Questions for Chicago Tribune story

Discussion in 'Media' started by mlpatterson2, Jul 8, 2008.

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  2. QAnon Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    I've already talked to DeliciousCakeSF about this, and I'm going to give Patterson a call tomorrow. I'm ready to get name-fagged if necessary, because ChiAnon needs this coverage. We haven't had word one printed in either paper about us yet, and a good article on the front page of Metro, especially accompanied by a photo, will help us gain people. Just in time for the Regional here, I should note.
  3. Silent Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Please guise! Let's do our best to turn this article into something about SCIENTOLOGY and NOT anonymous. Anonymous is not really the target here, we are being driven off target, we should not discuss what we are and what we are not, this is absurd, since we are anonymous, and thus we are everyone who had ever done anything without leaving his or her real name. Do not defend anonymous, since it is not an entity, Enturb/chanology may be defended, but not anonymous.

    Also, to the journalist, please be very vigilant and critical of all the info you recieve, no matter where it comes from, there is a lot of bullshit out there!
  4. AnonMSW Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    *slow drum beat* rat-tat-tat-tat rat-tat-tat-tat

    The Anon approached the gallows, his back stiff and straight.* rat-tat-tat-tat rat-tat-tat-tat

    "J'accuse!" he cried as they removed his mask.

    I very much hope the journalist in question realizes full well, and I did spend the very last minutes of our conversation being very blunt regarding the policy of "Fair Game" and how it relates not only to her but to the Anons she is asking to step forward, the risk you are taking and the reason for it.

    If people thought this was Watergate, nobody would be demanding on record sources. If the journalists of America had kept their eyes properly open to this cult, nobody would have to be risking themselves at all.

    She, the journalist, would do well to remember Zola. She's asked, no I would say demanded (presenting a "no on record, no article" choice), for sources "on the record," and that will have potentially serious consequences for those who step forward. Let's hope she's got the commitment to her profession and her sources to publish a follow up piece when inevitably Co$ attempts to "Fair Game" the Anons she is outing for a story.

    I'm for this "stepping forward," and would do it myself were I there, but I'll not take it kindly if the story runs and the author says, "No more!" if the results of the doing run true to form. I hope the journalist understands the risk, and remembers her commitment to her sources and who we are.

    We're Anonymous. We're Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.
  5. Computress Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    First of all: Encyclopedia Dramatica is simply a satirical reference of internet drama, culture, and goings-on. It covers many Anon topics because Anon is of the internet. It is wiki style and any article can be edited by anyone. It does not speak for "anon as a whole" or anyone for that matter.

    About Pedobear and such:
    -Pedophiles seek refuge on the internet. That's a sad fact. To deal with the ever-present problem/presence, the internet had no choice but to make it into a joke. Pedobear is the internet's humorous, cheesy symbol for pedophilic low-lifes.
    -Posting CP is a bannable offense. Thus, joking about CP is very popular. Irreverent humor, mods = fags, etc.

    About Delicious Cake:
    -It came from a popular thread topic on imageboards in which a map of an obstacle course would be posted with the ultimate goal being to reach the "delicious cake".
    -Later, in the computer game Portal, the game computer constantly promised the character that if they reached the end of the tasks "there [would] be cake."
  6. Vir Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

  7. TheStig Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    I'll be in Chicago for the regional (July 26th), but I'm not giving my real name to any more reporters.

    I gave my name to a college paper reporter after the February protests. He mentioned at the time that he was going to "take a class" at the Co$ for a paper he had to write for his Comparative Religions class. I told him that that fact made me reluctant to give him my real name. I spoke to both him and his editor about "Fair Game" policy, about the fact that the Co$ had a reward for info about Anonymous, and they agreed that if I was quoted in an article they would protect my identity.

    He went to the Org in late February for his class. The week after he took the class I had a PI contact me at work, the next day his partner was parked outside my house and followed me when I left. I took steps to let my bosses about the possibility that I had been identified and that I might be "Fair Game".

    In the next two weeks, in the run-up to the March protest, I had 14 customer complaints at work for rude service, ignoring customers, foul language, etc. I hadn't a single complaint in the many years I've worked there. They responded to the customer complaints in a way that made me proud to work with them, they called the "customers" (the few of them that bothered to give actual contact information) and told them that any further contact with me would constitute harassment, and would result in their being "trespassed" and banned from the store.

