Really bad fliers

Discussion in 'Fliers & Pamphlets' started by Xenu.Headbutt, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. Really bad fliers

    In the days leading up to the protest I notice many of you are sharing flier ideas but at the same time I noticed some of the fliers are simply horrible and may give us a bad reputation. Here is one example of a bad flier. ... cd4rm9.jpg

    What's so bad about this flier? It's a harsh example of exaggeration. It's true that Scientology has caused death but to say Scientology is murder or even synonymous with murder is taking it way too far. Fliers like these make us look like extremists who rely upon shock tactics and imagery instead of facts to back us up. This is exactly how Scientology handles psychiatry, lets not sink to their level.
  2. I agree, we can't be passing out material that makes us look like extremists. It will be counter productive, and people will side with the Scientologist.

    Another thing that is important is to keep it simple. Keep your text simple, brief, and focus on only one or two points you want to get across. I've seen quite a few wall of text fliers. Also, try to use only a few graphics on your fliers to avoid clutter.
  3. SPVII Member

    For fliers I would avoid the topic of death and destruction. Or rather symbols of it. Go for more benign symbols. Hell, the anonymous suit and tie thing looks pretty snazzy.

    I would also stay away from the upside-down cross. Yes, we know its meant to be aimed at the Sci's however your average person will not recognize that.
    This could lead to negative perceptions that ARE NOT true.

    If we are serious about defeating this corporation we need the public backing us, not being afraid of us.
  4. And *please* keep the nerd reference to a minimum.

    Guy Fawkes mask is one thing, it gives a face to Anonymous, and the snazzy suit an easily recognizable logo, and they will help. Posting modified poems, photoshopped comic book characters and things of that sort will just make us look, well, nerdy.
  5. Mori Member

    Honestly, I like the suit logo on the fliers. It looks good, and it tells people who we are.

    My favourite one so far is the "Ask a Scientologist about his religion and you'll be answered after your check clears" one.
  6. Yeah, I agree. Like I said, the suit logo and the Guy Fawkes mask (although it mainly protects you) is recognizable. Someone sees the headless suit, they'll immediatly know the group and more importantly, the cause.

    I have to admit I also like the slogan; "Knowledge is Free. Expect us" and all that. It's not that nerdy and it's catchy and cool, which makes it easy to remember. If it's catchy and cool, people are far more likely to look at the rest of the text on a flyer or poster.

    At least, hopefully. :)
  7. Atomosk Member

    Using the "why are they dead?" approach is good because it not only accuses Scientology of murder, but it may make people question how they got away with it.
    As per the original post, I agree that the poster is way too extreme. These aren't the boogeymen we're dealing with. They're still people, misguided or otherwise.
  8. WhySoSerious Member

    Re: Really bad fliers

    I agree with this 100% can someone notify this to staff??? this notice should be on the main page ASAP.

    Fliers should have something on it that makes it visually appealing. a few lines of text are good for this with a pictures and links
    and ...not project chanology.

    Also refrain from putting "Anoymous" or "We are legion" phrases.

    PROTIP: check these flyers
  9. Re: Really bad fliers

    How about, "A message brought to you by Anonymous" accompanied by our logo?
  10. The problem is that Anonymous still has MANY...unsavory elements associated with it. I think the suit and mentioning Anonymous is ok, but to gain supporters the movement has to break free from Anonymous. I think this website is the best way to do that.

    Linking to Chanoloy websites violates rules 1 and 2 anyway.
  11. Re: Really bad fliers

    There have been a few really stylish Anonymous-logo fliers put out. Most have the caption "We have many faces. Is one of them yours?"
  12. oryx Member

    Yes...let's not get lumped in with the likes of the WBC...
  13. xenuslc Member

    Good start, but:

    1. Grammar check (too lazy to go over it, as I have an exam tomorrow I haven't studied for yet)

    2. The "blood drip" font is a little over the top. It's not as bad as the "SCIENTOLOGY IS MURDER" one, but it's less "professional" and more "Jack Chick."

    Once those are addressed though, win.
  14. anon094 Member

    I'd love to see these fixed so I can use this.
  15. IBoughtADog Member

    The statement that they "routinely use... assassination" cannot definitively be supported by the facts that are available, at least the ones I've seen. Also, can someone provide me a link to documentation of their slave labor? I hadn't read about this yet...

    Let's stick to the facts people and not postulations.

    If people read the facts regarding the Co$, there is absolutely no need to use exaggeration to convince people it is dangerous.
  16. Andranon Member

    ^^This is a problem with a lot of the flyers I've seen...while they are very informative, honestly, most of them are very much tl;dr. Keep it short and sweet if you want to have the best effect.
  17. donotstalk Member ... ject_Force
    I don't have the time or the energy to really give you all my research about this particular aspect of evil (I'd estimate it at about 10 hours worth) but go on from here with any questions you have, and I'm sure you'll find all the answers you're looking for.
  18. Re: Really bad fliers

    This one, I like a lot.

