Red Flag: The True Story of Flag Down

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by amaX, Feb 6, 2016.

  1. Are her dentures subject to the injunction also?

    It's always worth checking these things in the event she's supposed to keep them in her mouth instead of on the podium or anywhere else.
  2. It's riveting stuff this.
  3. XENU TV Member

    [quote="As far as I'm concerned Bunker can take his constantly outstretched hand and shove it and his ego firmly up his ass.[/quote]

    Well, now you're just being mean. :0)

    There's still ample opportunity for anyone to go protest downtown. Just follow those rules if you're so worried. People did it and can still do it fine. I had friends and family visiting just a couple weeks ago. I took them on a tour of the entire downtown. Sure, security guards circled and the whole operation was put on high alert but no one was served nor were the police called to the scene. Instead we got some hilarious stories of how doors were locked as we approaced, "All Welcome" signs were taken in off the street at the very sight of us and a security guard was locked out of the CCHR because the gals inside were instructed not to open the door while I was near. I went to bat for the guy and shouted though the glass that it was okay to let him in, that I was not going to enter but they were frozen in place by their instructions. The poor guy had to scamper away.

    I've also talked to Scientologists on the street downtown. One young sea org guy came up to me and offered his hand as I was checking out the new front group offices for the first time. He invited me in but I respectfully declined. I asked a couple quick questions. He had grown up in Scientology and was enjoying the sea org. I said nothing disrespectful or insulting. When he wanted to know why I wouldn't come in with him, I pointed out the security guard racing across the street and said "He'll explain it to you." The guard quickly grabbed him and ushered him inside. Hopefully, a seed was planted with the young man who I'm sure was told I was an SP. Maybe he thought to himself "he didn't seem so bad to me." Maybe not. But that kind of thing can stick with you. Even Mary Rathbun said years later that the LMT signs saying "It's safe to look...It's safe to talk" got through to him on some level and stayed wih him.

    So, if you're too chicken to protest in Clearwater, here's a little tip for you. You don't need to drive to Atlanta to "strike a blow against Scientology." Try the org in Ybor City. It's closer, you know. It's not on the injunction. When the place had an open house a few years back, I attended. I signed my own name in the guest book, I told everyone who asked that my name was Mark Bunker. I asked if it was okay for me to take some pictures and shoot some video with my phone and was told "of course." People even answered questions for me on video. I was respectful and nice. It was fine. I wasn't arrested. I wasn't hauled into court. I didn't make a scene. The staff likely got sec checked afterwards but even if they got in trouble maybe that would plant a seed as well. Maybe not.

    I've visited Ideal Orgs in New York and Phoenix. The young kid in Phoenix even sent me a letter a couple weeks later inviting me for courses to get his stats up. I took the tour of L. Ron's offices in D.C. and shot both photos and videos with permission of the tour guide. One time in Orange County I was asked to leave and did so. I visited the L.A. CCHR museum Industry of Death exhibit, got a chance to join with a group of college girls also checking out the exhibit and share some counterbalancing info and laughs with them, then engaged a museum sea org employee in a lengthy respectful debate afterwards and told him about Lisa McPherson in some detail. He had never heard of her. I urged him to go online after he told me he would only get answers directly from Scientology. I didn't insult him. I tried to speak reasonably. Maybe it planted a seed. Maybe it didn't.

    I got turned away on my second attempt to visit the L. Ron Hubbard Museum on Hollywood Blvd in L.A. but wasn't arrested or hauled into court. If you're told to leave, you leave.

    If Amax is so cowardly that she can't even protest WHERE THE INJUNCTION SAYS SHE IS LAWFULLY PERMITTED TO PROTEST...then that is her fault, not mine. I was once too afraid to show my face at a protest. Bob Minton gave me the courage to do so. Once they knew my name all the fear went away. They picketed my house, they've had me arrested, they've smeared my name in leaflets and online. So what? You can choose to be intimidated or you can get a chuckle when your mere presence causes an entire organization to close the blinds and lock the doors when you walk by.

    Amax has made her choice. She would rather play the victim and cower in fear than stand up and speak out. She can protest downtown today or in Ybor City if she feels safer there. Nothing is stopping her but herself. I expect she will choose not to and continue to blame me for years to come.
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  4. failboat Member

    What makes you think that's the worst case scenario? I'm pretty sure you're not the vengeful and litigious cult, are you?

    Even if this 'worst case scenario' were accurate, what makes you think it would be acceptable to ama? You're not her.

    What makes you think you know better about what restrictions other people should accept on their rights?

    Even if an out-of towner were anonymous, would that prevent Scientology from following this person or attempting to identify them? That, along with injunction tag, are two additional risks people just have to accept now, according to you.