    The reporter's article came out in mid-March. It was a puff piece on the church, comparing us to the medieval Crusaders trying to kill off Islam and the Nazi's trying to kill off Judaism. Half of the article consisted of quotes from the local Co$ spokesperson. The only other person quoted was his professor in the religion class saying "Ignorant people call religions they don't understand 'Cults'".

    You have to understand, the ONLY people who had my name in connection with the protest were the reporter, the editor, a friend I've known for twenty years, and my brother.

    All that stuff comes out of the Chans. I looked at the chans ONCE. There are some things you can't unsee.

    I thought the promise of "delicious cake" was a Portal reference.

    The problem here is that the cult smears us with everything ever done by an anonymous person. See the Black PR flier. They tried to blame the NFL bomb threats of a few years ago on us. They say we are into CP. They say we're terrorists. They say we're "hackers on steroids". They try to say we're going after Christianity next. It's all bull.

    Hell, they'd probably try to pin "The Federalist Papers" and "Primary Colors" on us if they thought it would serve their purpose.
  8. anonymous1312 Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    I have nothing to back up that statement, other than conjecture, so I stand corrected.
  9. Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Ms Patterson, if you could post a promise that you will do a follow-up piece in case the Anon you will namefag gets fair-gamed, this will help a lot.

    OSA, their secret agency who's pulling the dirty tricks, reads this board too, so they know that any fair-gaming action they partake will end up directly in the press.

    I think this could be a good layer of extra protection. Just my $0.02.

    Also: QAnon, I think you should do this. It's worth the risk.
  10. Daywatch Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Anonymous and unnamed sources have been a staple of journalism since the printed word, this is just plain stupid...
  11. Vir Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Perhaps this particular newpaper has had problems with unethical reporters making up anoymous sources or something like that. There are ways to protect against such fraud without revealing the source.
  12. Vir Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Perhaps this particular newpaper has had problems with unethical reporters making up anoymous sources or something like that. There are ways to protect against such fraud without revealing the source.
  13. i'mglib Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    I hope one of you does call this reporter, and gives your name.
    I talked for about 1.5 hours with a local reporter, and decided to use my name. I'd already gotten the cease and desist letter, so I figured what the hell.

    Anyway, it really does work that way: no name, no quote.

    It's up to you, but so far nothing bad has happened. No one called my house or anything, and we got some really good coverage. We had two reporters and two photographers at the protest, and there were only about 15 protester.

    I gave the reporter the press packet, and I sent her a bunch of links, which she said she read and watched. If anyone is willing, go for it. They do have to try to look at both sides, and if you're willing to talk it's MUCH easier to get the critcs side out there.

    Btw, I'm not a troll or OSA. But I'm not a young person, either.
  14. Plups Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story


    Major kudos to your employer.
  15. Daywatch Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    I hope no Anon namefags themselves EVER

    my $0.02
  16. momISanon Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    To the reporter (if you are one) in the OP..........please change your tactics and approach when doing a dig. kthxs.
  17. Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    ^This is the truth and what all jounalist need to be doing. But that requires effort. It's so much easier to just insert a few quotes from each side between the journalists opinions and call it news.
  18. Quote Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    First off, Encyclopedia Dramatica is just about the WORST source anybody could use, ever ever. Think all the inaccuracies of Wikipedia, with none of the scholarly attitude and 10 times the wiseacres trying to be funny.

    Secondly, "Pedobear" and all them have nothing to do with Chanology or the Anti-Scientology Anonymous. It's an entirely unrelated Anonymous, and yes, that is possible, because unless you think we are the people writing all those 18th-century poems, it isn't too big of a stretch to imagine that there could possibly be two groups calling themselves Anonymous (MIND = BLOWN).

    Finally, shut up Computress, you don't know what you're talking about.

    Delicious cake comes from making porn comics worksafe, one of the most popular ways of doing this was replacing the penises with cake and bottles of Hawaiian punch, and editting the text. The most famous one was of Bridget from Guilty Gear, and had the text: "This is delicious Cake!" "You must eat!" "EAT EAT EAT!".

