Red Flag: The True Story of Flag Down

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by amaX, Feb 6, 2016.

  1. Actually it was a protest without the madk. Hodkins accused John of being connected to a criminal organisation called Annonymous. So we protested with our faces clear to be seen saying yea we are annonymous as a piss take of his statement.

  2. Where do you fucking think the documentary is you retard he's not made the fucking thing yet. It's a figment of his imagination.
  3. amaX Member

    All of the doxing was immediately removed to try to protect people. I didn't screenshot or try to save any of the doxing info that I recognized because I didn't want it on my computer. I shredded all the info I was sent. I just recognized a couple of the more distinctive addresses that I recognized from mailing items to those people.
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  4. Malory Member

    Thanks for proving the point you've got some serious issues regarding women, just in case anyone missed the newspaper reports of the Judge spelling it out that you assaulted one.
    And so brave of you harassing Mike Garde to the point where he's having to go to the police.
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  5. whoever Member

    I'd agree with you if the event had been solely organized by amaX and was her own personal show. But it wasn't. There were others involved in the planning and also others attending. Showing respect only for what amaX wanted would have been disrespectful to what others wanted, wouldn't it?

    While I was at Flag Down I got the impression that amaX was also exerting veto power over attendees as well as speakers. One night I spoke with an ex, Roger Weller, who'd shown up at the Minnreg with another ex (I think it was Tuesday night, though I'm not positive). He told me they'd been turned away by amaX with no explanation. He's such a mild-mannered guy, I couldn't understand why he'd be denied entrance. It made me wonder how many others were sent packing.

    And there's another question that's nagged at me: Wasn't the reason for holding Flag Down at Minnreg--which was down in Largo, rather than in Clearwater--to avoid running afoul of the injunction? If that's the case, why did it matter if Bunker showed up there? If it's not the case, why did the Minnreg seem like a good place for Flag Down?
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  6. Malory Member

    I answered that in the same post you quoted from.

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  7. Hi AMA and Malory
    (I haet everybody else)
    I just have a random song to put here. Because random vintage find today.
  8. More than 100K.
  9. Well, I finally got back in after lots of trouble and the reason I was not here since last year. I'm now tigeratsunnybay as refused to correct. Doubt I will comment much anyway. This has been screwry. and seem to have lost my ability to like, so, for the changes, what do I expect. I only wanted to update my email address for naught.
    Tigeratbay in Clearwater, - Dee Findlay. Have fun ya'll. 'Twas fun and will concentrate on more important activities now, that are easily accessible. Did miss some of you.
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  10. Hi Dee, You may have to earn your ability ti like with creation of new account. I am unsure but mod should have answer. Mod?
  11. whoever Member

    That sounds to me as though you mean the leadup to Flag Down, not on the scene. On the scene, you argue, Bunker should have stayed away: "If someone doesn't want you nar them, wants nothing to do with you and is quite clear about it then it doesn't matter a damn about the legalities of the injunction, you show some fucking respect for the boundaries they have set and you stay the hell away or you look like a creepy and abusive cunt." But that suggests amaX was the only one Bunker should have paid any attention to, as if respecting her was paramount above anything any other participants wanted.
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  12. Whoever you are too stupid for words at this point. I gather reading is hard for you.
  13. Disambiguation Global Moderator

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  14. Worst case scenario, you go out and protest. Scientology uses a $50 donation that was returned as the hook to file suit to have you added to the injunction a la Lonsdale. You refuse to show up for any hearings, depositions, etc. and a couple of months later you receive notice the judge entered a default judgement adding you as a named party.

    So now you're covered by the injunction. So what? Yeah, there are now places you can't protest. But there are still plenty of places where you can protest. Isn't it better to stay active in those areas then not be out there at all?
  15. You didn't go far enough.

    If AmaX followed your advice, the danger would be that she would receive an Order to Show Cause (or perhaps a both a Default Judgment AND and Order to Show Cause) to appear at a hearing and show why she should not be held in contempt of court for violating an injunction on the theory that after the $50 dollar donation was accepted (and/or Bunker showed up at Flag Down) AmaX was acting in concert with him.
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  16. whoever Member

    Try again.
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  17. There's no danger of that as long as she never violates the terms of the injunction starting from when she got served. As far as I know, she hasn't protested in any of the areas covered by the injunction since then. Thus, no risk of contempt of court.
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  18. As a hostess at the conference Ama was that rude and ill-mannered that if she was an employee she would have been fired immediately. Many attendees were met with and were put off by her rude manner, and her dentures being given pride of place on the table in the reception area was not exactly welcoming; it was a disgusting sight to behold. Ama also refused to admit some would-be attendees for no reason. Flagdown was saved when Ama was taken out of the equation, and a fine time it was indeed.
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  19. It is time to re title this thread with something like "AmaX Had A Dream".
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  20. Ann O'Nymous Member

    I just love these super-anonymous comments that all go in the same direction...
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  22. amaX Member

    I just spoke with Rob Surette on the phone.

