Questions for Chicago Tribune story

Discussion in 'Media' started by mlpatterson2, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. xfool4now Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    If I was religious, I would pray.
    I will just cross everything I have in hope that it goes as it should.

    Has it turned? Is the press and "the rest of the world"waking up? Let's hope.

  2. AnonMSW Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    I am thinking maybe it's starting to. Consider this began from a dead start of basically there having been very little negative $cientology press at all in a long time. They've had an open field and successfully buried almost all public memory of things like faking the phone number for a "National Mental Health Hotline" during 9/11 that led directly to $cientology.

    I'm "spiritual but not religious," so I'll pray for both of us. Maybe the tide's finally beginning to creep out. It's not the backflow of a tsunami, not yet at least, but it could be an indicator that the inevitable force of gravity has finally caught up with the Beast.
  3. Kilia Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Congrats, QAnon!
    I'm looking forward to the shit hitting the to speak. lol
    Gonna be interesting what the SpokesBitch will have to say now to her.

    Good luck tomorrow and Xenu Speed!

  4. Lrononymous Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    The deep grooves on the face of a mountain took time to create. Drop after drop made the path easier. Our battle is one that affects all of humanity. We are getting the word out and people are becoming more able to see that every family, every home, every person is at risk if this arrogant malign corporation is allowed to expand further without limit.

    /me removes fake beard and robe =)

    I'm proud to be in this herd of cats. It is honorable in ways that are extremely difficult to define and alot of fun as well. Thanks my comrades.

    Qanon, the water is on me tomorrow lol
  5. Robert S Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    women / men / what care I? Not that there's anything wrong with that. I'm kinda liberal. What I can't marry a guy? You got a problem wit dat?
  6. Robert S Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    I'll say this much - the conservative nature of the Chicago Tribune is legendary. It came into prominence under the watch of an America First proponent and has backed Republicans for decades. The mere fact that it has told a reporter (interestingly enough who went to school in central Florida) "yeah go ahead look into it" is a MAJOR thing.

    The only other paper in these parts of size (Sun Times) is two steps south of the National Enquirer sometimes.
  7. QAnon Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    There were some interesting gaps in knowledge that came out. Ms. Patterson didn't know anything about the >9000 Man March, for instance, so she'll probably research that and get it into the article (I told her about Tory and WBM being in London, funded by the collection efforts of LondAnon, and that they'll be in DC next week); I also had to explain the meme, since, when she asked me how many protesters there were worldwide at the monthlies, I said, of course, "Over 9000".

    She also didn't know about the Freezone, so I explained briefly who they were.. The fact about the Freezone is an important point for Anon. I know how a LOT of you exes (and Daywatch) feel about them. They seem a little skeevy to me too. But, the first thing she asked me was a verification of what Anon was protesting, whether it was true that we were not protesting the religion, but only the CoS. I told her that it was. I said that we'd all heard weirder things in our time than what CoS believes, and if Scientologists wanted to practice their beliefs, that it was fine by us, that they could join the Freezone and still do Scientology. What we're protesting is the abuses of the cult.

    This is a major dagger to Scn's biggest potential hot button regarding Anon: that we're religious bigots. By citing Freezone, I made the point that it wasn't the belief system. Regrettably, I didn't analogize by saying that it was the equivalent of, say, a Presbyterian converting to Methodism. I think I'll tell her that tomorrow.

    All in all, I'd say that this provided some fascinating insight into what a mundane knows about us and needs to know about us. She'd definitely been led down some blind alleys, mostly by Scn, but a few by us as well. I think we need to practice TR-Stay On Target a bit more.

    Oh, yeah, one more thing: she'd never heard of Goatse (I brought up Goatse as a "predecessor" to RickRoll). So I gave her the URL of the Tribute to site, along with as clean a description as possible. I goatsed the Chicago Tribune!
  8. Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    QAnon, you rock. Thanks so much for doing this for the ChiAnons. It sounds like the info you gave will make for a very "interesting" Tribune story. Particularly looking forward to seeing how the Scientologist representative will respond to the disconnection discrepancy...

    I'm proud to have you alongside us speaking out for great justice.
  9. AnonMSW Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    I understand your rationalization, but I completely disagree with it and the statement you made to the reporter. Wedding's off! Please make it clear that you speak for YOURSELF only, as do all Anons, and that opinion on this subject is "divided." A "religious hate group" cannot be "divided" on such matters as these without fundamentally NOT being a "religious hate group." The mere fact that there is division of opinion is sufficient to dispel any attempt by $cientologists to so label us.