    Know what you're talking about before you go spouting off words.
  19. Quote Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    HURR DURR, PSEUDONYM, WHAT'S THAT? It's a good thing William Mark Felt gave his real name for his information during Watergate, or else, by Golly, nobody would have taken him seriously at all! OH WAIT.
  20. QAnon Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Look, I don't like it either. It's pretty much kept me up all night thinking about it. However, I've e-mailed the reporter and told her that I'd call this morning.

    I know this particular variant of The Game. I've had a little journalism training in my past, and I understand the burden of proof requirement. This isn't 1972 anymore, Quote. This is a world where papers of record have been burned by reporters like Janet Cooke and Jayson Blair, who were trusted to print articles without traceable sources. Today, I'm going to be a voice on the phone to our intrepid ink-stained wretch. She'll have my phone number. She'll have one of my e-mail addresses. And she'll have my name. If she's there with a photog on Saturday, she'll have a face to go along with the name and see that there's an actual physical body attached. Not a great one, I have to admit, but it's warm and breathing.

    It's a local package as well, which fulfills her requirements for the Metro section, stories of local interest. We're probably going to get front page of Metro, which is a separate section in the Trib, with a nice photo of us ChiAnons. We've got some pretty photogenic ChiAnons, you know. Personally, I'd love the photo to be BigBlackAnon hugging CZ, both in their spai outfits holding signs. If she wants to do a captioned photo of me face-fagged, hey, no problem. I'm a cheap whore.

    At that point, she'll have what she needs to fulfill her editor's requirements. She'll have a voice, a body, and a name, enough proof to indemnify her and the Trib against accusations of falsehood. They know the cult's way of playing the Game. They have to protect themselves against libel charges. I understand. And I'm willing to do this.

    Lron had his qualms about this too, and PMed me about it. He's not ChiAnon's leader (do I need to say it?), but he's the first of the herd of cats in the litterbox and warns the rest of us about the landmemes in there. We listen to him. He gave me the thumbs-up on this if I was willing, and I am.

    I'm gonna lay out the facts right now:

    We here in Chi need the publicity. We have had zero press coverage here. We protest away from the org due to cop problems in February and March. We need this article desperately, especially with the Regional coming up. Trib Metro is Epic Win to attract new Anons.

    I am the perfect candidate among the ChiAnons to do this. I'm currently between jobs (had a contract position run out a month and a half ago), so no bosses to bug. I've publicly admitted on the Net to the fact that I have bipolar disorder, and have had it since the age of twelve. I've publicly admitted to taking prescribed medications for said (I'm on Cymbalta and Seroquel right now). I have nothing on my police record worse than a slight penchant for speeding tickets, so there's no potential for a Gregg thing happening. The worst thing on my credit record is a nine-year-old bankruptcy that was filed because my insurance company denied medical claims for some knee surgeries I had.

    I'm 43 years old, so I have a lot less to risk than most Anons; this also gives us another great hook for the article, refuting the charges that Anon is all bored college kids who fap to porn on the chans. I'm not married. I have no children. I rent. My father is dead. My mother is the meanest fucking 75-year-old in the universe; seriously, she'd scare Xenu. I live in an apartment complex where a PI would stand out like a sore thumb, with neighbors who call the police the moment they see something suspicious (and I live at the end of a dead-end street to boot).

    I'm a military veteran with an honorable discharge; Fair Gaming me is major footbullet, especially with a war on right now. I have a long record in public service; again, major footbullet. I'm very well-spoken. I have a degree in Physics from a certain local prestigious university, so I know my science and can refute that aspect of Scientology if necessary (which I hope it won't be; no attacking the beliefs, just the cult).

    tl;dr: Trib Metro article is Epic Win for Anon; name-fagging me is Minor Fail for Anon and Epic Footbullet for the Scilons. I will fall, but the article ensures that more than ten will take my place. DO IT FAGGOT
  21. AnonMSW Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    yer not falling, that's for sure...
  22. Anónimo Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Remember that, now, the chans users are just a part of the people involved in the protests.
    The majority of the chans' user base hates this or calls us very nasty names(nothing unexpected from the chans and I don't mean it in a bad way). There are lots of other internet communities into this, diggers, goons(people from something awful), YTMD people, people from the ARS, and so on. Most of them have nothing to do with the chans and know nothing about the issues you asked us about.
  23. xfool4now Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Has anyone done a background check on the reporter? If she is ligit there should be archives of her work. You can get a feel for her style and integrity from past published material. At least you'll know if she's just an attention/headline whore or a real journalist.

