Reg Sexy I Love You.

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  1. Here I’ve arrived
    I’m always alone
    Here in my pew
    my own comfort zone

    Time for my bridge
    To eternity and clear
    I’m done with the wogs
    Entheta and beer

    Blond lovely appears
    She’s barely a child
    INT Commander’s tough bearing
    But momentarily mild

    Her tight uniform temps me
    Sexual kinky attire
    Stirring inside me
    All types of desire

    I’m here for my audit
    I’m ready for trial
    Oh no not now
    Reg me!
    With a demure precious smile

    Urgent news here listen!
    It’s national too!
    Ideal org in Pittsburgh
    It's case gain for you!

    It’s urgent today
    It’s you that we need
    She breathes in my ear
    She squeezes my knee.

    A few feet away
    Just moments away
    My CS stood still
    In frozen dismay
    No smile No frown
    No help you today
    Thinking perhaps
    We’ve gone far astray.

    Why never hazard
    A moment of care
    For real fellow seekers
    Whose courage is rare?

    Reg sexy she won
    my whole life today

    Chaos who cares?

    I’m running away.

    [Anonymous hand written poem, written on crumpled notebook paper, found in a stall at a local bar restroom near a Scientology ideal org ]

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