    Saying we're "pro-FreeZone" is, imho, a complete misrepresentation of the facts and way overstepping a line.
  10. Asian-anon Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    OH NO you DIDN'? You did? OH NO you DIDN'

    HOLY SHI- :cake::cake:
  11. QAnon Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    The basic guideline for the interview was that I was only speaking for myself and not for Anon. I will clarify this tomorrow with her. I'd also like to see her hit the spokesbitch with the FZ, just to see what the "opposition" will say about it. Might be lulzy.

    But how to get that understood in a short newspaper article? I was using FZ as a "shorthand" way to express that it isn't the beliefs that we're going after, but what CoS does with them. It's hard to do anything detailed in soundbites, and I didn't want to confuse her by saying, "Well, if a Scilon wants to practice Dianetics or Scientology because of the supposed good it's done them, there's an alternative called the Freezone, which isn't a part of the Church. But, some of us Anons don't like them either." That kind of response DOES give the impression that we are religious bigots as CoS tries to define us. I did, however, bring up the fact that CoS goes after FZ.

    I never said we were pro-FZ. I never said that I was pro-FZ. I said that if Scilons want to practice their religion outside of the CoS, there's the Freezone. I didn't endorse FZ at all. I brought it up as an alternative to CoS, nothing more, and to clue Ms. Patterson in on the fact that not all Scientologists are CoS members, a very important point to make to differentiate the cult from the cultists. It probably won't even make the article, but it certainly gives Ms. Patterson some food for thought regarding a follow-up on the groups that CoS actively persecutes.

    So, now that I've groveled and explained myself, is the wedding back on?
  12. Anne Ominous Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

  13. AnonMSW Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    OK, if we're being "spin clever," and not saying what I think we're not saying then "I get it." Just be careful, eh? Say the FZ exists, is allied with Anon in its opposition to $cientology, and that we're both fighting the same battle. Let other people draw their own conclusions about whether or not that means Anonymous as a herd of cats "supports" that particular organization's right to exist / practice the "tech."

    Yeah... I can see that way being a good way to weasel out of a long answer, and then if any OSAfags are reading this they are Catch-22'd by the fact that we've already discussed it publicly and to give a more specific response would require another hour and a half session of "makee learnee" with the reporter.

    If the reporter comes back and says the HSIC (Head Scilon in Charge) pressed her to grill you on the "hate group" aspect of their argument, you can get into the "herd of cats" with different view explanation or simply refer her to this thread.

    Either way we win.

    Ok so wedding is on hold until we see your wonderful Epic win, in which case you won't need an old lesbian to marry, you will have FemAnon begging you to be their baby daddy.

    /me crosses fingers

    PS. either way, I admire your stepping forward and the reasoning behind your choice to. Sad isn't it, that we have to figure out which among us has the "least to lose" in the event of a $cilon nuclear strike, but that's just what Hubbard intended. Too bad it's come back to bite them on the ass.
  14. moarxenu Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    I really find posts about "The media shouldn't write about Anon" quite strange. Anon is the most interesting social phenomenon of the present day. It is the most interesting youth phenomenon since the 60's. It is a unique world-wide internet phenomenon. It is a unique protest phenomenon. It is historically unique - their has been no case where 10,000 people who don't know each other poured off the internetz and into the streets, and still after six months don't know each others real names or what they do in real life. It is the first large-scale movement in recent times aimed, not at a government or some large scale social justice issue, but against the crimes and abuses of a rprivate, eligious organization. That has not happened since the Reformation in the 16th century.

    Anon has revitalized and become the vanguard of the anti-scientology movement. Of course, people want to know moar about us. The moar ppl satisfy their curiousity about us and get to know us, the moar they will support us in our cause.

    If anons don't explain Anon to the world, who will? CoS and ill-informed reporters. I applaud everyone who volunteered to be interviewed, particularly those who risked name-fagging to do so. Reporters who come to us are for the most part utterly ignorant about CoS and the anti-Scientology movement including, most recently, Anon. They need to be educated, as QAnon illustrates. I think you did the right thing, QAnon, in mentioning FZ. We are neither pro- nor anti-FZ. Personally, I think it is weird. But it is the prime concrete example of what corporate Scientology might look like without its criminality and abuses, and we need to cite it.

    I am religious. Catholic in fact, so ima chargin ma rosariez and hope this turns out to be a great article.
  15. QAnon Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    I didn't even say that much. I said that the FZ exists as a place for Scientologists to practice Scientology outside of CoS. I didn't say that Anon was allied with them, but I did state that CoS goes after them. Let CoS make of that what they will.

