Discussion in 'Support Questions' started by sue, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. da5id Administrator

    Re: Redecoration

    Not too familiar with the concept of debate and 'devils advocate', eh?
  2. Anonymoux Member

    Re: Redecoration

    what does that mean?
    I shall drop my posts in honor of your request.

  3. reznik Member

    Re: Redecoration

    your comment suggests that AGP's 'missions' are infallible (ironic), perhaps some of the "attacks" went overboard ..... but perhaps this was brought on by not listening / heeding genuine criticism. responsiblity lies with both parties for their actions.

    your suggestion also infers than others (ie non-AGP crew are not making a difference).

    can this thread not turn into a derailed discussion kthx plx <3
  4. Anon Char Member

    Re: Redecoration

    I thought this was all about decorating the website in a pretty new paint.

    Am I lost here?
  5. cubby Member

    Re: Redecoration

  6. da5id Administrator

    Re: Redecoration

    Back on target please.

    People consistently tell the staff how to do their jobs. We are now asking you for input. Step up or shutup. :)
  7. Erra Member

    Re: Redecoration

    I made some suggestions.

    the tl;dr of them being: Lighten up. Loosen the reigns on GD. Allow some lulz to leak out. Mod more if you have to. Move threads to appropriate section so all those fucking sub sections aren't total wastes.

    The whole damn forum is in need of a redesign. Also, de-mod sue. Nothing good comes from that guy.
  8. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Redecoration

    I also think you guys need to bust that habit too. I think enturb kinda tried with the whole post a poll for site features. Although it was complete fail. It just takes you guys communicating the simple fact to people to just STFU and suck it up. Snacks style.

    Beyond being janitors and in my opinion CP is about the only janitorial issue (you did move the webserver off US soil) and worrying about some german archaic laws (unless it's hosted there also a none issue) you guys should just bust the snack style when any one tells you how to do your job.

    I'm actually cool with only doming reported threads and if you want you could even explain it. DOME THIS has also become the new sage. You gotta live with that one. It's actually more succinct that a bunch of shit poasts.

    I think you should simplify your forums and used a "standard" level of faggotry to moderate that way no one gets butthurt.

    I'm also fully aware that the majority of current contributors are very srs bsns. I think it's a mistake knowing what we all know about chanology to think thats your actual user base. I can clarify that some more if it's unclear but I think it gets the point across.
  9. da5id Administrator

    Re: Redecoration

    Yes, your suggestions have definitely been noted. I'm currently looking at the site layout now to determine what might be a better solution.. i think it's gotten a bit over-complicated.

    As for Sue, you have no idea what he does behind the scenes, so your comments about her are misguided. Regardless, noted.
  10. whosit Member

    Re: Redecoration

    Anyway this goes; thanks for at least opening this topic for discussion. My donation is in the mail (not bs - seriously should see a anonymous money order coming through).

    I think relaxing "upstairs" rules as some people put it would go a long way to bring back some of the foot soldiers we lost.

    Whenever I start thinking chanology is serious business I like to look at this....

    Bring back LULZ!
  11. da5id Administrator

    Re: Redecoration

    Bust the habit of asking for user input? Interesting concept...

    FWIW, we tried the "fuck you, dont tell us how to do our jobs" and it damned near resulted in domewar-97.. I thought maybe we should try something different. So far I think we've gotten at least a few good ideas posted here.
  12. RavenEyes Member

    Re: Redecoration

    OK, in all seriousness - because many of us have been in this battle for a LONG TIME (and some of us used different nicks, so don't go by my post history), what is REALLY needed is more fun/lulz, and less nazimodding. For example, I was banned in the Dome for a contest re: guessing a number. I didn't baw, because I knew the rules upfront, and I guessed "paisley". But when some people go on and on about nothing, or asking for money or sympathy, and nothing happens, and then a couple of people play in the tomkat thread and get infracted - it doesn't sit well. It's all a matter of interpretation as to what is more offensive, of course.
  13. Anon Char Member

    Re: Redecoration

    A clear understanding on what a mod or admin can do and won't do, I sometimes wonder how the hell people get reprimanded around here, besides the infraction system.

    Also if redecorating is the subject, and it has to do with off topic, or more specifically thunderdome, I propose 1 random hentai image each day, with an rotating stock of shock images to offset or compliment the neon-spaz-attention-whore-color pallet.

    And why are searches for other members disabled?

    also, could we just get rid of some threads? Some are incredibly dead and riddled off topic they are derailed, while others need to be archived or locked.
  14. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Redecoration

    Nah, bust the habit of individuals tugging at your heartstrings through PMs

    In case it wasn't clear. Open debate is cool but at some point you gotta bite the bullet and do it. People will always bawwww.

    I think you guys trying to run the site by pseudo consensus is noble. Maybe misguided but noble.
  15. Noelle North Member

    Re: Redecoration

    Continue to ban those you do not enjoy!

  16. cubby Member

    Re: Redecoration

    i think the deal is you have to hand out the smackdowns in a more-or-less mow-em-all-down kinda way... it does no good to leave people like on one side of the equation going nuts on threads and slamming anyone arguing with them.

    lay waste to everyone.... KILL THEM ALL KILLLLLLLLL
  17. WTF Member

    Re: Redecoration

    [ame=]Just Get Along[/ame]

  18. Erra Member

    Re: Redecoration

    Retracted. Just don't let him/her/it talk to anyone. lawl
  19. EpicSwordGuy Member

    Re: Redecoration

    1. Mudkips
    2. pink
    3. noodz
  20. cubby Member

    Re: Redecoration

    hm well as long as they're tasteful noodz
  21. EpicSwordGuy Member

    Re: Redecoration

    1 guy 1 cup is delicious
    2 girls 2 cups is way over the line
  22. cubby Member

    Re: Redecoration

    yeahhh i think you've singlehandedly clarified the boundary between acceptable trolling and excessive trolling actually good job
  23. EpicSwordGuy Member

    Re: Redecoration

    but i have 2 hands....
  24. cubby Member

    Re: Redecoration

    we can find something to do with the other one
  25. Fear Not Member

    Re: Redecoration

    Merge OT with GD

    Only two subforums....
    Scientology related- whatever
    Non-Scientology related - humor, failing 101, whatever.

    Just threads like TD.
    Still has to be SFW, so no gore or pron. Of course no CP ever.

    TD is still the home of gore and pron.
  26. EpicSwordGuy Member

    Re: Redecoration

    oh yeah


    i can do that with one hand

    brb 1 guy 1 cup
  27. Kilia Member

    Re: Redecoration

    Hmm..,...well I post new wallpapers for Anon, I've done pretty much every month in OT.

    Don't rightly know what you mean "redecorating" for it, but do you mean like the Dome is decorated??
  28. xenudu Member

    Re: Redecoration

    Okso it's shitposting when domers do it cos they happen to be in the same place at the same time, but when anyone else does it, oooh, it's ADORABLE! lookit them derailing the thread with their offtopic crap awwwwww.

    He'd want to do an awful lot behind the scenes, because what she does in front of them makes him look like a right twat.

    Oh, now I'm torn.




    SRS BZNS though: You need to do more than just making GD into Domelite. Because why bother posting there when we can just post in the dome? There needs to be something moar to offer domers other than just baiting those who never come downstairs.
  29. EpicSwordGuy Member

    Re: Redecoration

    troll to your hearts content Wednesdays?
  30. cubby Member

    Re: Redecoration

    shitposting in a srs bzns thread

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