Rafsanjani Sermon: Discussion and Aftermath

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Unregistered, Jul 15, 2009.

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  1. Hello:

    I found live streams of Iranian television stations (IRIB 1 through 5):


    They can also be accessed more easily on the following two sites:
    Live Iranian TV Channels Online -
    ایران سیما - آرشیو برنامه های صدا و سیما

    Can anyone tell me when and on which channel the sermon is to be broadcast live? I know the time will be around 1pm (the time of the noon call to prayers) but the IRIB tv listings don't seem to mention the live broadcast:

    My Farsi isn't very good. Can anyone help me with this?

  2. EPG Member

    Last time Khamenei's friday prayer speech was broadcasted by PressTV in english and was picked up and rebroadcasted by CNNLive as well. That speech began roughly around 3:30am~4:00am Central Time in the U.S.

    I am not sure if PressTV will air this or not, but if it will be, then it can also be watched on the following websites as well:

    .: ERasaneh :. (Registration is required for higher quality)
    Livestation | Watch instant, interactive, live TV on your desktop | Download the free Livestation player (Registration and program download)

    Edit: is another good site for live tv streams. (No registration required)

    Although these sites require registration they have best quality and guaranteed to connect.

    If PressTV does NOT air it however, I'm afraid the only other version will be available in farsi only. In that case, IRIB 1 will most likely be the channel that will air it.
  3. thanks

    Fantastic! Thank you, EPG.
  4. Will, someday tape this since It'll be 3am here were I am and I'm assuming most Americans won't see it live either. Again, thank you for letting those who can watch it live know though.
  5. EPG Member

    So it turns out that it will not be broadcasted live. It will be broadcasted at 22:50 Tehran time on channel IRIB 1.

    p.s. why isn't "broadcasted" a word? lol
  6. Visionary Member

    No live broadcast, eh? Hmmm. Wonder why? lol
  7. EPG Member

    I suppose only the Coup D'etat leader khamenei gets live broadcasts lol
  8. freeIran134 Member

    22:50 am or pm?
  9. *SMH*

    Damn kids!

    22:50 means 10:50 PM
  10. Voters Union Member

    Don't know if this eventually leads to one of the above links, but last time I watched it using Press TV's own "Watch live" feature which can be accessed using the button in the top-right of the front page: Press TV.

    You said it will be broadcasted only later on IRIB 1 so I guess that means that there certainly won't be anything interesting to watch, in the political sense.
  11. freeIran134 Member

    Hmmm, so Rafsanjani's speech will be broadcasted at 10:50 there time, kinda late for a speech in support of the regime/calling for a compromise. My theory is there are doing this either to keep millions of ppl from just pouring out onto the streets in support of Rafsanjani or so they can "edit" it
  12. Visionary Member

    I wonder when we'll find out what was really said. lol
  13. Well there should be notes/tweets/blogs immediately after.

    Hopefully, none are stupid enough to be twittering during the speech. But given that a lot of the protesters are people who havent prayed in years, it wouldnt be a surprise.
  14. Visionary Member

    That certainly isn't the case from what I've seen.
  15. Why? You have seen them praying?

    I'll note a few things:
    - They started using "Allaho Akbar" only three days after elections at recommendation of Mousavi (Mousavi knows both the historical and religious significance of this chant)
    - They were using Muharram chants* and changing the lyrics to make them relevant to the current situation, and Mousavi and Kerroubi issued statement saying "Dont do that" (because its disrespectful)
    - Mousavi has been telling people to grow out their beards, how the women should come prepared for prayer, and other basic things which people who go to prayers would know. Its like giving instructions to clueless tourists.
    - Reports by protesters themselves that they are going over prayer details to re-remember them

    An example:
    In Iran, tensions build ahead of Rafsanjani's Friday sermon --

    * I'll try to find the link of this
  16. Sorry, Shahraki
  17. EPG Member

    What I can tell you is that because of Mousavi and karroubi's presence at the prayer, it is no longer important or about what rafsanjani says. Tomorrow is going to be a day of another million man (woman) demonstration =) People are organizing to go to Tehran University regardless of whether they can get in for the prayer or not, the streets surrounding the university is expected to be filled with the wave of green. This has been in the plans for the past couple of days now, and hopefully the turn out will be great. Some suggestions I have seen are for slogans to start out with "hashemi hashemi we support you" and gradually turn into "Mousavi mousavi we support you".

