Raid In Brunswick Maine - ??

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by AnonInMaine, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. AnonInMaine Member

    Raid In Brunswick Maine - ??

    Well I want to get in on the protesting but I don’t know how many Anon’s are close enough to Maine. Anyway after confirming there is in fact a CoS Mission near me I want to start planning a Raid

    The target: Church of Scientology, Mission of Brunswick
    2 Lincoln Street, Brunswick, ME‎ 04011

    As of now, The only Anon I know of in my area is me. So all Maine Anon’s and those close by please let me know and we’ll get planning
  2. ienjoyzombies Member

    Re: Raid In Brunswick Maine - ??

    Hey, I live in North MA close to NH, I would be interested in helping get together a protest in Maine. What can I do to help?

    - ienjoyzombies
  3. Django Member

    Re: Raid In Brunswick Maine - ??

    I'm in Mass, but I get up that way a bunch to visit family (and now a new squeeze). I always drive by the (always dead) Brunswick org, and a couple times attempted to raid. Didn't work out for various reasons, but I'd be willing to give it another shot.

    Lemme know what's up, and I'll try to make it...
  4. AnonInMaine Member

    Re: Raid In Brunswick Maine - ??

    Well right now everything is open to discussion, cause to be honest I have no Idea what I’m doing so any and all help would be appreciated. But I’m making plans to scope out the org and come up with a plan,
  5. ienjoyzombies Member

    Re: Raid In Brunswick Maine - ??

    What were some of the reasons that you found it didn't work?

    If it's a low volume org, it might be tough to illicit the reaction we want.
  6. fathertony Member

    Re: Raid In Brunswick Maine - ??

    hey there I have protested the brunswick org. its always a good time a lot of flyer handing out. Pm me and let me know when you can do it and lets plan something.
  7. AnonInMaine Member

    Re: Raid In Brunswick Maine - ??

    The plan is slow going (RL getting the way you know?) but I promiss that I will get everything set up.

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