Regarding removal of sensitive videoclips by Youtube

Discussion in 'Videos' started by Peyi, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. Hi people,

    Just wanted to give some fast tips on downloading videos from Youtube.
    This due to Youtube removing videoclips of unpleasant and horrible scenes in Iran, especially a videoclip where a young girl is shot facing the camera right before she dies. A horrible truth that should not be hidden in my opinion.
    Anyway, you can use youtube downloader, i found one on the link below, there are probably more alternatives.

    If Youtube staff decides to erase these files we will use torrents to bring them back !!!

    Here is the link:
    YouTube Downloader - Free software downloads and reviews - CNET

    Cheers to all of you of all nationalities around the world following the news about the situation in Iran and especially the brave youth IN Iran.
    Best Regards, Peyman
  2. dom_perignon Member

  3. is another good video downloader.
  4. cnewq5 Member

    another way to download YT

    KeepVid: Download and save any video from Youtube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, iFilm and more!

    works well. just copy & paste the video URL to the page. gives you a choice of mp4 or flv format. no need to download software, you just paste the URL on the page.

    to edit a clip, you can use windows movie maker (comes free with windows). it's not the best editing software - crashes a lot!

    also, before WMM will accept a file, it needs to be a format like wmv or avi. there are free programs here to convert mp4 & flv to avi:

    Free MP4 to AVI Converter 1.3 - Convert MP4, M4V, MP4V files to AVI or MPEG, iPod MP4 to AVI converter - Jacek Pazera

    Free FLV to AVI Converter 1.2 - Convert Flash Video files (FLV, SWF) to AVI or MPEG, YouTube FLV to AVI converter - Jacek Pazera

    obviously, it's better to have an all-formats converter, but I haven't found any free ones that aren't limited in some way.
  5. Tangentially related: I've noticed that YouTube hasn't removed a number of videos, but they stopped updating the view counts after they got into the 300 range (including mine), but the streams of comments suggest that plenty of people are still viewing them.
  6. cnewq5 Member

    YT viewcounts

    The immediate updates stop around 300. Then there's a longish delay (12 hours or more?) before the next update. After that, the updates are every few hours.

    If there are a lot of views during the long delay, you should find a big jump in views when it's updated.

    It's said they also interfere with viewcounts, but I don't know if that's true.
  7. It's a less obvious form of censorship than pulling the video. Keeping the view count down keeps the video low on searches.

    We had this problem with YT at the start of Chanology and videos related to Scientology protests. They claimed it was a minor bug, but they took days to fix it.
  8. Post to gmail

    A tip for videos in youtube which need registration to be viewed and you don't want to bother: Gmail has an option where youtube videos can be viewed inside an email, it bypasses the age check in youtube. Enable this option and send a link to the video to yourself or others having gmail and play the video.
  9. Thanks to all of you - gentlemen and ladies - for all the tips.
    R.I.P. Neda and all other victims of the brutality by the extremists, terrorists and basijis.
  10. Swarm Theory Member

    You can also use Opera

    The flash file resides in cache2 folder (location depends on which version you use).
  11. Azrael Member

  12. I thought youtube had been pretty reasonable about leaving the videos up there, but if you find a video or two that you think will be removed, save them and reupload
  13. Have had no trouble from youtube

    I have had little trouble from youtube except for one video that was tagged by the BBC since it was copyrighted it was taken down.

    All the raw video I have from torrents they have been allowing.
    I keep them saved in my torrents and will keep seeding them

    YouTube - dochartagh's Channel

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