    But I guess you just know better, about how people should accept risks and restrictions to their rights, and you can make those decisions for them.

    Definitely, though, you should continue to question and be critical of the person who was trying to prevent and protect people from these risks. Especially since you had nothing to do with the planning, production, organization, or fund-raising for the event.
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  5. You are an asshole..
    Lardass con-man went to live right next to $cn Sea Org berthing while begging for more money.
    How much money have people given you, BM - It is way more than 100K.
    Fuck you, creep.
  6. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    O god you win the "snort coffee on my keyboard" prize.
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  7. I've read your most recent post Mark. Like the posts before it most of it is about you and all of the things you do. While reading the latest I honestly kept asking myself why does he think that taking tours or signing his name in a book is somehow important? Are you saying that doing such trivial things and having no repercussions (bc trivial things) is relevant to this discussion? What is the value in these things you do?
    Amax and anons in general don't visit or take tours, they protest or work to get the people they are encountering to look/think.
  8. Apologies for the remark Dis, this is not my fight and in future I'll keep it zipped.
  9. Taking tours is a fabulous idea! It helps with stats and gives legitimacy to the woo. 30 minutes, no problem! For each visitor I'll bet an once of doubt vanishes!
    wtf is wrong with you
  10. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    No no ! I was appreciating your humor!
    Coffee on keyboard award.
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  11. To be clear, her crazy ass legal theory has zero basis in reality and there are zero risks. If it were valid they would have filed to have her added to the injunction by now (that returned $50 donation from Bunker is ROCK SOLID.). They haven't. They would have filed to have DX added to the injunction by now, but haven't. They would have filed to have any of the attendees at Flag Down that were there when Bunker was there added to the injunction, but haven't. (Wasn't the whole point of keeping Bunker out of Flag Down to "prevent and protect" attendees from having the injunction applied to them? He showed up and...nothing happened.)

    She talks about how she can never go down there and protest again. I'm merely pointing out that, even under her crazy ass legal theory, she can with zero risk of facing contempt of court (which is the biggest legal risk she faces under her crazy ass legal theory). I'm also pointing out that, under her crazy ass legal theory, out-of-towners who, oh I don't know, wear masks, can protest all they want with zero risk of anything more bothersome than sunburn.

    Wait a minute. It just occurred to me, we've all been posting on a thread with her that talks about protesting at Flag. Does that mean the injunction now applies to us? Shouldn't all her posts come with a disclaimer that if one responds to her they run the risk of being covered by the injunction?
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  12. Not sure where you got your law degree but I have to guess the bottom of a cereal box. Could they take her to court? Yes. That is a given, baseless or not. That takes money. You going to pay? Bunker sure as hell won't asstard can't even afford to move his sorry ass out of an apartment. Your flawed thinking of how "they haven't filed yet so they aren't going to" is flat out naive. Obviously you don't know these fuckers as well as you think. Go on Tinkerbell, sprinkle your fairy dust and believe you have a clue. You don't.
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  13. XENU TV Member

    I thought I was very clear in my argument but I'm happy to condense it for you. Amax is afraid of the injunction. I am named on the injunction. I don't hide. I visit Scientology's properties and never lie about who I am. I am fine. The injuncton doesn't prevent even a named person from continuing to speak out against Scientology. If Amax wanted to protest Scientology downtown, she could do that right this minute. She would have to stay on one side of the street instead of the other perhaps if she wanted to be careful about an injunction that she claims has made It "impossible" for her and others to protest, or she could go to Ybor City which is not on the injunction. She doesn't have to say "Woe is me...I have to travel to Atlanta to picket" but she chooses to do so.

    Sorry if I tried to relate this message through my experiences but Amax entire reason for posting this crap again is to blame me for "setting her up" and justify her actions. So if she is making a post that is all about her and "the real truth" while attacking those she insanely believe to be out to get her, then I felt it important to point out some rather obvious actual truths. If she wanted, THIS VERY MOMENT, she could go protest downtown.

    She chooses to cower in fear and create conspiracies where none exist. But go ahead. Ignore the truth. Claim you don't get it, but the injunction clearly says here is where you can protest, here is where you can not. If you are really a frightened little bunny, you can stand where it says you can stand and you will be enveloped in a judicial cone of protection. Praise be Xenu.
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  14. There are lawyers who made As in school and lawyers who made Cs. Technically anyone who is aware of an injunction is bound by it. Here is an easy explanation that even you can understand

  15. amaX Member

    If this was Patricia Greenway pulling this stunt again or some Chanologist causing a shit storm for an OG...we would all be pissed, but it's Bunker so it's cool.
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  16. Thank you Bunker, for the truths to the matter.
    Also I'm glad to be back participating. :)
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  17. Maybe he's cool to his fans who are unaware of his history here. He at one time was wise and that is all.
    I do not say this lightly.
    I merely think of him now as a big talker with an inflated ego due to once being wise.

