Questions for Chicago Tribune story

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  1. mlpatterson2 Member

    Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Hello Anons,
    It’s mlpatterson2 from the Chicago Tribune again. I had to create a new username because for some reason I couldn't get into my account (error was "invalid password," I tried to reset several times but no e-mail was ever sent to me with directions on how to do so). Probably a few skeptics are thinking I'm actually a scilon impersonating mlpatterson2 because of the new username, so if that's the case, feel free to call my office number (below) and I'll answer and tell you that yes, it's me. The truth is I was getting sick of waiting for my reset e-mail and I have some questions for you and some info to pass on.

    Today I spoke with the editor above my editor, [redacted], and he said he likes the Anonymous story idea and wants it to run on Sunday the 13th, covering the Saturday protest and previewing the June 26 protest. He wants one story, not two. So that's the plan for now, and I'll see you all Saturday at Millenium Park. Photog too.

    So I reiterate my request for Anons from Chicago (or Northeastern Illinois and the Midwest region, but only if you plan to attend the June 26 regional protest) who would be willing to speak with me on the record, meaning I can print your real name. Please contact me ASAP by any of the info below. I understand and appreciate the controversy surrounding an on-the-record interview (if they do that they're not really an Anon, etc.), but naming sources is a newspaper tradition that goes back hundreds of years, and the Tribune is a very traditional paper. There's simply no way to do a story otherwise. But I will note your beliefs in the story and I will interview unnamed sources on background.

    Also, I have a few background questions for anyone who'd be willing to help. Feel free to respond via the forum, and there's no need to give your name; this is just to help me understand Anonymous:

    1. I got some calls/e-mails warning me about "pedobear," "delicious caek," and these terms' link to child pornography. I was also directed to Encyclopedia Dramatica, where I saw some things that really shouldn't have been viewed on my work computer. Please explain the significance of these words and that site. Does Anonymous as a whole, or some Anons individually, condone or view child porn, animated or otherwise? Does Anonymous use that site to express its views and communicate with one another?

    2. I was told about a guy named Chris Forchand and how Anonymous took him down, but I can't find any media reports of this man to prove it. If you know of any, please let me know.

    3. If anyone knows how I can contact someone within the Blue-Haired Minions Brigade--that is, a group of elderly women within Project Chanology--please let me know. I think it would add an interesting dimension to the piece if I could prove beyond a reasonable doubt that this group exists.

    Lastly, I’d like to thank you all for your help and warm response to my notes last month. I’m sure it’s awkward to have a strange reporter just show up on your forums and start asking questions, but you treated me with respect.


    [Mod edit: I have her personal info. If you need it, PM me and I will review post history, etc before giving it to an anon. Safety first!]
  2. Top Grunge Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Sounds like Scientology sent you the Truth about Anonymous packet flyer they like to hand out. Did you get the Anonymous Hate Crimes DVD too with the "Bomb Threat"?
  3. Jugular Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    I'm sorry, I don't see any questions here about CoS' history of fraud and abuse.

    would you like to try again?
  4. Scythe Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Chris Forcand: YouTube - Internet Justice

    A simple research on Youtube. Are you for real?
  5. mlpatterson2 Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    P.S. What time, approximately, will the protest start and end on Saturday?

    Scythe, thanks for the Youtube video. My computer currently has no working audio output, so I can't hear videos. But another Anon mentioned something about an article in a Toronto newspaper--haven't been able to track that or any other print source down.
  6. mlpatterson2 Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Jugular, I'll be directing those questions to the Scientology spokesman.
  7. Scythe Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Another simple search with Toronto and Chris Forcand on GOOGLE gave me this: - Toronto And GTA - Man trolled the web for girls: Cops

    Also, latest press release:

    On July 12th, 2008, at 11:00 am local time, in cities all around the world, Anonymous intends to don its best tux, order ‘shaken not stirred’ cocktails for everyone and bring the activities of the Church of Scientology’s intelligence agency, known as the Office of Special Affairs (or 'OSA'), to wider attention and greater scrutiny.

    Last month's protest was pirate themed, in order to parody and expose the abuses that occur within Scientology's private navy, the Sea Org, but now it’s ‘Spy vs Sci’ as Anonymous asks the question:

    “Why does something that describes itself as a religion need an intelligence agency that aggressively persecutes critics?”

    The OSA is a highly organised sub-division of the Church of Scientology that has a license to gather intelligence and administer ‘justice and punishment’ to its perceived foes.

