and also demonstrates well why to keep cameras rolling.
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  8. telomere Member

    • Pasadena, California. (assault on camera - captured by camera)
    Everyone's favorite Pope attacked by a biker who claims she's "not a Scientologist" but is later ID'd and confirmed.
    (not sure on the provenance of these dox)
    • Hollywood, California (THE CLAW!)
    Same Pope, different villain. Scariest Claw Ever!
    Not sure this perp was ever identified, but you don't see a lot of non-Scientologists wearing "OT Committee" sweaters.

    • Hollywood, California (camera smak)
    Casper is attacked by Operating Thetan Scientologists, a few seconds after the police got in their car and left. Sequence: #1 CoS bawwwww @ 911. #2 Cops come. #3 Cops see no crime, gtfo. #4 CoS attacks Casper (crime) #5 profit
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  9. amaX Member

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  10. telomere Member

    • SF CA Tommy tommy gorman gorman ( twisted his arm, then punched in the gut)
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  11. Rheinländer Member

    Can we have a website with assaults? Would be nice, all attacks on one place.
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  12. webkilla Member

    Thank you everyone!

    this is awesome

    this is perfect to explain why camerafaggotry is considered so damn important - peaceful (albeit lulzy) protestors
  13. Anonymous Member

    There have been dozens of assaults recorded and posted to YT. See a long list here (mixed in with other forms of intimidation):

    If these were the ones caught on camera, how many assaults occurred when the cameras were not around?
  14. xenubarb Member

    Assault by proxie. Cops were told anon were "dangerous terrists."
  15. xenubarb Member

    And who could forget the epic assault on Anon Orange?

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  16. Pique Member

    And you too xenubarb. Didn't you have to evade a leg swing in that same incident?
  17. MOOG Member

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  18. Pushback! Member

    Man, that video from Halifax is in fairview, I had no clue this happened nor this was going on here. Too long people are scared to even stand up to the slightest bit of authority. If more people spoke out regardless of the backlash of law enforcement well who knows, we are the 99%. Why do we let them push us around?
  19. telomere Member


    I am not one of the 99%
    and these videos have nothing to do with authority or law enforcement.
  20. Pushback! Member

    IM not talking about all them, and not exactly law enforcement no, but it does have everything to do with not being afraid and expressing what is felt at heart(and true). There was only two of them because most people are afraid to speak up about anything for fear of incarceration and that has to change. that's all i meant.
  21. Miranda Member

    Wasn't there a female protester who was punched in the stomach by a tall blond guy sometime last year? Sorry my memory of this is not better.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Do we have a name for this little fucker??
  23. Anonymous Member

    I recall a female protester being assaulted in DC a while back, but it was not caught on video?
  24. telomere Member

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  25. telomere Member

    Ron Jeremy was punched in the gut by a sissy who ran and hid in the Org.

    A couple months later, Hubbard-Telescope was punched in the gut by a sissy who ran away.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Are we still living in the middle ages? Since when do police refuse to arrest people in a religious building?
  27. xenubarb Member

    I didn't even know about that foot sweep until Nathan Baca pointed it out during his show while Tommy Davis was making po' faces. Adrenaline was running, I simply levitated.
  28. xenubarb Member

    If I recall, the first recorded assault I saw was this etiolated clammette in LA during an early picket. She kicked a guy, screeched a bunch of shit, stole his shades and ran into the org. There is video of that somewhere but I need some downtime.
  29. telomere Member

    Actually, H-T's attacker was never conclusively identified; though he is/was suspected to be a Public scientologist.

    A couple months before H-T got punched in the gut (while wearing body armor)
    another DC anon was sucker-punched, not wearing body armor, by Sea Org staffer Reinhardt Koenig.
    Reinhardt was the one that fled into the Org, and then went missing for a few months.
    When police finally caught up with poor Reinhardt, he got a stern talking-to, but no charges were filed.
  30. webkilla Member

    Hey guys - thanks for all the vids and links. The paper is looking good.

    I do have one other request: IIRC a good while ago (probably a few years ago by now really) there was a thread in here about an exit story...

    it was a guy who'd shown up a saturday to his local - he hadn't become a full on scifag at that point, but had also been told not to show up on this day. but he'd forgotten something at the org, so he came to get it. then he saw the protest outside... and was enlightened by the kind anons there. then he was pulled inside the org and yelled at for putting himself at risk - the scifags claiming that the anons were bloodthirty killers who would kill him dead or some bullshit.

    he then got what he came for, left, went home, googled the info the anons had given him - and never returned to the scifags.

    I so want that to reference that story in my paper. I really do

    can anonymous deliver? (and yes, I have tried searching - but its kinda hard to find one exit story amongst so many)
  31. Pique Member

    Doesn't it drive you crazy when that happens, remembering the nuts and bolts of a story but none of the detail that would lead to finding it again? Happens to me too. :(

    Suggest also asking RightOn.
  32. webkilla Member

    Is RightOn a user here?

    ...yes he is

    can't see his profile - but I've asked him.
  33. Pique Member

    RO started the 'Big List of 1600+.' Can be found on Member list.
  34. Take a look at the recent one from Saint Hill Manor - grabby Scientologist stole an Anon's camera (or was it a cameraphone?).

    Caught on camera (a different camera).

    Gave it back when Anon went to fetch the police, AFAIR.
  35. Anonymous Member

    In this video, at 5:10

    Marcello the scilon smacks the camera of this New York anon.
  36. jensting Member

    Will stills do?

    Violent psychotic passer-by being merely strange..
    then pushy..
    .. aand finally taking a swing at me with our mascot. After which the police got him, put him in the slammer for a few nights and sent him to court where he was found guilty of actual bodily harm (I think it was).

    All this from the May 1998 demo in Saint Hill, UK, off

    Best Regards

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  37. jensting Member

    Ehrm, a bit of both, as I understand it. The video of the videocamera being grabbed is above. I had my phone snatched (and thrown) by a passer-by which we have not identified as a clam.

    Both illustrate the importance of having more than one video recording device turning. (And, in my case, of not holding the video recorder stretched out in front where a grabby person can just, ehrm, grab it.)

    Best Regards

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