/r/ Ideas for signs IN SPANISH

Discussion in 'Fliers & Pamphlets' started by COREarg, Nov 11, 2010.

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  1. COREarg Member

    /r/ Ideas for signs IN SPANISH

    I had been trying to make something for some "disposable" signs (since being around a big one will gather attention after a raid/picket). Sadly, I don't have any idea of what to add.

    So,suggestions in english or spanish will be more than welcome!

    ...Specially Spanish.

    p.s: I have an art event,so I'm kind of over-helmed. Sorry for asking for help. In case this was done,plz post me link. I need to lurk moar,etc etc.


    Estuve intentando armar carteles "desechables" ( Ya que uno grande,de carton, nos haria demasiado ubicables luego del raid o protesta que hagamos). No tengo ideas,lamentablemente; tampoco se que agregar a los mismos.

    Asi que sugerencias en español o en ingles son mas que bienvenidas...principalmente en español.

    P.D: Tengo un evento de arte que tengo que organizar, asi que estoy sobrepasada de cosas. Perdon por pedir ayuda, y si saben de algun thread igual o que tenga ideas, por favor pasenme el link. "Lurk moar",etc etc.
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  2. Anonymous Member

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  3. xenubarb Member

    Re: /r/ Ideas for signs IN SPANISH

    Try to keep the text short. Things like SCIENTOLOGY LIES, or HONK AGAINST SCIENTOLOGY.

    I only say this as one who has in the past tried to put too much on a sign and miscalculated the widt
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  4. RightOn Member

    Re: /r/ Ideas for signs IN SPANISH

    <---- Cult Aqui---->

    whichever way you are facing lol
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  5. anonsoldier Member

    Re: /r/ Ideas for signs IN SPANISH

    I was going to put stuff up, but really all I'm doing is taking stuff I use in English and running it through Google Translate.

    What works in English, use it in Spanish.

    Scientology Kills is pretty damn straightforward.

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  6. xenubarb Member

    Re: /r/ Ideas for signs IN SPANISH

    Como se dice "URL" en Espanol?
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  7. anonsoldier Member

    Re: /r/ Ideas for signs IN SPANISH


    Localizador Uniforme de Recursos

    Once again, thank you Google.
  8. COREarg Member

    Re: /r/ Ideas for signs IN SPANISH

    Thanks for the answers everyone!

    I know that it would be more easy to do "Cienciologia Miente", and it's already on the list of possible signs. I have already some more ideas, though they need more development.

    And thanks Anonsoldier,I knew I was missing something!
    Though I would need to add only links in spanish, since not many people in Argentina can handle english (I admit it,I can't do it sometimes)

    Xenubarb: A giant sized font always works. And no,I will never use Comic Sans.

    SignPost: Thanks for the video,they do look useful, though I think I will need to "laminate" the signs...that costs $40 Argentina Pesos each sign. But you can always warp it with foil or a bag. Thnx for the tip.

    RightOn: "Culto Aqui --->" will be like a "Where there be dragons" sign, but yes, I must add it to the list.

    inb4: I decided to answer at once. Didn't wanted to spam with an answer for everyone. :p
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  9. Re: /r/ Ideas for signs IN SPANISH

    "Cienciologia Asesina"
    Simple y efectivo.

    Y si te dicen algo cuentales la historia de XENU.

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  10. Muckraker Member

    We should probably include Spanish signs in places like Los Angeles where a large amount of the population speaks Spanish.
    Do you think bilingual signs would be too complicated?
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  11. COREarg Member

    Today I did a two small flyers or so for my cell.
    Here is a generic version of it, in case any spanish-talking anonymous cell needs one.

    Esto es un volante generico para aquellos anons de habla-hispana que necesiten un volante y no tengan mucho entusiasmo para hacer uno.
    Esta en blanco y negro para que sea mas facil de imprimir y abarate los costos.

    Hay dos maneras de distribuirlo. La primera es tal como lo ven, aunque la linea les arruinaria todo. Otro es haciendo una impresion doble faz del mismo, de manera tal que les quedara un volante largo y fino. Por un lado la mascara de Guy Fawkes+Logo Anon con un pedido expreso de lectura para comprender el motivo de las mascaras. Justamente, fue diseñado para eso. Si desean una version sin la linea o sin el fondo, no duden en pedirla.

    Por el otro lado, el texto y el unico link que pude dejar a mano para los demas paises (La version original que hice para mi Celula tiene los links de YT Argentina. No duden en photoshopear sus links tambien! )

    Desde ya, muchas gracias.

    btw: este es el volante para la Celula de Argentina

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  12. COREarg Member

    Mas versiones en español para aquellos que no les da la regalada gana hacerlo como indique en la parte de arriba

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  13. URL? :D
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