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Discussion in 'How To Instructions' started by XenuLovesU, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. XenuLovesU Member

    Remain Anonymous

    Because of the Jett Travolta death coverage, we've had several hundred new members sign-up at WWP in the last week.

    In light of that, I think it's time for a refresher course in remaining Anonymous. Most of the old threads on this topic have long since scrolled off into oblivion.

    So, I'd like to bring up a few recommendations:

    - Don't use the same name here that you use ANYWHERE else on the Internet. Pick a new one that is completely unrelated to you or any other profiles you use anywhere else.

    - Don't use the same password you use anywhere else. This will limit the damage if any of your accounts, anywhere, are compromised.

    - Use an anonymous proxy service like TOR when accessing this site, Scientology sites, or doing anything "Anonymous" related. Tor: anonymity online

    - Be mindful about the kinds of information you reveal about yourself, even while using a pseudonym. Even if no single post personally identifies you, over time you may reveal enough facts about yourself to make it easier to identify you -- if not identifying you outright.

    - When protesting in real life, don't talk about what identity you use online. Nobody needs to know that information. Keep your friggin' mask on. Resist the temptation to make protests a "social" gathering. We've had a number of examples where socializing outside of protests has led to drama later.

    - Don't drive to a protest if you don't have to. Vehicle license plates and VIN numbers = you getting identified waaaaay too easily. Walk. Take public transit. If that's not possible, at least park far enough away to not be obvious and walk or take transit for the last bit to the protest location. No need to be paranoid, but if you did take a car, be vigilant when returning to it to assure you aren't being observed.

    - Have a camera or video recorder on you when doing something Anon related. At the very least, designate one person in your group to be responsible for recording the second anything fishy takes place. NEVER BE ALONE AND NEVER BE WITHOUT SOMEONE WHO CAN RECORD EVENTS.

    It's not about being uber-paranoid and making it impossible to identify you. Anyone, with sufficient resources, can probably figure out who you are unless you've taken massive precautions to protect your identity. It's about making it just difficult enough, and time consuming enough, that it's not worth the effort. Don't be the low-hanging fruit.
  2. Shadowflare Member

    Re: Remain Anonymous

    I approve of this faggotry.
  3. Silent Member

    Re: Remain Anonymous

    I fag of this approvery!
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Remain Anonymous


  5. MaryannMobley Member

    Re: Remain Anonymous

    Very,very good advice.
  6. Top Grunge Member

    Re: Remain Anonymous

    Top Grunge stats:

    Name: John Carmichael
    Address: 1805 Drew Street
    City: Clearwater, FL

    did I do it wrong?
  7. moxie Member

  8. Helvetius Member

    Re: Remain Anonymous

    does using your neighbours W-LAN count?
  9. Anon1990.572 Member

    Re: Remain Anonymous

    So long as it isn't over used, I'd say it's a good idea. Used to do it all the time when I was in big cities, just roam from WLAN to WLAN and they'd never know where the hell I was. That said, proxy is better (if slower).
  10. knightmarish Member

    Re: Remain Anonymous

    Keep your head about yourself, you are doing nothing wrong! You are doing a great justice for thousands of people and a even bigger justice for the millions that see and do nothing because of the facade of Scientology! Keep your wits about you! Be in a group, the more heads that come together the better, that's why we get WIN! and sometime EPIC WIN! and sometimes other things that are used in all caps!

    To further conversation:

    @Tattoos are a dead give away on arms and other visible areas, marker them with perma-marker goodness! Also make sure they are in undifined shapes and make other marked areas as decoys! If you want to mock them, tattooed or not, mark up tattoos and wear the wash off kind. If you don't have tattoos, buy some fake ones! and if you feel like it mark yourself up!

    @mobile phones keep them off if possible, they can hear your conversations passively if they wanted, since its on a radio frequency. There are other ways that they "could" or "possibly" use to identify you if you were to use a mobile phone, use a landline or payphone if possible.

    @rides and cars, park far away, walk around a block to see if your followed, if you are suspected of being followed go to a post office(if in the US) were it is illegal to observe you if being stalked(please read other material for further details). Take public transit if at all possible, taxi's would be another great way.
  11. ANONXXXXX Member

    Re: Remain Anonymous

    1.if your a euro anon you can be a little less tinfoil as we have the data protection act
    basiclly this makes FairGame illigal so they do it less here

    that is all
  12. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: Remain Anonymous

    Over-all good rules of thumb, I'd like to add a thing or two, important one is, do NOT get sucked into e-mailing scilons. or for that matter even people who you semi-trust. Even if yur doxing to a paper/news service, do it from an IT cafe or public library etc. If you want to truly remain anon remember to keep a few layers of security eh. A while back some 'helpful' person suggested everyone bring their drums and do some drumming noises, Flags went up here (me)because, as a drummer, I know that drums can be a source of ID eventually. Remember, just because a scilon/PI/mercenary is taking pics, and lots of 'em, around a big group of peeps, they are doing this to get clues, take for granted they do have the time, manpower, and resources, to sit and watch for mistakes. Look at this way, some poor slob spend hours/years trying to talk to a tree/ashtray BT's, blah blah, may have the patience to sit through 1000's of hours of vids and pics to look for shit. They're own their mission and they have the time and resources to make someone's life miserable if they can idfag 'em. The way I look at their tactics is to imagine the absolutely slimiest, most fucked up weird things they could do, and I mean accidental 'suicide', bombs, dead pets, driven to insanity, all the fun scilon stuffs, don't ever underestimate these consciousless drones. In other words, stay informed, smart, and safe, watch yer bud's backs too. Call me a paranoid fuck but I have my own theories on why they target their NarCONon progs at prisoners etc., they want suckers to do their dirty work, and frankly, their doctrins breed.......well ya......
    Blathered enough fer nao. :(

  13. grimreape513 Member

    Re: Remain Anonymous

    Wise Ogson is Wise
  14. AnonRR Member

    Re: Remain Anonymous

  15. ClingingMars Member

    Re: Remain Anonymous

  16. TheFish Member

    Re: Remain Anonymous

    me like
  17. Mada Member

    Re: Remain Anonymous

    Very helpful, thanks
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    Re: Remain Anonymous


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