    Mark can go visit all the orgs he wants. He visits them. Why he things that doing so is helpful to anyone, idk. They don't realize who he is and they get one more visitor, further feeding into their delusion that the cult has true promise.

    No Mark, you can't speak of protesting and how you know it would be fine. Why? Because you don't protest, you willy nilly visit quietly. It's ridiculous to compare the two.

    Prove me wrong, please. Go protest. Engage people instead of listening to their lrh is good bs.
    I hope you will. Then your words might not sound so ignorant.
  18. sallysock Member

    It's a shame, really.
    The ego is large.
    While I didn't quote the rest of this post, I agree.
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  19. You may or may not be right. It depending on the wording of the injunction, and perhaps the statute under which it was issued.

    In many, if not all,, states the police can arrest someone for violating a domestic violence restraining order (a form or injunction). The protected person does not have to first go into court and obtain an OSC re: contempt.

    Similarly, in many states the police can arrest someone for violating a more general anti-harassment restraining order or injunction. The protected person does not have to first go into court and obtain an OSC re: contempt.

    For example, if someone is protected by a domestic violence restraining order or more general anti-harassment restraining order or injunction, and the enjoined party comes up and knocks on their door, or follows them at a distance in violation of the injunction, etc.., you can bet that in many jurisdictions the police can and will arrest the person.. The protected person doesn't have to endure such behavior until they can not only obtain, but also win, on the OSC.

    It has been a very long time since I read the injunction in this case, much less the underlying statute, so I don't know if that is possible in this situation. The point is, neither to do you, and you can't expect someone else to take the risk.
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  20. His name is now BM for Bowel Movement.

    The W is gone forever.
    BM is also his initials spelled backwards.

    BM - Bowel Movement is Mark Bunker

    No haiku.
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  21. XENU TV Member

    Yup, I have a very large ego. That is true. It is also true that Amax can look at the injunction and find out exactly WHERE SHE IS ALLOWED TO PROTEST UNDER THE TERMS OF THE INJUNCTION.

    See, I was willing to agree with your statement and accept it as fact. Here's the injunction so you can see the judge laid out where it is safe to protest along with the color coded maps direct from the judge:

    Now, if you're really unwilling to accept the reality of the judge's order, then you are willfully refusing to accept the truth and you do so to protect your friend's bruised ego.

    It's a shame, really.
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  22. I wanted a haiku.
    I cry.
  23. whoever Member

    I appreciate your detailed response. I am happy to be set straight on the situation with the Minnreg, especially the fact that it's in the 6th Judicial District.

    About Roger Weller and his friend being denied entry, all I can say is that I'd met Roger a couple of times before and had also talked to him online a bit. And, personally, I don't think Roger would have made that up. He told me, in some detail, about this woman who'd refused to let him in, and what happened, and based on what he said I figured it must have been you. (I don't remember exactly what he said, though I think he mentioned that a man was with the woman.) So, if that in fact was not you, I apologize. But I do believe that someone turned him away.
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  24. failboat Member

    Kanye said it better.


    Just remember, tho,


    Yes. Yes it is.
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  25. amaX Member

    I appreciate your response. I have tried to reach out to Mr. Weller, but have had no response back.

    I do know that some people were not allowed into the Minnreg until our insurance kicked in, but the people who weren't allowed through the doors were specifically told that our insurance didn't kick in until a certain time and to PLEASE stay because it was okay for them to be in the parking lot at a certain time. The Minnreg was really nice about allowing us to be covered by their insurance at certain times. The only man that would have been with me was a police officer because none of the other organizers or people who were supposed to help ever showed up early to help with anything. In fact, they all showed up after the doors were already opened and attendees beat them to the venue. I was alone with a cop the nights I opened the doors.

    I would really like to get to the bottom of this if it's possible. Thanks!
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  26. sallysock Member

    First of all, I have no "friends" here to "protect." I am simply an anon who still follows and participates in project chanology.
    That said, over the years here I have come to understand and respect certain activists. In Amax, I respect her intentions. I have never seen her be dishonest.

