Republcan Nat'l Convention 2012 - Tampa, FL

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Vector 0, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. anonysamvines Member

    absolutely not!
    socialist with a small s - so that leans me to the left, but not too far. Hopefully with the ability to admit when my preferred option is being stupid. That hopefully keeps them from getting as dumb as the other side and on their toes, which is how i personally like my gov'ts - working for me rather than the other way. The uk? well here it's hard to tell which is worst,they are almost indistinguishable. The US? well there they claim and appear to be such polar opposites and yet in action not so much. So i observe and learn and enjoy without getting hung up.

    and my ideal world would be anarchy - the kind that means no/few laws because we need no laws. The majority live the balance between personal freedom and social responsibilty not because any one told them to, or they feel they should, but purely because it is right for them personally. Able to be independent but also offer helping hands when needed. And still leaves a little room for the palins and commies since they come in handy for the lulz , balance and drama . Life would be so boring without lulz, balance and drama.
    Oh and ceak!

    hmm that sounds a lot like anonymous and WWP doesn't it?

    but that can only happen if people choose it, and has fuck all to do with politics.

    oh and btw Just because your opponent has footbullets on max rapid fire and yours are on single shot doesn't mean you haven't shot yaself in the foot.

    Look again at my comments about the Tampa bay billboard being worth its weight in gold!

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