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    Anonipanda said something in one of the other topics that stuck with me

    I bring this quote up because of the questions that I have concerning the goal of helping people out

    I've seen the fishman videos and read posts by scientos on the inside, who KNOW that there is criticism, yet are SO OPPOSED TO DEBATE that they blind themselves to any questioning of their 'truth' at all. (what's the psyche term for this, I forgot it) eg. "Well, I wont look at critical websites because they will instill in me a seed of doubt...therefore they must be evil"

    So I'd love to see some ex-scientos speak out about what helped them. Or even hear of people who may have had similar experiences. Or just hear Anon opinions

    With the 10th coming up, I would love to have some input on how to approach and help...

    Peace and love, brothas!
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    I'm not an ex-scieno, but I read quite a lot of their stories.
    A common theme among them is the realization that any negative experience they have within the "church" is not an isolated incident -- an "outpoint" -- but an integral part of the system itself. Many get sent to ethics or even the RPF, and think they have been treated unfairly by a single person, and then try to re-establish themselves within the organisation.
    (English is not my native language, so please excuse any grammatical mistakes.)

    So a probable approach would be:
    Don't confront, but sympathize. Don't make accusations or statements, ask questions. Statements can easily be dismissed, "That's a lie you read on the Internets!" But answering questions requires mental processing. The strategy is to demonstrate the knowledge of what is going on by asking the right questions. Maybe the individual will eventually ask herself, "How does an outsider know about the 'outpoints' I've been experiencing? Maybe they are not that rare as I thought?" Even if they're not cooperative (i.e. ignore your questions), some of them might get through their mental barrier.

    First, find out if he/she is staff or public (an employee or a customer of the corporation).
    For publics:
    - Do you have an idea how much you already donated to the church? I'm not asking the actual figure, just if you're aware of the sum.
    - Has ever someone in the church given you a "hard sell" of the courses?
    - Have you ever been encouraged to take a loan to pay for courses?
    - Have you ever received letters by the church after you haven't taken courses for some time?
    - Have you ever gotten phone calls at unusual times (in the middle of the night, for example), just asking you for a donation or promoting courses?
    - Have you ever had the thought that the "Reactive Mind" might just be a product of your own imagination?
    - What would you think if later courses would reveal that the "Reactive Mind" is just a product of your imagination, after paying so much money to get rid of it? Wouldn't you feel scammed?
    - I've heard that the church staff is only paid $50 or less per week. You pay more than that for an hour of auditing. Isn't that odd?
    - Have you ever wondered why the books and course packs are so expensive? The advancing media technology has made them much cheaper to produce, why don't the prices come down?
    - Do you know if the registrar gets commission for courses sold?

    Questions for staff:
    - Do you live on post? Are you happy with your housing situation?
    - I've heard staff isn't paid very well. Are you happy, financially? Does the Church offer some kind of retirement program? (Very naive, I know, but who knows whether they've been wondering about this, too...)
    - How's the food in the Church? Do you have a cafeteria? (Again, very naive, but reports say this is a real problem...)
    - Have you ever been promised free courses and/or auditing in exchange for your labor, but received only a fraction of what was promised?
    - Have you ever heard of cases where O/Ws (the secret confessions revealed during auditing) were made accessible to other staff members?
    - Have you had cases of disconnection in your org?
    - Have you ever been sent to ethics for wrong reasons, or no reasons at all?
    - Do you know the RPF? Isn't it odd that a religious organisation has its own penal system? Shouldn't that be left to the government?
    - Have you ever been threatened for being downstat, or heard of cases thereof?
    - Have you ever heard of cases where staff members became sick and were denied or have chosen not to pursue "regular" medical treatment?

    You get the idea... As I said, I'm neither an ex-scio nor a psychologist or something, but that's how I would approach it.

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