    It also provides the agents that carry out the ‘Fair Game’ policy, by which critics of the Church of Scientology are targeted, harassed, threatened and intimidated in an attempt to silence or punish them.

    Most Scientologists are unaware of the functions of the OSA and accept what their leaders tell them about it. However, there is a growing body of evidence that OSA agents operate to attack perceived enemies by using infiltration, bribery, burglary, and blackmail, in addition to threats, intimidation, assaults and worse.

    A well-documented example of the illegal actions of the OSA was 'Operation Snow White', a wide scale and sophisticated infiltration of the U.S. Government itself. Another example was 'Operation Freakout', a long campaign of harassment and intimidation against Paulette Cooper (writer of the book 'The Scandal of Scientology'), which involved distributing false propaganda about her as well as fabricating evidence in an attempt to frame her for making bomb threats.

    Anonymous can also point to many other examples and if required can back all these up with facts, testimonies and evidence.
  8. Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    There is no such thing as anonymous as a whole. We only speak for ourselves.

    My guess is that you were sent the Scientology BLACK PR that is used to twist what anonymous is. Molly Bloom is the logon name that you want to contact regarding the Blue Hair brigade.
  9. Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    And what kind of answers are you expecting?

    It is like asking Bush how much cocaine he did when he was will not get an honest answer.

    If you do not also ask people who were in scientology about abuses, etc...your readers will not be informed.
  10. xenubarb Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Let's see...
    You want to ask Anonymous about pedophilia, yet you are going to direct all Scientology questions to a Scientologist?

    I'm sorry, this is raising many, many red flags! Scientology spokesclams will give you a prefab response. I can give it to you here:


    RPF: It's like being a monk in a monastery. They like it. They want to be there.

    Lisa McPherson? Never heard of her.

    Stories of abuse? Spread by a few ex-members who were kicked out for failing to uphold the high ethical standards required by Scientology. Also some criminals who have hidden crimes. We know they have crimes because only a criminal would oppose Scientology. Ron said so. And he also said that, if we can't find crimes, we can make 'em up because we know they're hiding *something.*

    Fair Game? Oh, that was canceled.

    Operation Snow White? Yeah, some people got busted for stealing Xerox paper.

    Got any more questions you'd like to ask them? I can save you the trouble. And I'll also omit the inevitable infomercial they'll throw in...getting people off drugs, helping at disasters, blah blah blah...

    Lady, if you're a real reporter, you're not a very good one. Would you ask a Ford dealer about problems with SUV rollovers? No. So why would you as a destructive cult about their abuses and expect to get a straight answer.


    PS: What kind of professional reporter uses the term 'Scilon?'
  11. Top Grunge Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Yep, speaking for myself, as I cannot for Anonymous, I wasn't even involved until the target became Scientology. I went on ED too saw what it was said, "What the!?" and have never been back. I do just fine against Co$ never going on ED so I doubt its integral to what we do here.

    Also, those questions do really sound like Scientology's stuff they hand out to discredit Anonymous. Since these flyers have surfaced I've been of the mindset that it doesn't really matter. We are a bunch of people protesting a huge organization at our own expense with no hopes of profit or glory (as we are anonymous how could we ever claim glory). My only goal is to take down Co$. What they say about Anon is irrelevant. The crimes the commit are as people are getting hurt by this cult. Australia just had a huge TV special about the child labor, its in another thread on this site. Anonymous' beginnings, or members activities are completely irrelevant. The Black PR is just Co$ trying to get the attention off of themselves as they have zero defense agaist what crimes they do commit. It is a simple redirect defense tactic that has not worked well for them. I do not know any Anonymous' names, what their hobbies are, or what they like to eat or do on the weekend. All I know is that they, like me, want to stop this abusive cult.

    I wont call shinanigans, sounds like you know the claims of both sides about the other, and will ask each side to defend itself about these claims. Xenubarb is right, you'll get canned responses from them. Period. I am sure you have asked or are asking Ex-Members or knowledgable critics (Mark Bunker, Tory Christman, Jason Beghe) and just to get a well rounded article though you gotta give each side time to defend itself from what the other claims. But no one here can speak for um, for me, I think child porn is disgusting and peds should be thown in jail forever!
  12. Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Unless you are planning asking others besides scientology reps about abuse charges....
  13. D... Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Aaah, I do love those info packets full of copypasta that they really don't understand.