    Here are the questions I asked him and his answers.

    Mr. Surette is a police officer AND an attorney. He is the attorney for the Clearwater Police Department and he is the person who wrote the memo about the LMT injunction to the CPD. He wrote the memo so he understands the memo better than any of us.

    ama: Does the memo about the LMT injunction that you sent out to all Clearwater Police Department officers STOP Scientology from taking me or anyone else served with the LMT injunction to court to attempt to add their name permanently to the injunction?

    Rob Surette: No.

    ama: Will your LMT injunction memo protect or be of any use to me or anyone else in court if we are forced to go to court to keep from being added to the injunction?

    Rob Surette: No.

    ama: Do you have any advice to innocent people on how they can protect themselves when people listed on the LMT permanent injunction use it as a weapon against them?

    Rob Surette: No.
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  23. Always a joy, Malory; would hate to disappoint ya ;) good girl (accompanied by a spank on your ass) xx
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  24. So, worst case scenario, you ignore any and all court proceedings and you're added to the injunction. So what? Still plenty of places to protest at Flag under the injunction. How is that the end of the world? As long as you don't violate the injunction, there's no chance of being held in contempt.
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  25. amaX Member

    Let me assure you that the only people denied entrance to the Minnreg by me were the process server who showed up before the doors were open, the weirdo on the bicycle who wanted in and I'm pretty sure was sent by the cult, Mark Bunker, and Tom Smith. That's it. No one else was denied entry and I will flat out call anyone who says that they weren't allowed in by me a liar.

    The reason the Minnreg was chosen was strategic and personal. The Minnreg owned the sidewalk around their building. Scientologists would not be allowed on that sidewalk. Scientologists would literally have had to bus people in and stand on the lip of ditches in the pitch black night in an area where there is little traffic after 6PM at night. The only place they might have possibly tried to park is a little strip mall across from the Minnreg and there is no parking allowed there after the businesses close at night and the police officers that I hired would have made sure Scientologists didn't park there. Pete Griffiths absolutely agreed with the choice because of all those reasons. The Minnreg was also willing to rent to us and they gave us a discount. Alex Hageli also agreed that the Minnreg was the best choice after he came on board late in the planning stages.

    It has been long enough and I hope she doesn't mind that I tell this. The only other venue that was willing to work with us because we were anti-Scientology and was also big enough for what we needed was the Capitol Theater in downtown Clearwater. That venue would have been sweet, but it was not chosen because Victoria Britton was going to be a speaker and that venue is just a couple of doors down from where her son Kyle Brennan died a horrible death. Victoria understandably did not want to be anywhere near Flag or any Clearwater Police Officers and she certainly didn't want to be literally steps away from where her son died. I made a promise to her that she would not even be in the CPD's jurisdiction if she would attend. Pete Griffiths also knew this and he also agreed to this. This meant the Capitol was out and the Minnreg was in.

    I know Victoria personally. I respect her, like her, and feel protective of her in regards to the son she lost. Anyone who wants to call me out for choosing the Minnreg because of her can literally go to hell.

    Concerning Bunker showing up at the Minnreg which is not in Clearwater? The Minnreg IS in the 6th Judicial District which is the jurisdiction where the LMT injunction was handed down. Mark Bunker caused me to be served with the injunction by donating $50 to Flag Down which was listed as being held at the Minnreg which is not in Clearwater, but IS in the 6th Judicial District. You see I knew Scientology was going to serve me with that injunction when Bunker did that. You all didn't know he'd done that so you didn't have that information, but I did. So I knew that the injunction encompassed more than just downtown Clearwater or any cult-owned buildings.
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  26. Appreciated, thanks
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  27. amaX Member

    Why is this my fault? Why am I being blamed for Mark Bunker insuring that I was served with an injunction against my will? The Clearwater Chanology Cell has avoided that injunction like the plague since February of 2008 when we started protesting. We were told all about the injunction by former mayor Gabe Cazares' godson Lt. James Steffens who was Commanding Officer of District II where Flag is located. We didn't know what we should or should not do about that injunction. Lt. Steffens informed us of how Patricia Greenway had caused Shawn Lonsdale to be served. He told us that Scientology was desperate to find out who we were and stop us from protesting. He told us himself to mask up and disguise ourselves to protect ourselves.

    Patricia Greenway was turned away from our first global protest in February of 2008 by one of our co-organizers Guerillanon when she tried to walk up to our group! She drove around through the whole protest yelling info to us and she was interviewed by an online magazine about Chanology. We had to make sure that everyone knew she was not associated with us and everyone was all gung-ho about vilifying her and her nasty antics.

    Mark Bunker does the same thing to me that Patricia Greenway did to Shawn Lonsdale, but he does it for $50 less than Greenway and I'm the person who's at fault here?