    Bingo. If there's anyone CoS hates more than Anon and the exes, it's the FZ. We're just protesting against them. FZ are the apostates. For a church, the worst crime in the book is heresy. Them trying to explain their beef with FZ is epic footbullet. They will be exposed as the true "religious bigots". In fact, I told Ms. Patterson about KSW and its first rule: L. Ron is always right. No one may say anything different.

    Which she will. It may not be a pressure situation, but the "hate group" thing will be enough to get Ms. Patterson to want a follow-up response from me. In fact, we already got into that a bit in the first interview.

    She's already totally lost regarding this thread, not to mention a bit alienated by some of the earlier responses. But it's a good contradiction.

    This exchange between you and me is a pretty good illustration of How Anon Works, which was something she needed clarification about. It was something I brought up in my e-mail to her a few days ago: we perform the dialectic process of thesis/antithesis/synthesis at a speed which would be unimaginable without the benefits of the Internet.

    And that's exactly the result we want. The Game...they lose.

    So am I. There's nothing better to counter Fair Game than Hawt Monkey AnonSex.

    Insert Spock quote here.
  16. anonymusicz Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    If I were a woman, I'd have your babies.
  17. Robert S Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    He won't do it. I offered t add him to my harem but he balked...
  18. moarxenu Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    i want to have your babies.
  19. anonymusicz Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

  20. AnonMSW Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Are you: female, cute, sane, employed, and do you have delicious cake?
  21. anonymusicz Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    U 2. I will have your babies. Man or not.
  22. QAnon Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    I think I'll stay out of this as much as possible. Would fapping a lot and doing in vitro satisfy everyone?
  23. AnonMSW Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Prior to fapping, please submit genetic sample not to exceed a single pound of flesh to Welcome to DNA Direct - Genetic Information and Testing Services

    Would not want the whole thing to be a complete waste of time.

    Nao, this thread is ready to be shared with said journalist!

    When I tried to explain Anon-related concepts of satire on the telephone to her, she really just did not seem to either "get it" or perhaps she just didn't believe it. Hopefully now if she does bother to come back for moar, she'll finally begin to comprehend that not everything is srs bsns.

    Hai lady, if you're out there.... please to do a good job, eh?
  24. anonymusicz Member

  25. i'mglib Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Qanon, in my opinion you did everything PERFECTLY.
    I think it is very important to say that the protests are against the abuses, not the beliefs.

    I hope she watches Road to Feb 10 because it explains so much about Anonymous:

    Road To February 10, 2008 - Remastered on Vimeo
  26. AnonMSW Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Thar I fixed that for you.
  27. Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Whoa whoa whoa, it'll be a cold day in hell when a Presbyterian falls into abject Arminian heresy. Lern2quinquarticular.
  28. QAnon Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    I grew up Catholic. Bother Presbyterians and Methodists are heretics to me.

    And I thought we reached hivemind consensus that the protests were against the abuses and not the beliefs. Someone's not sending me the right memos...
  29. moarxenu Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Whoa! The Arminians got persecuted by the Turks. They can't be that bad.

    Once moar into the breach Soli Deo Gloria et Pro Magna Justitia, faggots!
  30. AnonMSW Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    I wish you would quit phrasing it like that FFS! We reached the consensus I thought we'd reviewed for the reasons stated. We are saying:

    ... is allied with Anon in its opposition to the "church" of $cientology.

    End of statement, no need for elaboration. People who wish to know what it means may seek further information, see your previous dissection of my post regarding our agreement on where to go from there, how, and why.

    PLEASE PLEASE, God I hope you read this before you go. Quit distinguishing the fine points in soundbites or you will play into the hands both of Journalists and other forms of media. The statement that we are allied with Freezone's long-standing offensive "against the 'chuch' of $cientology" is an easily defensible statement!!! It's true, there's no discussion or wavering about "is FZ good or bad?"

    The issue is "we are allied," nothing more nor less. Whether individual Anons agree or disagree with FZ is not an issue at this time, and whatever differences we may have are far less important than the things upon which we can agree. We agree that the Cult is dangerous, and we agree that we must act peacefully but vocally to stop it."


    :flame::gah::rant: tl;dr - sorry

    PS. At the end of the day it's your interview dude. You're one Anon trying to figure out how not to speak for all while speaking for all. Welcome to the paradox that is Anonymous.

    Any way we go about it they will attempt to spin both the FZ and Anon as "religious hate groups." The only way to respond to that is, "No we're not. We're needful allies in a fight against something everyone should be taking a very close look at before one of their children dies while in their care. Strong words, but we mean every one of them."
  31. Daywatch Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story


    ok ...everything on this entire site and everything that has happened since Chanology started is now worth it to me...I can die ( again) a happy man
  32. AnonMSW Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    OK already, enough protesting!!! Time to come home and make a report!