    I'm the attention whore around here!

    just a thought

  24. QAnon Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    xFool: We ChiAnons have done our research. She's legit.

    I'll try to get her off the whole chans thing except as one place for our origins. If she wants details about that, I can give her enough to satisfy her without pissing off the /b/-tards. And I'm not going to violate Rules 1 and 2 in the quotes either.
  25. Plups Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Sounds good, ChiAnon. Honestly, if you feel strong and, given your circumstances, you're a great candidate to be interviewed. One major advantage we Anons have over exes is that the CoS hasn't fucked with our minds, so our levels of fear are not nearly the same as theirs. (And that's no criticism of them, at all. It's more than, having had terrible experiences, they don't need to be re-exposed to the CoS and have those feelings refreshed.)

    So, go for it!! I'm looking forward to great Metro coverage next week.
  26. Daywatch Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Reporter we're doing an article on Anonymous...ok now I need names...but then they wouldn't be anonymous...hmmmmm
  27. amaX Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    namefagging yourself to a reporter sets a ridiculous precedent for ANONYMOUS. there have been MANY articles done about ANONYMOUS without any real names being used. now, reporters will be able to point at this trib article where the reporter did get people to give themselves up and they're going to want the same damned thing.

    i received a very nice PM from ms. patterson asking me to be interviewed as a blue-haired minion for this piece. i politely declined, telling her that i don't just work the computers and the phones: I PROTEST IN CLEARWATER and cannot be namefagged. i also told her that newspapers have always used anonymous sources for articles and it was a pity that her editor had this policy of needing names. (i would be interested in knowing whether the chicago tribune has EVER used an anonymous source. hell, did they cover watergate when that went down? one of the most famous expose's in the history of this country was done by two reporters using an anonymous source.)

    i'mglib had already received her cease-and-desist letter, so it is a different ballgame for her.

    ANONYMOUS works in part because we retain our anonymity. this is actually a BIG reason why we have been so successful with what we've done.

    as i have stated many times in this forum: it's not up to ANONYMOUS to change the way they do things. how we have always done things does not work or there would be no reason for ANONYMOUS to exist.
    it's up to the world to learn how ANONYMOUS works and to understand that this IS how things will be changed in the future.
    if it ain't broke, don't fix it.







  28. Vir Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Oh that makes sense, I guess. I missed that particular usage of the phrase.
    Of course since Portal and the MSPaint cake puzzles, most people connect cake with those, or with actual cake.

    And now other images I've seen make sense, where swords and other weapons (instead of penises) are replaced with cakes.
  29. moarxenu Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Re anonymous sources: In February I spoke with a reporter from NPR. She said that reporters can't quote anonymous sources, but she recognized this phenomenon is clearly different. We settled on me identifying myself to her with the agreement that my identity would never be revealed on air or in print.

    Anonymous is a new phenomenon where anonymity is a core value of what the group is about. No anonymity; no Anonymous. Journalists need to adjust to this reality. No anon quotes is a sensible journalistic practice. It is not a divine commandment from God. It was violated for good reasons in Watergate reporting. It can be violated for equally good reasons for Anonymous which is historically unique.

    Journalists need to make some accommodation to our absolutely unique anonymous character. We have an excellent alternative weekly here that often does first class investigative reporting and pieces of the quality of Tony Ortega's writing in the Village Voice. A staff writer is doing a story on fair gaming locally. She has no problem with quoting anons by their Anon names or as "an anonymous".

    I think the Trib can do an excellent story with a variety of sources from non-anons and anons in the Anonymous-led anti-Scientology movement, but the mods, excuse me, editors need to make some accommodation if they are going to do justice to the story. A reporter from our local alternative weekly, which does some great investigative reporting and pieces of the quality of Tony Ortega's in the Village Voice, is doing a story on fair gaming locally. She is fine with quoting us under our Anon names or as "an anon".