    Despite her and others intentions, Flag Down very much came to be about you. I didn't care for that, nor did I care for the posts you made during that time. You were smug and seemed to delight in both the spotlight and throwing barbs at Amax. Apparently, not much has changed.
    For any newbies the thread is here:

    Since that time, you seem to pop in, throw stones and play the expert while talking down to others. I admire neither of these qualities. The injunction, I'm quite familiar with as well as the discussion surrounding it. If I understand correctly, Darth will be protesting in the near future. Unless I misunderstand, this will be an opportunity for him to both help people and to see if there is any response from the cult.Please correct me if this is wrong. I have great respect for his actions and wish him well.

    Given what I've said here, you probably don't think that I wish you well. I honestly do,
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  27. Malory Member

    Enjoying thumbing down my posts? Doesn't change the fact that what I'm saying is the truth.

    And yes, I will call you out on it because people need to see you clique of ex-culties for what you are, gossiping old snides who have replaced KRs with private messages on Facebook and gang up on anyone who won't be bothered with your crap.
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  28. Malory Member

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  29. OMG I love you Mallory.
  30. Bunker you ignorant slut. Please read the statement above. She used to be able to go anywhere and talk to anyone without a care. Now, because you don't mind being kept on a leash you have made her protest on your terms, the cults terms. She was free, now she's not. Is that simple enough for you to understand? I know you have a hard time understanding how this thing works. Proof enough is that you moved in next to Sea Org bunking which is pretty much in violation of the injunction. You are the cults bitch. You have rolled over for them and submitted. Just because you did doesn't mean anyone else wants to or should be forced to. You've been neutered thank god. At least you can't reproduce.
  31. Darth Xander Member

    Yep, I'll be there for the Old Man's birthday. Gonna swing by Pope's office and beg him some more to have his client file to have me added to the injunction. Maybe an in-person meeting will work better than asking over the phone (cuz that certainly didn't work). Thanks for the kind words.
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  32. Untrue and delusional. Google is your friend and clearly more accurate than what ever excuse for a reference is. Never hire that lawyer dude, I'm just saying. You'll land your ass in jail. Bunker"s own lawyers didn't want to mess with it. Xander is many things, but a good lawyer doesn't seem to be one of them. Knowingly violating the injunction as an officer of the court? Yeah, the cult is just going to let that pass instead of biding their time putting together enough evidence to bury his ass. They will strike and when they do they will strike hard. It is how they work. Drop the lies and bravado and take your meds. You are clearly fucking crazy.
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  33. Darth Xander Member

    Gee thanks. Can't violate an injunction that doesn't apply to me genius. And it won't apply to me unless and until they file something to pull me in. I begged them to do that and they passed. Why? Because the second they file I can file to have the injunction dissolved. They'd lose the injunction, and they don't want to do that.
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  34. Dee, go back to your indie & Freezone boards and GTFO of here. Nobody likes a brainwashing bastard, no matter of whatever ilk they are. DIAF, indie.
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  35. They took down the mighty Sparrow with less. You flatter yourself to think they won't do the same to you. I am concerned about your lack of understanding, but believe what you will. Time will show that you weren't as invincible as you thought. You understand that they could throw out the injunction and issue a new one, right? The CW police don't want the injunction thrown out. Scientology certainly doesn't and the area judges have better things to do. What could happen if you go to court is a revised and more stringent injunction could be created to replace the current out dated one. That sir, is the most likely scenario given the facts as we know them.
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  36. The Internet Member

    I think the indies are nicer than the OSA bots. I don't think an indie has ever told me to GTFO and DIAF, for example.
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  37. You are missing, or more likely avoiding, the entire point.

    AmaX shouldn't have to.

    AmaX shouldn't have to "look at the injunction and find out exactly WHERE SHE IS ALLOWED TO PROTEST UNDER THE TERMS OF THE INJUNCTION" in order to be free from the risk of legal liability, incurring legal fees, and legal harassment.

    You are the reason AmaX has to "look at the injunction and find out exactly WHERE SHE IS ALLOWED TO PROTEST UNDER THE TERMS OF THE INJUNCTION" in order to be free from the risk of legal liability, incurring legal fees, and legal harassment.

    Your selfishness and your hubris are the reasons AmaX has to "look at the injunction and find out exactly WHERE SHE IS ALLOWED TO PROTEST UNDER THE TERMS OF THE INJUNCTION" in order to be free from the risk of legal liability, incurring legal fees, and legal harassment.
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  38. Not true. I am not an indie or freezoner. I have the right to be here as a true SP and anti-scientologist. This kind of crap is expected only from OSA, who would love me not to be HERE or ANYWHERE!
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  39. Malory Member

    Well you see that would involve saying it to your face.
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  40. Malory Member

    Oh fuck up. I've watched you clapping on the sidelines like a trained seal and joining in with making false claims about people being OSA.
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