    About breaking 'loose' from Anonymous.. I don't know, to be honest. That'll be the name most of our efforts will be tagged together with by the media, rightly or wrongly. Is it better to have one unified name and focus on CoS, or try to change it the label?
  19. JinTian Member

    Somebody needs to re-read the rules and/or do a bit of research :)

    Nevertheless, Chanology should not be linked due to its questionably-or-worse-legal practices. THIS site needs to stay clean.

    Also, in response to "tl;dr" fliers - where I distributed my fliers, one of the places they end up is on tables where people eat all day long. Plenty of time for reading while one's munching away. tl;dr fliers have their place.

    If you change the label from Anonymous, you lose anonymity, and consequently, Anonymous.
  20. I think the very best approach to take with fliers/business cards is to be as quick and to the point as possible. That way even if they end up throwing it away, they may glance at it, see a simple website and go to it when they get home.

    Keep it simple, keep it clean. When I get home I will link a few I think are perfect.
  21. WhySoSerious Member

    Last flier was excellent and great to use during the protests when people are asking questions. I suggest that we should not print them out YET and fix any errors/mistakes.

    Also this is time to promote FEB 10th awareness event.
    People are already seeing stuff taped on doors about Scientology so people will know before hand what's going on and stop by...So FEB 10th which is Lisa McPherson birthday and time and location of protests in your local area, info about masks.

    Is it time to start adding i think so
  22. Greetings,

    I am thinking about attending the Los Angeles event on the 10th and wanted to bring my own material to hand out. I was wondering if I can get some opinions on this brochure that I designed. Most information was taken from I tried to make it look eye-catching, have a decent over-view of information and suggestions for further research.
    If you think this looks alright, I will link to it in the Fliers/materials section for other people to use if they wish.

    Its double-sided / tri-fold - side one and two are separate links ... ro0pns.jpg ... xaa3u6.jpg

  23. This is great but can definitely not be used by anybody without a proper printshop. I would use it if you made a printable version with black and white ink, and far less black.
  24. bravo, this may be the best pamphlet yet and I think it does a much greater job than many fliers, because most people don't want to carry around a 8.5" x 11" peice of paper for very long. I will see if I can get these printed for a decent price at my local staples etc.

    I will also distribute this among some of my international friends if you are alright with that.

    *wait a sec, I just found a typo. First page, far left, the lore of scientology "Each planet had a population of 1
    78 billion"
  25. DrAdlaiAtkins Member

  26. spel chek si yoru frined
  27. Almost perfect I just have two more issues.

    Does it really take over $300000 to get to OT3? I thought it only costed a few grand and the real costs came afterwards.

    Also, a little not clarifying that Scientology is tax exempt in the US and Australia only would be nice. Just a little * and note at the bottom of the page would be perfect for Canadian protesters like myself.

    sorry to be such a nitpicker, I just would hate it if some arrogant scieno proved that I was distributing lies.
  28. Just checked the are correct..over $300,000 for the whole course.

    Found this link that talks about what they charge per level:

    It would be safe and correct to write "over $100,000 to learn the information"

    I will modify it and upload a new file.

    I will modify the tax-exempt like you asked as well.
  29. anonEmouser Member

    Just a reminder: try to focus on one or two aspects of the CoS per flyer. Keep it simple, on message, and not all over the place.

    Also, try to avoid directly criticizing their beliefs. lol xenu and all that, but that won't get us anywhere legally or with the public.
  30. you still dint spel chek "enrols"

    (or maybe my browser can has cache)
  31. Just checked should be all good.
  32. googoomuck Member

    the pamphlet looks awesome.

    not to be a buzzkill, but will the CoS say it attacks their "faith"? Yes, the space opera is ridiculous, but they're free to believe as they like.
  33. Thanks for the compliment

    I was thinking about the possible perception that printing the account of Xenu could be seen as an attack on someone's "faith" and came to this conclusion...

    Because they have the right to believe whatever they want to, I didn't preface the account of Xenu with "Check this crazy **** out..." or something along those lines...

    But there is a lot of space devoted to the "space-opera" aspect of the cult and that is intentional. The brochure is designed to spread awareness of the cult to people outside of its clutches. The more people that see how inane their world-view is... the more the Corporation of Scientology looks like a laughingstock. When people read how much they charge to learn that garbage they will hopefully stop laughing and be royally pissed off.
  34. googoomuck Member

    I disagree. Focusing on their "beliefs" opens us up to charges of bigotry. There is plenty to be pissed about without risking them playing the religious-freedom card.
    ...Like this! :twisted:

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