Religion and sexual abuse

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by yourgay, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. Can i ask you a question?

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    Not to include Ritual Sexual Abuse from the '80s for fucks sake
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    Warren Jeffs: Polygamist Leader Had Nearly 80 Wives, 24 Under Age 17, His Meticulous Records Show
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    Defense claims teen rape accuser of Hasidic leader Nechemya Weberman is seeking 'revenge'

    Rape charge made only after Weberman persuaded victim's father to secretly tape her having sex with boyfriend, lawyer for Satmar leader says in Brooklyn Supreme Court

  11. interesting.
  12. FloGold Moderator

    Just remember, perpetration of sexual abuse is not a trait afforded to any specific religion, ethnic group or gender.
    Remember we must focus on the individuals rather than their faith, ethnicity or gender.
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  13. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Agree. This is where I was going with this thread:
    I started this thread to move all posts describing pedophilia in any one religion, and to cite examples in many religions.
    People of the Lie: The Hope for Healing Human Evil (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1983).
    has the best description of sociopaths that use religion to control other people.
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    Regarding the former with the hasidic Cases, in particular with the one with the whistleblower Kellner at the top of the list the bit with the DA office and the missing audio tape practically screams the word BULL I mean it has to be stolen or crushed with them knowing about it! Also the so called glitch? I mean a computer glitch!? Its not a glitch it was hacked. The poor guy though if the other goes free and he doesn't get his case chances are he is going to get killed probably.
  19. Anonymous Member

    This comment confuses me. is it a quote from failed messiah or the OP's opinion?
  20. Anonymous Member

    It's not the religion, per se, it's the combination of religion-as-business, sociopathy, sexual repression and power.
    It is most evident in places where social and physical realities prevent the victim from escaping, speaking out, or perhaps even knowing that they have been assaulted illegally.To be coerced into accepting abuse from other humans claiming 'divine right' is one of the most twisted trips humans get up to.

    Until people stop investing their energy in following father substitutes with power over their 'eternities' (which not only describes the priests, imams and gurus but most of the gods as well) it's not going to end. I am not atheist, but I don't see any good in any organized religion.

    The books by the escapees of FDLS (Flora Jessop is one to google for more info) paint a heartbreaking picture, as do the the books on River Phoenix's old cult 'Children of God' (Jesus Freaks by Don Lattin is a good read). The middle eastern states 'benefit' from an islamic cult that was exploited by the Saudi royals to shore up their power base(On Saudi Arabia, Karen Elliot House) and is probably the sine qua non cults like scientology and dominionism aspire to...To paraphrase Hubbard, 'We will decide what is legal or not'.

    Believers, believe anything you want, but once you try to be the boss of me I will shoot you if I have to.
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    It's my opinion on the matter, it reeks of bull, I mean a computer glitch can't do that, and neither can a tape go missing from someones office without someone taking it and whitewashing the situation. Sorry for not clarifying it further. It certainly smells fishy at least to me about it!
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    He was captured in Brazil. Does Brazil have an extradition treaty with the U.S.?? I thought the lack of was a reason Greenwald is there.
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    Yeah and they have convinced several young women ( and at least one underage girl) to travel there and help Isis -presumably on their backs.
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  28. 505

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    I disagree
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    source please?
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    Me or Negro69?
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    Negro69 :)
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    Thank you for reply....Negro69 seems to have disappeared.
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