Discussion in 'Support Questions' started by sue, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. cubby Member

    Re: Redecoration

    i remembered it... kinda sorta
    i think static forums per location are a good idea. we're doing that on SeX. admittedly not as much traffic as WWP but it's working well so far and that way it keeps all the local-cell-relevant content in one place instead of in 20 archived forums
  2. reznik Member

    Re: Redecoration

    yeah i think the rearranging of the locals could be good.

    thing is GD is kindof full of shit already. (or at least not the kind of shit that "domers like") so imho "relaxing the rules" and allowing to "shit it up more (but with domers shit)" is a bad idea.

    that is why i suggested a Sin Bin in General under General Discussion.
    Basically relaxing (for the normals) the harshness of TD to accomodate the whole community and not just a niche ... -> hopefully making it a less divided community. threads would basically be saged / derailed/ failing -> Sin Bin. but failing topics can still be discussed - just not to the detriment of burying important (but lower traffic GD threads) (.or the occasional lol troll moved somewhere that is the upstairs2 the "fun house" .... the normals arent going to be scared to go in, nothing is going to be too severe etc. but it will be a "trolling / failing / derailed" lulz rules zomg none but SFW / family version of the dome.

    personally i HATE WITH A PASSION .... having NSFW labels as it just makes me think of SA (which i despise with a passion.).
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: Redecoration


    A suggestion regarding discussion in teh GD sub forum. Slight change in rules - unfortunately/fortunately this would then fall into the discretion of Mods.

    Let some trolling occur. If the Mods think its excessive then move to TD where it will quickly have CHEMO applied. Also goes for people being idiots and egofagging the place up.

    Good idea? or cocks?

    Rules of the Forum

    * Don't post anything illegal.
    * Don't post personal information you wouldn't find in a newspaper article.
    * If you want to sell something, you must buy advertising.
    * Under No Circumstances Will An Account Be Deleted. If You Wish to Quit We Can Ban You.
    * Leave Your Self Importance At The Door.
    * Don't be an idiot.

    User Infractions
    The infraction system is used to remind members of the general Why We Protest guidelines. Accumulating 10 points will earn an automatic ban for one week. All points are removed after one week without further incident. Infraction points will be given out based on the following criteria:

    ExcessiveFlaming/Trolling: 1 point
    Thread spamming: 2 points
    Posting personal information: 5 points
    Copywritten material: 5 points
    Promoting illegal activity: 8 points
    Personal Attack: 3 points
    Religious bigotry: 3 points
  4. cubby Member

    Re: Redecoration

    huh hm uh huh hrmmmm
  5. WTF Member

    Re: Redecoration

    for really high values of 2 the answer is 5...
  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: Redecoration

    I know I know.

    What is excessive. Would have to be Mod opinion. But at least it would allow by rules of the site to eaze up on rules.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: Redecoration

    Will Smith knows that 2 + 2 don't have to equal 4.
  8. reznik Member

    Re: Redecoration

    i think i agree a little with this. if i am interpreting it correctly.
    a lessoning of rules that is purely discretionary is kind half measure,

    There us much retardation upstairs (from both sides) and imho it is a mess and prob a nightmare to mod as it is.

    - have a "half-way house" before things go to the dome.
    - then only the most important, worthwhile reading is up front and srs bizness.

    there will be a point when i'll stop pushing this idea.
    i thought i had reached it.
    it seems i hadnt
  9. WTF Member

    Re: Redecoration

    Invite AGP back to redecorate...

  10. whosit Member

    Re: Redecoration

    Not to add anymore Sub Forums but hey why not.

    Sub forum under General named "Why so Serious". Gives an area for those that do not have the stomach for TD to come and discuss general topics without being SRS BIZ. Light trolling, SFW pics, still able to discuss anonymous and scientology. If things in GD go off track but don't warrant the DOME they could be moved there. DOME for the those that need their ass kicked like it originally was intended.

    edit: Looks like Reznik beat me to it.
  11. reznik Member

    Re: Redecoration

    ^ yeah. Sin Bin was a shitty Name. but that is pretty much what i meant
    not subforum though. #2 in General. Howto is pretty shitty. as are many of the others.

