Discussion in 'Support Questions' started by sue, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. sue Administrator


    Redecoration of the Offtopic Section.

    So we came to the conclusion that that place needs a srs makeover.
    A place for slowchat & upstairs lulz.

    How do you want to name it what sections etc ?

    What do you want

  2. EpicSwordGuy Member

    Re: Redecoration

  3. cubby Member

    Re: Redecoration

    ....what are upstairs lulz?
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Redecoration

    i giant penis
  5. reznik Member

    Re: Redecoration

    well played sue. well played.
  6. da5id Administrator

    Re: Redecoration

    Guessing the shit you like to post in GD that tends to get domed and then whining starts. Trying to make it so upstairs isnt all SRS BZNS.

    Give ideas or die in a fire. This is us asking you faggots what you want, so try to be helpful.

    Thx in advance.
  7. EpicSwordGuy Member

    Re: Redecoration

  8. cubby Member

    Re: Redecoration

    well i'll try but i'm usually better at random spasticity than like actual planning =/

    this reminds me of what (i think it was) skeptic said once about a good thing to do might just be relax the rules of general discussion... let it be off-topic, let it be humor (SFW naturally), let it just be a section where people really could discuss... in general.
  9. EpicSwordGuy Member

    Re: Redecoration

    redirect to 888chan
  10. Erra Member

    Re: Redecoration

    /missing the point

    Its only lulzy to post shit in the GD because you guys get butthurt right away and DOME it.

    What youre proposing is simply another TD, "upstairs" or not doesn't matter in this case, although Im guessing gore and porn wouldnt be aloud.

    Thinly veiled attempt to appease the masses while actually doing next to nothing is thinly veiled.

    Points for effort though
  11. sue Administrator

    Re: Redecoration

    I suggest whinning is allowed there too we wouldn't want to deprive you from your proclaimed right to bawww.
  12. Erra Member

    Re: Redecoration

    And you remind me a lot of King Nerd

    Occasionally has some good ideas and wise things to say.

    But comes off as a total dick who no one wants to listen to or take seriously.

    Lrn 2 use mod status as a force for good and foster open conversation, instead of sticking your dick in a pile of dicks.
  13. EpicSwordGuy Member

    Re: Redecoration

    move the thunderdome to the top of the list

    problem solved
  14. da5id Administrator

    Re: Redecoration

    domers != masses. I'd create an excel spreadsheet showing the amount of users that visit the dome vs not, but I don't know how to use excel and I barely understand the forums.

    Trying to find a way to make a minority that I happen to enjoy happy. This would be a great time to make suggestions.
  15. SciFITOlogy Member

    Re: Redecoration

    Strobe + Color shift, lets keep the epileptic scilons away.
  16. reznik Member

    Re: Redecoration

    Erra. Just thought i would post to say you are quite the idiot are you not?
  17. cubby Member

    Re: Redecoration

    i was following you til i got distracted right around here
  18. SciFITOlogy Member

    Re: Redecoration

    Give me admin, I'll make the chart for you
  19. cubby Member

    Re: Redecoration

    off topic was originally often full of humor threads... but having to be SFW they were not quite... well, just not quite.
  20. sue Administrator

    Re: Redecoration

    I can't help it that you occasionally have a lucid moment or two.
  21. Erra Member

    Re: Redecoration

    Point taken. Not a majority. Don't want to fuck it up for everybody.

    But really, what would be the use of turning a barely used sub section into a TD clone, albeit with more rules because its "upstairs."

    What people down here are asking for are more relaxed rules for posting in GD and the like. Give someone a little to work with, show them that you're willing to compromise, and people will respect you and try and stay within the bounds of the rules a little bit more.
  22. da5id Administrator

    Re: Redecoration

    agreed, and i'm more likely to lol at zippocat than lolcat, but people browsing upstairs have to be able to assume that it's gonna be sfw.. however, it would have been a good spot to place your marblecake 3.0 thread since it had nothing intrinsically offensive.
  23. SciFITOlogy Member

    Re: Redecoration

    Hand Drawn MSPAINT gore section
  24. cubby Member

    Re: Redecoration

    but then no one would have read it because it's in offtopic... and it's funnier to post it in GD because people were expecting it to be srs bzns =/

    i see what you're saying and if you want to give an infraction for that kind of tomfuckery i can dig it... but i think relaxing the rules in GD might be better than redecorating off-topic not just for us getting lulz but also just for creating a better environment to kick around ideas. sometimes off-topic off-track shit leads to a richer milieu for creativity

    imo anyway fwtw i'm just kind of a tard rly =)
  25. Erra Member

    Re: Redecoration

  26. sue Administrator

    Re: Redecoration

    mods : we need to find the answer to 2 +2
    dome : but we want the answer to be 25 baww
  27. Erra Member

    Re: Redecoration

    mods : we demand that the question be 2 + 2
    dome : its actually closer to 5 x 5 ....
  28. xenudu Member

    Re: Redecoration

    hey, you asked for opinions, you don't get to baaawww when you get them.
  29. sue Administrator

    Re: Redecoration

    self-righteousness at its best. We come to a middleground, you keep advocating for something you are the sole benefactor of.
  30. sue Administrator

    Re: Redecoration

    The question was : how do you want offtopic to look like so it is viable for you.
    The question wasn't : Hey guys we want to give you carte blanche in GD you want much ?!?
  31. da5id Administrator

    Re: Redecoration

    OK, so let's discuss the idea of relaxing the GD rules a bit.. look at it from the other perspective for a moment and help us brainstorm:

    How do we decide what the "line" is, and when it is crossed do we just dome threads? Will that not result in bawwing and nazimodcensorship etc?

