Rape in Military

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Rockyj, May 9, 2013.

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  1. anonsoldier Member

    Official DoD Website-
    Branch specific sites are located at the bottom of the site and many contain libraries or documents with collected historical data.

    The training is better than it used to be and is finally recognizing the reality of the situation (that the majority of rapes are acquaintance rapes). There's no quick and easy fix to the problem other than continued education and enforcement of policies and regulations. Over time things will improve noticeably, but this is the cusp of the issue where it's just not going to "get better" for at least several years so that the environment and climate of the military can undergo a significant change due to population turnover.

    Yes, male on male rape is higher than reported, but so is male on female rape. The effort is to improve awareness on all forms of rape and improve the climate so victims are more comfortable coming forward.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Military rape culture is not limited to the US defence forces.

    THE lawyer who led a high-level review into sexual abuse in the Defence Force has called for a Royal Commission to expose rapists and abusers in the military's senior ranks.
    Dr Gary Rumble from law firm HWL Ebsworth has written to the government requesting a sweeping Commission of Inquiry to investigate whether serving ADFofficers took part in sexual assaults when they were cadets.
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  5. tinfoilhatter Member

    Hey, i noticed that there is another thread that has been around before this one. Any mod that sees this, please merge the threads.
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  6. Anonymous Member

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  7. commisiar Member

  8. Since when did the concept of honour and being a warrior revolve around raping and massacring innocent villagers that have nothing to do with the conflict....
    (Help for heroes, indeed)
    Oh yeah, since the western gov started strutting and goose stepping around the globe like a bully in the playground with the biggest bag of sweets, …an insatiable appetite that always craves more.
    Most likely happened allot when the conquistadors and other missionaries went to tribal territories and forced their indoctrination down their throats -
    "believe in my imaginary friend or i shall burn you and your family alive!"...
    If 'the faith' didn’t kill the indigenous, then flood of foreign disease would.
    I think rape in the military comes from the ingrained superiority complex that is programmed into the forces, this goes for military and police force alike. The so called superiors and protectors, (what a joke).
    This cowardice and dishonour needs to come to an end...but how?
    I think the geneva convention was a sham in the first place.
  9. Anonymous Member

  10. I agree with you - The spoils of any war should be freedom from tyranny and peace.
    Not a free for all on the innocent and weak, to indulge in an orgy of power.
    These are the very people they should be protecting.
  11. anonsoldier Member

    I think you have a disturbingly uninformed misconception of what happens in modern first world nation militaries, both during war and garrison. We don't show up and start raping the locals, pillaging and plundering like the vikings of yore. In garrison we don't go around raping each other en masse, either. The vast majority of rapes by military personnel are (just like with nearly all rapes NOT in the military) perpetrated on someone they know.

    Rape in the military happens because the military is made up of people, and people are flawed. It happens in barracks rooms for the same reason it happens in college dorms, and it happens between subordinates and supervisors in the military for the same reason it happens in the civilian workplace. There is nothing special or unique in the military that creates a rape culture any more than there is in the rest of America. As I said before, does the hyper masculine, testosterone-laden environment contribute? It's a factor, but it's not the primary factor. The primary factor is the need to teach everyone that no one is ever entitled to sex, ever, and that people rape isn't ABOUT sex, it is about power. You think a guy keeps going when his date says "No" because he wants sex? No, he keeps going because he doesn't want to let them have any power, because he doesn't accept their "No" as valid, because deep down he doesn't see the other person as an equal.

    You want to fix rape in the military? It's the exact same solution to fixing rape outside the military: create a system and climate where victims feel safe and free from judgement so they can report, where police are required to investigate all reports of sexual assault and rape, and where people understand the causes of rape and treat each other as equals deserving of respect and without feelings of entitlement.
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  12. White Tara Global Moderator

