Regarding Picketing - Some Guidelines.

Discussion in 'Resources' started by tamphex, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. tamphex Member

    Regarding Picketing - Some Guidelines.

    With some picketing already taking place, thought this would be a good opportunity to share some good suggestions:

    • Make your signs legible from a distance - Big fonts, preferably in one color. Keep the message direct & short. Avoid using any slang terminology. You're attempting to get a message across to the general public about a dangerous cult, not self indulging your own ego.


      You're representing a cause - not an image board. If you do attend a picket thinking otherwise, you may need to think about your motives.

      Remaining anonymous - think about that word & what it means. If you're at a picket in a city where wearing a mask/covering your identity is illegal, putting yourself into full view of someones video camera and saying "I'm anonymous!" is rather counter productive. Don't do this.

      Learn why you are there! - Gain some knowledge about why you're attending the picket. Sprouting off "Xenu!" or "lulz" at random people is going to make you come across as a nutter. The public will be curious, so know how to engage them & do so in an articulate manner.

    Lastly, you can either get the cheap laughs now or get the epic win and ultimate laugh when the cult actually falls. Its simple math!

    Decide now.
  2. Anonymous021 Member

    Re: Regarding Picketing - Some Guidelines.

    This is excellent advice. I've seen a ton of pics and viddys from the 2 /10 raids, and signs are always visible in most of them. Many more people will see these signs after the raid on the internets, than is physically possible during the raids. That is common sense, and an opportunity to help educate and promote the fight that should not be squandered.

    "Xenu is my homeboy" is a good example of pure fail. "Google Operation Snow White" is a good example of pure win. Think, Anons, think. If you're planning on carrying around a sign for hours anyways, make it count ffs. Make it hurt the CoS and help the cause against them. That is the path to both eternal Lulz and great justice of historic proportions.
  3. Lightbulb Member

    Re: Regarding Picketing - Some Guidelines.

    excellent stuff here. i have always been a fan of using large white signs that has a message painted on to look like text, and not just messy handwriting. clarity and order tends to draw the eye in a crowd. it is also aesthetically pleasing. subtle color additions also work, like red, blue, and green. yellow cannot really be visually discerned from a distance.
  4. AnonNow Member

    Re: Regarding Picketing - Some Guidelines.

    I'd say this is the single most important this any Anonymous can do. I spoke, in mask, to quite a few members of the public in Feb, the flyers I was handing out were UK-centric so I think that made them ask more questions and I'm damn glad I did my homework and was glad I could provide as much information as I could. Also, I think many of the public were surprised, but impressed, that these 'nutters' in masks actually were very articulate and knowledgeable (I don't know what they were expecting :lol: ).
  5. Re: Regarding Picketing - Some Guidelines.

    I should also mention some Anon's were just handing out cards, not saying anything, or saying Thanks you, take one or something

    Who else does this?

    Gee, mabey Advertisers?

    Conbined with the vague message fo , the barcode and such, it looks alot like an ad.

    Remember to remind people its not an advertisement.

    Also, remember that people will be off put if you seem creepy. Be warm and friendly.

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