    How do you propose we keep the normies happy who are expecting the threads up there to be about scientology, and open it to find theyve been trolled? I donno that this is a big deal really, I suppose it heavily relies upon the answer to the first question.
  32. cubby Member

    Re: Redecoration

    sue, you asked for ideas about redecorating off-topic
    do you have some ideas for what could be done?
    because i think trying to make a td-lite upstairs is mostly going to result in you guys putting in work on something that won't get used much. not trying to make you do things my way or be a self-righteous egofag... just being serious.
  33. cubby Member

    Re: Redecoration

    well imo i think that people who join in the fun of chanology should be able to take a trolling once in a while... but then look at me down here...

    and bawwwing about it is half the fun =D
  34. cubby Member

    Re: Redecoration

    i don't want carte blanc in GD... but i think repurposing GD could be beneficial to everyone who uses this site.

    would you like to know more? y/n
  35. SciFITOlogy Member

    Re: Redecoration

    Why would you ever need to dome a thread if there is no gorespam or pron in it? SFW includes words
  36. reznik Member

    Re: Redecoration

    as suggestions were asked for i thought i would partake in some leaderfaggotry.....

    why not - instead, or maybe as well as redecorating off-topic.
    have a "Sin Bin" forum between General Discussion and How to, or maybe after How to (?) i vote for above How to personally. So a Main Forum 2nd directly under General Discussion but in the Genaral forum not off topic (as much of this is On Topic). Basically this would be a SFW forum, where threads can be moved to that are trolls like the (actually rather amusing) Sandwich thread troll - & could be usewd as more like the "nice non dome off topic" has been used - sort of less harsh call out threads ... or whatever. not pg but maybe 15+ type of thing. ie Mona and her little group or whatever, and Bluebell, kind of like where you have srs padding so you have a little bit of protection for your thin skin (see Bluebell) - so you know you wont get hurt badly (i am rly working this ice hockey metaphor) rather than a THUNDERDOME (which remains the hardcore)
    (the whole 'lol troll' thing does amuse the general populus i think /good fpr morale - boredom aversion- & is obv very much a part of the culture) -

    there wouldnt be the (quite harsh in some ways - GD->DOME transfere and resultant baww 'spoiling fun' thing) .... more people could also 'enjoy posting in the "Sin Bin" (maybe the rules would maybe be 'less severe flaming / trolling is permitted but anything too harsh will result in the doming of the thread') ...... threads that are just pretty fail or have been srsly derailed and descended into trolling could be moved to the "Sin Bin" also ..

    ... the result would be General Discussion would be prime-time material and decent threads wouldnt be buried so quick (Sin-Bin = Saged threads type of idea) .... the best threads would rise to the top of GD .... i am sure more non-domer "i cant go in their it is scary!" types would maybe play in the "Sin Bin" and community cohension would result in it ... (without that coming from the more gladatorial Domers Vs GDers as it is now)

    .... kindof a middle ground.

    i could elaborate more on this maybe.
    just spitting it out.

    GD (other Main Forums) -> Sin Bin (still in the boring "General Section" @ #2) -> DOMED

    is the path that threads take. Sin Bin is also a 'clearing house for half-shit / failing threads' to keep only THE BEST @ primetime

    we are all the same team after all



  37. nightfire Member

    Re: Redecoration

    This is relevant to my interests I would like to subscribe to your newsletter
  38. Erra Member

    Re: Redecoration

    You just have to keep it at a moderate level. Everyone should be used to some level of lulz by now. Of course nsfw pics and shit like that get dome and are still against the rules. And entire topics of trolling should probably still be confined to the dome too.

    But some lite trolling in a thread, or a pic that isn't necesarily on topic; those things should be alright. If something gets out of hand, dont dome, give an infraction. But give a detailed explanation of said infraction, and remind the user that it will go away with in 1 week.

    And the GD should really be just that, General Discussion. Obviously centered around Scientology and Anonymous, but let a bit more out in to the periphery. There are PLENTY of unused sub sections that could be used for half the threads in GD if someone wants to be all srs business.

    I mean basically, all you'd have to do is loosen up a bit. Let a little more slide, but make sure punishment comes down for people who take things out of hand. Not necessarily locking them in the dome punishment, but more infractions, pm them about how their behavior is pissing people off, communicate moar.

    And then if someone decides to be really butthurt about the rules, tell them "hey, we tried to be nice and play fair and let the lulz in. We gave you plenty of warning. Now you're getting locked in the dome (or b& if severe enough infraction) for a predetermined amount of time."
  39. reznik Member

    Re: Redecoration

    ^ the problem is that GD gets shit up with shit (not just from domers from everyone)
  40. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Redecoration

    I have a suggestion...

    Make OT pure chit chat bullshit threads kinda like is now. NOSFW but make it implicit like thread must be labeled NSFW kind of thing or it goes in the dome.

    None infractable but no shit posting. Trolling cool. This one gets kinda of tricky though there are threads that need shit poasting.

    Finally merge it with GD.

    Then get rid off the whole subforum concept and have static Location threads with archiving copies > 1 month.

    So intead of having 800 sub forums only good for a month have 800 sub forums good for ever.

    So you end up with a simplified and condensed forum.

    Raids (sub forums)

    And then when you make a situation room it means something. GD should be free for all in content meaning GW threads next to Scientology is evil and let the threads be user moderated meaning OT threads can stay OT and OnT stay on T. Any one breaks the rules infract.

    Shit I posted this like 5 months ago the last time mod faggots asked the same question.

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