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Discussion in 'Wikileaks' started by WMAnon, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. WMAnon Member

    Making flyers to distribute at protests tomorrow. Gimme some talking points!
  2. Consensus Member

    Censorship is inherently oppressive. It doesn't matter what you employ censorship to achieve; even if your aims are good, using censorship as a tool automatically makes you a tyrant.

    The US Constitution guarantees the right to free speech AND freedom of the press; it's important to emphasize that the government does NOT issue 'press licenses.' The rights of the press apply to ALL PERSONS. Furthermore, the bill of rights does not enumerate rights granted to the people; they restrict the rights of the government. The rights of the government are granted to them BY the people - and the right to censor was explicitly refused to the government.

    Despite the rhetoric, Wikileaks has broken no laws.
  3. PodPeople Member

    It might be helpful to realize Why free speech, free press, and freedom of information has been getting suppressed. This is a 2010 article of a Skeptic interview with Jerry Brown about money, politics and who really runs things in America, but actually spills into world wide influences.

    No surprise it ties into our existing global corporate governance, massive propaganda, but an interesting comment about internet and new technologies. An insider's view of how things really work and it ain't pretty. But I read this today against a question of why this attack on Wiki and why now.


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