    WhySoSrs is better.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: Redecoration

    The sinbin idea is good. And the relaxedness. I started typing something about mods needing to play a bit more to avoid burning out or getting all srs business, but it's been said anyway. Respect to you all for what you do.

    The existence of trolls really is good for morale. Pull out dumb but basically SFW posts, deface them appropriately and stick them in the stocks where the rest of the world can pelt them with basically SFW rotten tomatoes. Mods are obliged to be ├╝bertrolls, so you might as well try to enjoy it, develop a lulzy and (somewhat) predictable trolling culture and some consistent law so people know how it works and can lurk moar, get an idea, then play accordingly. This sort of thing generates more traffic than an endless string of serious discussions about IRS, mostly from voyeurs, and is gentle practice trolling for people who aren't quite ready for the full gorespam experience.

    Whereas the situation in which people are getting infractions for stuff, which they have lurked moar and seen to be commonplace, is very bad news. Because it means people lose track of what is and what is not ok. If people get very cautious, the humour gets lost completely...

  13. Re: Redecoration

    Re-integrate the humour forum into 'Off Topic'? Would re-naming 'Off Topic' 'Random' have unfortunate repercussions? How about 'Random Discussion'? 'WhySoSrs' works too.
  14. cubby Member

    Re: Redecoration

    i thought this one was especially salient

    and also


    maybe you guys would also like some 'upstairs' input on the question?
  15. reznik Member

    Re: Redecoration

    well the thing is imho.

    much of the threads that coud live in WhySoSrs are not Off-Topic. They just fail a little bit. Being a bit more tolerant of lulzy trolling and humor between everyone on On Topic threads that fail a little bit .... if you know what i mean.
  16. reznik Member

    Re: Redecoration

    kinda maybe. fun? and on topic? trolling but with padding
  17. WTF Member

    Re: Redecoration


  18. reznik Member

    Re: Redecoration

    oh that rule is disregarded. it was made when tamphex was shitting bricks becuase he didnt understand the DMCA process.
  19. nonnonanon Member

    Re: Redecoration

    /r/ more like this. At last, a SFW forum in which the aged slashdotter has a chance, however miniscule, of out-trolling the /b/tard.

    phear my IBM Model M.

    This thread is now about integrated clitmice.
    (not really:redecoration is srs bzness).
  20. RavenEyes Member

    Re: Redecoration

    I just scanned these posts, so forgive me for not using big words like salient (CBB), but I think rules need to be relaxed at least on threads like the TomKat thread. There are some who continually post on there that really need a colonic of lulz. Also, we need a calendar area where Erra can post his planned sexual activities so we can look forward to them, in advance. Finding out, after the fact, that his sexual exploits over the weekend were planned an entire week ago left us "out of the loop".
  21. da5id Administrator

    Re: Redecoration

    Devil's advocate: Why is it your right to decide who needs a colonic of lulz? I've never stepped foot in that thread because I know it's a waste of my time.. however if it manages to convince some random fan that was googling for the latest tommy pix that maybe that is a cult, then more power to it.

    I don't see why it needs to be shit up or domed.
  22. reznik Member

    Re: Redecoration

    i agree. it does serve a purpose. tc is the poster boy

    shitposting rly doesnt have much of a place outside the dome.
    it is not as if it takes any effort to maybe make a point and engage them little. or just not go in the thread.

    would it be out of the question to perhaps acknowledge that this recent drama (caused by the most appalling shit posting - way to go leet TD trolls) and the huge overreaction bawww. did achieve something? ie. the possible beginning of a restructuring process. remember WWP inherited the userbase, the bad faith (re:donations) and almost a years worth of structural descisions .... if staff / mods / nazis / fags spend all there time on clean up of shit posts - it doesnt leave a whole lot of time for design / coding new bits etc etc.
  23. da5id Administrator

    Re: Redecoration

    Here are a few of the things that have recently caused the Mods to lose a bit of their humor, and begin doming more items:

    - At least twice I've seen TD posts suggesting that domers raid popular threads upstairs with the explicit purpose of getting them domed. This is unacceptable behaviour.

    - Domers that have randomly come together to put together a few pages of offtopic banter designed to derail a thread that they dont agree with, but is otherwise popular. This makes the mods jobs more difficult.