    Old Media is dying, particularly dead-tree journalism. Readers have many other New Media options for informing themselves about what is going on in the world in a changing world of journalism. It is an internet world and anonymous is one of the most remarkable phenomenons it has produced. Editors and journalists need to adjust and take this into account.
  30. Nuffnow Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    When I think of delicious cake I get hungry.

    Oh, some input from the reporter would be nice. She left before without further notice. Yeah, I'm curious also. Don't tell anyone.
  31. Robert S Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    QAnon is brave and doin it right. If it isn't about Anonymous why are we making it about Anonymous? Go Q.
  32. Don Carlo Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    They could use nicknames. What reporter could resist a quote from "Princess Peach" who graced the protest at the IAS gala in Pasadena?
  33. Major Boyle Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Any report who says they can't quote anonymous source is a lying sack of Thetan poo. I mean seriously, how many times have you heard a reporter say "sources within the Pentagon" or "an source who requested anonymity" said "blah blah blah."

    If reporter needs info she can ask and we can reply ANONYMOUSLY. If she doesn't like that, too bad.

    Hell, if the reporter knew who I was, it would cause a lot of issues for a certain government that shall remain nameless. Seriously, there are reasons other than fear of OSA to wear a mask at protests. She should respect our privacy or GTFO.
  34. cubby Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    they can leave your name out of a story but most reputable news establishments still want sources to have a name and contact info so the quotes can be verified... reporters usually know WHO their anonymous sources are. that's the sticking point here -- many don't want to identify themselves even to a reporter who promises to protect the information.
  35. Daywatch Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Anonymous was around before Chanology
    and the trib uses Un named sources ALL the time

    I mean cmon with Chicago politics etc people refuse to be named all the time

    you can speak to the reporter WITH THE CONDITION YOU REMAIN ANONYMOUS
    standard journalism 101

    I would LOVE to see the article but would hate to see anyone namefagged
  36. Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

  37. Robert S Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    It's my understanding that when a reporter says "this is from an anonymous source" they actually do know who that person is, and I'm not totally sure - re-reading the OP - that the reporter said they would be named in the article (unless I missed it) but that the editor must know it is a real person. This is also standard procedure.

    In any case it's a personal choice on Q's part and I'm sure Q thanks us all for our opinions.
  38. Daywatch Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Absolutely we are all free to make our own choices
    best thing about the herd of cats is you can get so many points of view to help steer your decision.

    Me personally I wish NO ONE got named fagged and we take down this cult and go back to fapping to Naruto pr0n and posting stupid crap 24/7
  39. Anonygrace Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Anonymous is going to have to stop bitching about not getting prominent press coverage if the condition is total anonymity.

    I’m not trying to downplay the cause, but Anons are not in the same league as government informants. Similarly, a journalist is unlikely to go to jail for an Anon source (and unlikely to set up a situation where that’s a possibility). And on top of that, you’ve got the cult’s fire-breathing lawyers watching every move. Getting a quote from an actual named source takes the story from anecdote level to investigative journalism level.

    At the moment, a lot of Anons on this thread are getting tangled up in how the media SHOULD work. We are not the front line in that fight; I don’t want to waste time and coverage on trying to get media who require names to change their ways. We need coverage. To get that coverage, convention (no matter how much you say it’s not so) requires NAMES. And that’s how this story will go from erratic to consistently reported.

    It’s your choice, really. Have a few people like QAnon brave public namefagging for the good of the cause, or bray about the definition of Anonymous and why doesn’t the media bend to our every whim. The first option means we start getting good, solid coverage.

    Remember that the cause is exposing Scientology, NOT making the world understand Anonymous’ bizarre internal logic.
  40. Daywatch Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    for YOU it is
    for others its:

    sticking a finger in the eye of a bully organization,

    freedom of speech issue,

    caring about people,

    RAGING against injustice,

    personal vendetta,


    the reporter most likely is not going to be mercilessly fair gamed, the namefagged person most likely WILL be

    I can seem to remember it once being said don't look for /b/lackup if you intentionally namefag yourself

    guess that has changed

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