    So what happened???!!! When's the story coming out?
  33. QAnon Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Probably just before the Regional in two weeks. Ms. Patterson says that there's been a bit of a delay on it due to various and sundry reasons. However, we are getting her story in Metro before the Regional.

    That being said, we may be getting coverage in the Tempo section (entertainment) sometime this week in addition to that. A representative from Tempo who knows Anon pretty well was also there.

    Oh, and, of course, there has to be Lulz: Ms. Patterson said that she talked to...Tommy Davis! Tommy called her up out of the blue, wondering how her article is going. Ms. Patterson confirmed that Tommy is a regular reader of Enturb. So, Y HALO THAR MISTAH FOOTBULLET MAN! Too bad you don't know, until now, that I used your CNN statement on Disconnection as an example to Ms. Patterson of Sci-Lies, and told her exactly who you were (and who your mother is). Expect another beating from DM as soon as the article comes out.
  34. anonymusicz Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    oh gawd. Epic Footbullet Guy reads this forum!! Didn't know they had the internets in the rpf lol

    Hi Tommy!! Outside we have cake! Come and join us.
  35. coslies Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Relax Tommy, things will end soon enough, here have some :cake:
  36. Kilia Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    HI TOMMY DAVIS!!!!!!!!!!
  37. AnonMSW Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    It's so nice to have fans.

    To Mr. Davis

    Dear Sir,

    Have you ever considered how much money a book written by you regarding your experience in $cientology would fetch in a bidding war between publishers? Do you have any idea the accolades and assistance you would receive if you left, sought help, then told your life's story in relation to LRH, Miscavige, the business that is $cientology, and what's really been going on all these years as you see it?

    Aren't you tired of playing second fiddle to a man who sends you out to take the heat and to do the dirty work in the face of a hostile force and an increasingly critical press?

    Not only is there a way out Mr. Davis, if you played your cards right there is likely a way out paved with gold, and not the sort they have in Hemet.

    I give these thoughts to you to process in your thinking. We have a rule on the internet of which you are now apparently a part. Welcome, and even if you cannot find it in yourself yet to know it:

    What has been seen cannot be unseen.

    Not by you, and not by Mr. Miscavige, and if you're an Enturbulation fan he is going to wonder if you read this letter... even if he doesn't ask. But consider! Stories can be told, and for profit too! For your own power; your own fame; and your glory, and not just for some other guy who by all accounts at a minimum holds you in disdain.

    Working to benefit David Miscavige, is not the same thing as working to benefit Tommy Davis. Think about that for awhile.

    I hope you're a fan of mine, as much as I am of yours. Come out and get what's yours and due to you, depending on how you play your cards and how good your agent is. You might find out yourself that it's a whole lot sunnier on the outside of this mess, and making bank as "an Expert on $cientology" on the lecture circuit can be a very enticing and rewarding life now that the grip of Miscavige has been weakened.

    Timing is everything, Mr. Davis. I would suggest to you that yours in $cientology is running out. You're not a celebrity, and you're not in power and never will be because of Miscavige. You will never progress any higher on the "Bridge" than Mr. Miscavige finds it convenient to allow, because that is yet another form of power he can exercise in order to maintain his hold on people.

    Do you want to control your own Destiny, or will you continue to trust that David Miscavige is acting in the best interests of Mr. Tommy Davis?

    I don't know the answers my friend, but I do know human behavior and you really don't have a choice. Before too long the COB will begin to question your loyalty even more than he already does. You know what that means in terms of sec checking and other unpleasantness, and it only gets worse not better.

    Caesar never could trust Brutus.

    Unlike Caesar however, David Miscavige is reputed to be both ruthless and paranoid. I wouldn't know from first hand experience, but that is the "word on the street" and seems reflected in his actions time and again, am I right? It is truly amazing what people will do to protect the source of the power they hold, don't you think?


    :anon:, MSW
  38. Lrononymous Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    poor tommy. there is a message for you in the CNN thread. Someone who helped to draft you into the sea org wanted to apologize I believe.
    Search for keywords " Tommy Davis cnn" or " footbullet man".
    We'll be waiting for you when you get out and can go back to school.

    Qanon and the rest of the chianons, awesome work today!
  39. Plups Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Tommy, we're not your enemy. You would be embraced on the outside. Just do it, Tommy. Leave, right now.

    Call Chuck Beatty.
    toll free 866-XSEAORG or 412-260-1170

  40. anonnews Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Tommy, please read THIS: 25 Years of Scn - Ex Scientologist Message Board It will take awhile, but it is the most straightforward and honest accounting of what happened over the last 25 years. Fascinating reading!

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