    Tomorrow we will see how hashemi rafsanjani determines his own fate, either with the coup d'etat or the people. But ultimately it's an opportunity to show once again the support for the real elected president, President Mousavi. Let's hope for the best.
  18. Yeah. Strange how it is cool to use a mosque to recruit militants, hide militants and weapons, etc., but not cool for people to go there and see their leader speak if they oppose a fanatical government.
  19. No one said alladat
  20. Unregistered guest,(the one who call others shahraki)
    I guess some people would call you javad(i), wouldn't some?
    Please do not to label people, it only shows your close-mindedness.
    Are you "most iranians"? If not, why do you imagine that your opinions are shared by majority of Iranians. After all you do live in the west, don't you?
  21. Visionary Member

    I see them praying all the time, on here and in reports and such. And just because they are trying to remember specific details of the state run prayer charades does not mean that they never pray. Although I am sure that there are more than a few who do not. (but I don't see how they can be faulted too much for not believing strongly, with the way that the regime has shamelessly co-opted their religion and made it extremely oppressive to them.)
  22. Visionary Member

    I thought they were telling people not to wear green and to make sure that everyone was dressed conservatively.

    (edited: for own stupidity)
  23. Yes, I am from among those that people call javad or more likely dehati. I am proud of it too :) But, my point was not about labeling people, but about the fact that there are various groups of people in Iran, which was related to a prior discussion about knowing prayers.

    And yes, I do find the misuse of such Nohehs to be disrespectful. This is unrelated to whoever uses it, and for whatever purpose. And I know most average Iranians (though not all) would find it disrespectful as well. Yes, I am currently living in West, but that doesn't mean I don't know how people in my family, neighborhood, masjid, city would respond
  24. I meant formal prayers. Yes, there have been use of Allaho Akbar, Inshallah, and others in tweets and writing and chants, but that is not same a formal prayer. And there is no difference in formal prayer at home, masjid, or state organized jumah.

    I agree
  25. EPG Member

    No no, the protest is going to happen right after the prayer in the afternoon. Just because the prayer is being aired later at night doesn't mean that's when the people are going to go out. People are going to go out to where the prayer is in masses tomorrow to support their real president. Also, in regards to wearing green some are suggesting only those who are able to make it into the actual area inside the university where the prayer is held to wear green but something else on top and then take the top layer off once inside. That of course is for men only. Women do have to dress conservatively with a "chador" since it is a religious gathering and for prayer.

    Others who are outside of the prayer area however, will all be wearing green.

    Also another plan is to chant "Ya hossein Mir Hossein" and/or "allaho akbar" every time the gov't supporters try to chant "death to america"
  26. Visionary Member

    Sorry, maybe my cold is playing havoc with my brain tonight. (it's 2 am here) lol I keep misunderstanding things.
    So what specific time is the actual prayer going to be?
  27. FreedomAgent Member

    Around 13:00 Tehran time that would make 4:30 your time
  28. How can people in Iran not know their prayers when they all have religious classes in school and have to pass quite detailed examination from knowledge of Islam if they want to go to University?
    Majority (if not all) Iranians know how to pray, only some of them do not want to pray and some prefer not to be a show-men and boast of their religiosity for all to see.
    As for the religious songs - people are disgusted with mullahs who do not do what they preach. Using religious songs for other purposes is a way of showing that disgust.
  29. Visionary Member

    Thanks...ah, I guess I might as well stay up now then.
    I wish I'd gone to bed earlier, lol.

    Oh well, It'll be good to see the news come in.
  30. It is easy to forget if you dont pray for 5-10 years.

    O agree with disgust towards mullahs. That does not negate the fact that it is still disrespectful to many Iranians who do believe and have special place for such Nohehs.
  31. EPG Member

    yea but you probably won't see any news tonight (sounds like you too are in central zone lol) since it won't be televised live....the prayer is gonna be aired at 1:20pm central time but it will be in news will probably begin to spread later tomorrow in the evening, however people with their own camera phones will probably start posting videos of the protests on youtube much sooner.

    edit: I thought it was 1:47 here, but it's only 1:20, so you must be eastern time lol. so it will be aired at 2:20 pm your time actually.
  32. Visionary Member

    Yeah, I know. :)
    I was thinking that was when the prayer was, so I could get lots of sleep before then. No such luck.

    Now I'm going to have to spend the next few hours checking all the blogs and stuff online, heh heh. Kind of sucks staying up all night when I'm sick though. lol
  33. EPG Member

    lol! I know what you mean my friend. I too share that anxiety, but I suppose all we can do is hope for a breakthrough tomorrow....lets hope for the best.
  34. The television broadcast will be delayed, but I thought it is broadcast live on radio. Is there an internet audio stream anyone is aware of?
  35. FreedomAgent Member

  36. EPG Member

    I hadn't thought about checking radio, but I just did and the only one that will be airing it is Iran Radio (Radio Sarasari) and that is also airing it with a delay at 22:05.

    I highly doubt aljazeera would air it because I think the only cameras inside will be state cameras.
  37. akuma_river Member

    I was going to go to sleep and catch up on the news later...but I'm sick and can't sleep and it's only a few hours.
  38. Visionary Member

    They're discussing it on cnn now (at least here in DC they are).
    Not sure if there will be live coverage of the actual prayer.
    But this looks like a live discussion.
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