    - Calls to "dome this" when doming isn't a necessary action, people just want to ability to gorespam a thread, or similar.

    Are you seeing the common thread here? The problem is that its cyclical: mods are antilulz and censor posts, so domers get annoyed and want to poke back by repeating the behaviour which causes mods to again be antilulz which....
  24. reznik Member

    Re: Redecoration

    sorry i fail at quote tech
  25. TheBitch Member

    Re: Redecoration

    you had me at zzzzzzzzzz WOT! So which came first, domers or chickens?
  26. nonnonanon Member

    Re: Redecoration

    Personally, I fear the report button. It's hard for other users to know what's going on, and I've always assumed it would annoy the feck out of mods if it gets used for anything short of nukular meltdown.

    I would have thought that daft behaviour needs to be discussed out in the open, where people can see it. It's the difference between saying 'lolwut?' and saying 'OMG CP YOU PERV THAT'S ILLEGAL'. Scenario 2 is straight to report button, scenario 1 is more of a give my opinion and see what other people say next hivemind thing. If all this happened silently and invisibly it would look as though mods were making choices without input from users, thus shortcircuiting the hivemind thing. Cue BAAAAWWWWW, butthurt, etc.

    Of course writing this post probably proves that I have not adequately studied the reference materials available about how to use the site...

    Cocks, etc.
  27. cubby Member

    Re: Redecoration

    errrr that's not really serious

    threads that get hit with the wave of shitposts are more at philosophical cross-purposes. i think the deal is that the people who would take the time to make a constructive three-paragraph post about why a post/thread/idea sucks complete fuckin balls have all either moved on or are exhausted of repeating themselves -- smacking down the same fail every fuckin month.

    just my two cents
  28. da5id Administrator

    Re: Redecoration

    I can see that, and it's certainly unfortunate... but if you don't have anything constructive/funny to say....

    just posting shit to say "i dont agree" without offering something better, or just to point out that yer still alive and annoyed is pointless.
  29. Erra Member

    Re: Redecoration

    I agree. It is simply unfair to everyone to not have a calender or some detailed way to plot out all of my sexual activity through the months. And, truly, I just don't have the time to make a TD post about every single one, so it falls to the mods to solve this problem.

    We can't disappoint the user base, after all.
  30. anon0004 Member

    Re: Redecoration

    I support this
  31. cubby Member

    Re: Redecoration

    i think da5id was referring to shitposts in other threads... not my post in particular

    and i do agree with his point. i think a lot of this static is coming from a little battle fatigue on both sides (if you can say there's only two sides on this, i guess)
  32. RavenEyes Member

    Re: Redecoration

    I didn't say it was my right. You asked for input. I gave it.
  33. reznik Member

    Re: Redecoration

    I have not seen Snakes signature. Do you have a link?
  34. Anonymoux Member

    Re: Redecoration

    ah, ok, thanks
  35. Anonymoux Member

    Re: Redecoration

    imuna take this as a joke.
  36. RavenEyes Member

    Re: Redecoration

    I am fatigued - can't speak for anyone else. I am often razzed for my level of moralfaggotry. I often speak up against the general populous regardless of the reaction. For example, I supported AGP's post UPSTAIRS a week or two ago about not protesting at Gold when almost everyone attacked him. The TomKat thread doesn't bother me as much as I let on. The tl;dr bitch-outs I got from gismogirl on more than one occasion lures me into poking fun at it. I'll stay out of it and let tmz be tmz. What is worse - a personal attack from an Anon, or the posting of a pic of an obviously-not-Tom-Cruise in leather pants? It wasn't porn, gore, etc. Whatever. Fatigued. That's a good word for it.
  37. da5id Administrator

    Re: Redecoration

    I'm sorry Anonymoux, I should have clarified.. I'm actually only looking from input from people that aren't domelocked.
  38. RavenEyes Member

    Re: Redecoration

    I'm not domelocked.
  39. da5id Administrator

    Re: Redecoration

    Yep, and I've been listening to your opinion. Neat, huh?
  40. RavenEyes Member

    Re: Redecoration

    If by listening you took my one innocuous suggestion about a thread that matters not and asked me "what gives you the right blah blah blah?" then yeah - you listened.

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