Rape Culture OK @ Colleges & Universities?

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by WolfAngel, Oct 29, 2013.

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  1. WolfAngel Member

    Much attention has rightly been focused on cases of rape in high school, but does this suggest that rape is OK if it happens in college? In the Capital of the Confederacy it would seem so. The University of Richmond has a Facebook page "Richmond Confessions" that has several disturbing posts that suggest a culture of rape and sexual harassment on campus. The entries may have already been scrubbed since UR has a ton of money and is obsessive about its PR. Browse their site and read the "Richmond Promise" and then check out student responses on that FB page.

    My concern started when a friend in one of my classes told me she had been raped by a football player but the administration dismissed her complaint. Maybe that was because UR just built a huge $25 million stadium. Then I heard that the former Dean of Humanities lost his position because he had to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit, but not before he eliminated the positions of two popular and successful teachers to cover the cost of settlement. He's now a tenured prof in the Psychology Department and students know his history - what's the message there?

    Browse that Facebook page for an eyeful. One frat boy posted about seeing his 'brothers' pour things into the drinks of girls that attended their parties. While some responses to rape postings are compassionate, there are a surprising number of mean-spirited, blame-the-victim postings that defend the school. One poor kid posted about committing suicide and another student reprimanded the kid for threatening the school's image! Fuuuuucked UP.

    Is this the right place to suggest some skilled folk take a peek into the warehouse of skeletons at the University of Richmond? If you can view the emails of Andrew Newcomb (the offender) and those sent to the Collegian newspaper or the counseling program "C.A.P.S." there should be plenty of information that wants to be free....
  2. Anonymous Member

    You were good right up to this paragraph. We don't hack. That's the other anonymous, the one who hacks. We're the one who facts
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  3. Anonymous Member

    WWP doesn't hack. If you have his emails then post them.
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  4. System Member

    what the fuck is it with UR my cousin goes there i been to a few football games (they fucking suck balls at football) better warn her but she's not the type to even talk to many guys anyways
  5. Anonymous Member

    This is not a reason for an initiative. Tell us facts, show us dox or u fail.
  6. WolfAngel Member

    Guess I the wrong Anonymous, but the facts will rise to the surface just like a body.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Give us dox, until then its fail. Rape culture at Colleges and Universities is a huge problem.
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