    It's my fault I'm angry at being served this injunction against my will?

    FYI: There are people who have contacted me since I was served who want to raid Flag with me. I can't go with them because I don't know if the cult will drag me to court and/or find out who they are and serve them, too. Some of them are local and some are out-of-towners. So this doesn't just affect me. This affects anyone who wants to try to raid at Flag in a safe manner.
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  28. amaX Member

    I did recently go to Atlanta to protest so I am aware that I can spend a lot of money and waste a lot of travel time going elsewhere to protest because Mark Bunker decided he was going to insure I was served with the LMT injunction.
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  29. amaX Member

    I also chose none of the speakers. Pete Griffiths chose all of the speakers. The only time I exerted any power in relation to the speakers was when John Duignan approached me and asked if it was okay to completely re-write what he wanted to say because he was upset over remarks by a speaker who had gone before him. I told him it was completely fine to say whatever he wanted even if it was in complete rebuttal to someone else. So he did re-write his whole speech. I did go get one of the speakers and was instrumental in getting another speaker safely across the bay. I made friends with both of those speakers. Nice guys. I respect them both very much.
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  30. Ama, is it true that you left your dentures in a glass in the reception area?
    That is gross. WTH
    This message by teeth? has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  31. amaX Member

    NO. They were on the podium. Didn't you see them? They're in every video.
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  32. . Ama was rude to people...her dentures.... This is compelling content indeed
  33. But you can't go protest at Flag in accordance with the terms of the injunction? That's out of the question?

    Again, worst case scenario, you go protest, they file suit, you bury your head in the sand and next thing you know you get notice in the mail from the court saying you've been added to the injunction. So what? If you follow the injunction there's no chance of being held in contempt. Yeah, I'd rather not have to deal with any restrictions, but if the choice is no protest vs. protest with restrictions, I'm gonna choose the latter. Especially at Flag, where there are Sea Org everywhere.

    As for the concern about out-of-towners, you're reaching. Even accepting your insane theory about your mere presence exposing everyone to a game of injunction tag (which is based on what exactly?), those people would first have to be served with a copy of the injunction (like you were) for even the possibility of being added to the injunction to occur. How's that supposed to happen when Scientology doesn't know who they are or where they live?
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  34. amaX Member

    Ask yourself why you think I'm to blame for being angry and for not wanting to be permanently attached to an injunction that severely curtails where I can and cannot be in downtown Clearwater? Hell! I'm not even allowed to speak to a Scientologist in the downtown area while under the injunction! Go downtown and protest ALONE and not SAY anything to any Scientologist while I'm there and all will be well? You're crazy.

    There are people locally and from out-of-town that have approached me about taking them to raid downtown. I can't do it any more. That DOES affect those people and you're an asshole for not recognizing that.

    I am not to blame here. I didn't do this and I have a right to be angry about it.
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  35. Xander's noble efforts aside, the injunction is not a law. The police should never ever ever have responded to a complaint that a person was violating the injunction because an injunction is not a law that can be broken. Say it with me now :an injunction is not a law. All Xander accomplished was having the police properly trained as to what the fuck an injunction is. This is good, but it sure as hell ain't a win. Enforcement is a visit to court with accompanying fines. Ask Tory, she was fined for violating the injunction. So, that being said, Bunker wasn't invited, showed up anyway and caused exactly what was predicted. As far as I'm concerned Bunker can take his constantly outstretched hand and shove it and his ego firmly up his ass.
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  36. amaX Member

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  37. Malory Member

    Bunker and the other organisers were well aware of the situation before anything got off the ground. If he was determined to attend and the other organisers wanted him there, what was the problem with making that clear to AMA and giving her the choice to pull out of the event?
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  38. Malory Member

    Gosh, you're not creepy at all. I wonder how that rape story ever got off the ground?

    Protip: Save the bluster for someone who might actually be intimidated by you.
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  39. Exactly. The injunction is just another tool in the box of screw drivers. Police cannot enforce it and never could. It is a matter for the courts. CoS has to file that someone violated the injunction, that person is dragged into court and must defend themselves or pay a fine. Even Bunker the Beggar decided not to go up against it. The injunction is a pain in the ass that no one should have to deal with but Bunker the attention whore couldn't stay away. I wonder how he'll address this is little movie. Oh wait... it's not ever going to be released.
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  40. The only thing I blame you for is coming up with a crazy ass legal theory and allowing it to restrict your activities. And also for not taking advantage of the ability to protest under that crazy ass legal theory by protesting consistent with the injunction. As for not wanting to be permanently attached to the injunction, seems you've done that to yourself already.

    Alone? No, go with some of these locals and out-of-towners you mention. In order for your crazy ass tag injunction theory to apply to them, they would first have to be served. Not sure how that's supposed to happen when Scientology doesn't know who they are or where they live.
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