    Quoting this for its awesomeness.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    more awesomeness
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  14. Anonymous Member

    as usual for anonsoldier
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  15. Fare enough man - i don’t know what goes on in the military first hand and indeed i may be miss informed.....very much like your perception of the Vikings.
    Wich is also a view based upon missinfomation, information that was documented to you by the Christians and Caesar. I got invited to this discussion - and may be my views on the military and the government will not be welcomed hear. Basically the western military (to me) is nothing more than modern roman centurions and DC and London are the modern Rome empire -( this time searching for oil and opium to bring back to the west and sell). The amount of money that is spent on military and armaments, could have sorted out the third world countries a hundred times over, so that their would be no need for war or occupation. I have an intense hatred for these baby killing, hippy stomping pigs. I have known many soldiers and metrapol police. And every one of them had completely changed from the way they where as teenagers. Its no “shoot first” ask questions later, and ….“WAR!- its fantastic!” kind of mentality. This culture is raising kids upon war games like “battle field - Modern warfare - and grand theft auto” The government wants more cogs in the war machine by creating a race of mindless, soulless, raciest killers. I feel very strongly about the corruption that has infiltrated the military, our government, and our educational system. I sometimes rant, and a lot of people do not agree with my views - though the are not conspiracy theory - if you look around at the world they are fact.
    I shall take my beliefs on the war machine and my views about the government away from this thread, and take my thoughts elsewhere brother- PEACE.
  16. anonsoldier Member

    I would like to apologize to all Vikings, past and present, for my misconceptions and for broadly portraying them as people who rape and pillage. It was wrong of me. I should have said "like a Dothraki khal".
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  17. Anonymous Member

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  18. A made up tribe on game of thrones?- sorry dude, you lost me.
  19. Bullshit propaganda - is still bullshit propaganda - even if it has become....popular bullshit propaganda. I thought you guys would be the first to get that. Or are you just a bunch of kids playing Anarchist? I was just making a point of saying that maybe i shouldn’t judge the military by what i hear and see around me. And i think you shouldn’t believe everything you read in the history books, teachers....and T.V shows. Too get your information on any ancient culture or people.

    History is written by those who have hung the heroes.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Some of the userbase here are from military backgrounds some not, multiple positions on various issues coexist happily here. You would't be attempting to tar all with one brush would you?
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  21. fuck you man - show me the door.
    Im leaving the site,....
  22. i was not aware that coming on hear i would be sorrounded by people who like the government and stick up for their fine work.
    Police, military - are all their for one thing - and i aint down with that.
    You and ya boy friends clearly are, but this shit anit for me. Im barking up the wrong tree hear boys.
    bye bye.
  23. Anonymous Member

    You seem to have the wrong end of the stick there my friend.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    You are not assuming that anon posts are made by one user only by any chance are you? Its a common enough misconception made by the new to wwp.
  25. how exactly- why the hell would any one want to join the army or police when it is not a world war? - to feel powerful and work for the government scum...correct?
  26. Anonymous Member

    I dont believe that being a member of the armed services or formerly a member nessarily equates with loving the government. ymmv

    For the record, I am neither from military background nor am I a fan of US government. Nor any government for that matter.
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  27. anonsoldier Member

    Well I didn't want to further offend you by comparing raping and pillaging hordes to any other REAL cultures from the past. So I picked a fake rampaging and pillaging horde. Because I enjoy talking down to you.

    What bullshit propaganda are you referring to? You talk (and type) like an overexcited teenager. Are you still upset over my crack about vikings?

    It's the big red X if you're using Windows, or the big red button if you're using Mac.

    Liar. You said you were leaving.

    You're also an idiot. You sit here and call names and insult LITERALLY every member of the military or law enforcement by calling them "baby killing, hippy stomping pigs" with complete and utter prejudice.

    Do you enjoy things like roads, libraries, schools, clean water, food that isn't made from rat feces, and all the other trappings of civilization you take for granted because you're a selfish little shit? That's called "the fine work of the government". They're far from perfect and there's a bajillion problems in people governing people, but it turns out that every now and then good things do tend to happen and they generally outweigh the shitty things in the long run. That's why some 30,000+ years later in human history we still have governments.

    You seem to think that all police want to do is oppress the people and all the military wants to do is invade other countries. So I'd like to say again, you're an idiot. I'll elaborate more on that in a minute. Also, you're clearly trying to insult us by implying we're all a bunch of homosexuals, to which I say you can kindly fuck off you homophobic, discriminatory piece of shit. Unless you'd like to fellate me.

