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Discussion in 'Green Brief' started by NiteOwl, Aug 14, 2009.

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    This is the author of the Green Briefs (not the underwear!).

    I've tried to be as consistent as possible these past two months, but as a human being, I too have issues and problems and as much as I try to work around them, at times I'm unable to write the Green Briefs for certain days.

    I understand that a lot of people read the Briefs daily on this forum and other blogs and forums where they are published and to some it may be the one source they find the time to read. The absence of a certain day's Brief can be irritating and confusing. So for those who come here only to read the Briefs, I'm compiling a list of sources I consider credible and trustworthy. This list should help get you the majority of news items you find on the Briefs in case the Brief for that day is not published or postponed to the next day.

    Remember, this is only for readers who speak English.

    1. Why We Protest News Feed

    Why We Protest - IRAN - NewsFeed

    (Should get you through protest information as it comes in daily as it happens - sort of like a liveblog.)

    2. Enduring America

    Middle East & Iran | Enduring America

    (The information published on this website is THOROUGHLY checked and rechecked and rechecked. Should get you through most of the political news.)

    3. Fereshteh Ghazi

    Fershteh Ghazi (iranbaan) on Twitter

    (Has very accurate and reliable news on the state of detainees)

    4. International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran

    International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran

    (Should get you info on torture, deaths and other related information)

    Note: I cannot quantify how much information you will be able to retrieve from these sources as most of the information passes through Persian websites and even then, the confirmation process is quite perilous.

    But I think if you're not looking for every little detail, these sources should get you through. As for those who want EVERY SINGLE detail - I'm sure they already have enough sources to get them through. :)

  2. Nedjarsan Member

    Ohh u posted this in the phishing-tale thread too
  3. NiteOwl Member

    ACK! Wrong place!
  4. Nedjarsan Member

    Ahhh You removed it from the phishing-tale thread.

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