    Oh he has an end of the stick, alright. Up his ass. :)

    Yeah, why WOULD anyone want to join the police force when there isn't a World War???? Because as we all know, nobody commits rape, murder, theft, arson, forgery, assault, or other crimes except when there's a war on. And why would anyone ever want to be part of the group that is supposed to deter crime and catch criminals and bring them to justice??? But what about the military!! It's not like people might want to be part of the group that exists to help deter those world wars they should wait for before joining the military. After all, as we all know you should NEVER EVER go to the doctor or eat healthy or exercise until AFTER you get sick and preventing things never works and we should only ever react to things.

    For that matter, why do you go grocery shopping if you're not at that moment hungry? Why do you go to work if you don't need money right then and there? Why do you even save money?? THINGS SHOULD ONLY BE DONE AT THE EXACT MOMENT IN TIME WHEN THEY ARE NECESSARY.

    I am a member of the armed services (and if that wasn't obvious then DIAF for the betterment of the gene pool) and just generally don't take kindly to being called a "baby killing, hippie stomping pig". I've never killed a baby in my life, I think hippies are generally dirty but pleasant people, and why is pig an insult???? Bacon is delicious. Thank you for saying I'm delicious.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    I thought you were leaving.
  29. Anonymous Member

    capt. wave.gif
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  30. Anonymous Member
  31. Anonymous Member

  32. Anonymous Member

    An appalling, disgusting tale. WTF. A snippet:

    ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — For more than a decade, a debilitating secret festered inside Mike Scott’s head. He tried to tuck it away into a dark corner of his brain, but it consumed his life, pushing him to drink excessively, smoke heavily and, on three occasions, try to kill himself.

    “The last time, I was putting pressure on the trigger,” the 42-year-old airline baggage handler said.
    Clad in jeans and a button-down flannel shirt, the 6-foot-plus Army veteran agreed to meet with “America Tonight” at a forest that borders the Rio Grande. It’s a place he frequently visits to quell his anxiety.

    “I usually try to walk down to the river,” he said, as his feet swished through piles of leaves that covered the ground near the water’s edge. “And I start chain-smoking, as I always do,” he said with a laugh.
    As his eyes darted from left to right and his leg nervously bounced up and down, Scott slowly mustered up the courage to make his secret public.
    He said he had been sexually assaulted in the military in 1998.
    “I thought God would protect me,” he said. “God didn’t protect me, and that’s the toughest betrayal of all. I also feel betrayed by the government and the military and that person.”
    Army records show that Scott served as a member of the Second Battalion, 319th Airborne Field Artillery Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, N.C. He joined in October 1997 and was honorably discharged in 1998.
    During the discharge, Scott said, another soldier who was assigned to help him through the process sexually assaulted him...
    Evil does this.
    And they kill innocents with drones. Suppose they were hoping he'd sign up for that. Sarcasm.
  33. Anonymous Member

    He didn't report it because the military culture values silence from victims, for either they are to blame or it wasn't rape.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Hopefully, the rapist will be killed with a drone. Sorry if that's mean, but one can hope.
  35. anonsoldier Member

    Excellent article. It outlines many of the problems that were unwittingly caused by "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and the hyper-machismo attitude that continues to pervade the military today. It's worst amongst combat arms because of the exclusion of females from the ranks, leading to the normalization of attitudes that are sexist, misogynistic, and do not allow for anyone to appear "weak".

    Anyone who thinks having rapists in the military is a good thing (as the article claims exists) should be taken out back and shot, right next to the rapists themselves.
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  36. A.O.T.F Member

    I agree with what you say, anonsoldier, to a certain extent. However, i draw the line when it comes to killing people. A heavy scathing for the rapists, I could live with that. Educating people is the front line.
  37. Masca Member

    Rape is a violation of both mind and body, whether civilian, military or prostitute.
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  38. Anonymous Member
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  39. Anonymous Member

    This is the case that brought the sexual assault in the military inferno
    This is from the Stars and Stipes, the military news paper.
  40. Anonymous Member
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