    Pedobear is a "humorous" character created that refers pedofiles, there's no way around that. But it's satire. Anonymous has a habit of making jokes of everything (and I mean everything, very few things, if anything, is exempt from the "if you can make fun of it, do it" rule). They also use a stylized "black humor."

    The Baltimore City Paper does a much better job explaining it
    Not exactly PR friendly, but not sinister either.

    As a "whole" I can't really say since there is no real consensus as a "whole." I know a lot of people would go "lulz HELZ YAR" simply because it would be funny to them and not necessarily agree with it. Child porn is one of the only things you can get in trouble for in the original boards.

    Though, when talking about the "whole" you can't really ask us. Chanology was started and is populated and run mostly by Anonymous- but it is not only Anonymous (I don't consider myself Anonymous really), and many Anonymous don't consider themselves a part of Chanology. I guess you can think of Anonymous more as a label than a group- where different bands of identities can do what they want.

    If you have a tough skin, ED can show a decent amount of Anon culture and it's memes (inside jokes/language). Be warned, it's called Encyclopedia Dramatica for a reason- it states its purpose is to cause drama with its articles.

    As for delicious cake, that's the oldest meme in the book and has been used much outside of the original boards. I could be a newfag, but I rarely, if ever, seen it used as a reference to child porn and if it had- it's evolved far outside of that context.

    YouTube - Internet Justice
    If you are legit (please excuse my tinfoilery, but I've been on the net enough to trolled), I would like to thank you for asking us here. It's the best and easiest way of communication and I appreciate your time to come on the board and ask us.
  14. Touchstone Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    I can see a journalist *including* asking Ford about SUV rollovers or Scientology about fraud and abuses in their overall coverage. It was sweet when we watched Rinder squirm while being questioned about Lisa McPherson, for example. It was telling to see Tommy Davis look like Hell while interviewed on TV recently. Hearing just how a group chooses to *spin* a matter, or even lie about it, can in itself be revealing *if* the reporter also has the facts to expose the lies.
  15. Vir Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Sources whose identity is protected by the reporter is a very traditional feature of investigative reporting - but of course there are issues with anonymity such as whether or not the source is correctly characterized by the paper, whether the paper has performed the due dilligence, and whether the anonymous "source" is just the paper spreading its own views without accountability.

    If you print their name in the paper, they won't be "Anonymous" anymore.

    Perhaps you could interview somebody who *knows* Anonymous in Chicago somehow? Personally, I think ex-Scientologists have much more interesting stories than most of us common folk.

    1: Encyclopedia Dramatica is a mishmash of factual, satirical and fictional information which anyone can edit. Encyclopedia Dramatica or any other website does not "own" what Anonymous is. I believe Anonymous as a whole has roughly the same values as the general population. If you read a bit on Encyclopedia Dramatica, you see that it is also devoted to shaming and ridiculing pedophiles, as well as reporting them to law enforcement. This also extends to vigorously reporting general threats or crimes discovered anywhere on the internet to law enforcement.

    2: See other posts above, it's been reported on in main stream media outlets.

    3: This is interesting - I'd love to read about this.
  16. Jugular Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    We arent here to talk about people whom we do not know, on whose behalf we do not act and of whose actions we are not aware.

    Do you have any questions about why Anonymous is acting against CoS?
  17. anonymusicz Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Encyclopedia Dramatica is satire. Plain and simple. There are article denigrating to every race, creed, culture, and sexual preference.

    Pedobear is a satirical play on the concept of how to lure a child (ie candy, toys, etc). Yes, to most people, not very funny. But members of Anonymous are not like most people.

    Delicious "caek" originated as a meme referring to "loli" which is the term for underaged girls a la the book "Lolita" Many people found this book to be offensive, but it is a literary great.

    So, in summation, ED is humor. Dark humor, but humor. And most certainly NSFW, unless you are a reporter doing an article about denizens of the internet.

    And, I can give you plenty of answers about the abuses of the "Church" of Scientology. I would suggest you were to ask them here as well as the "Church" spokespeople. They will most certainly give you next to no information (Along the lines of "Does that sound silly to you?") Expect zero cooperation from the "Church" of Scientology. It's laid out in their "tech" that reporters are the causers of chaos.

    But, I am not willing to give you my real name, and I do find it somewhat odd that the Tribune will not take sources, and leave them un-named in the article. USA Today, NY Times, and Washington Post would; but that's a policy of your editor, and in this case I would suppose not to be disputed.
  18. Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    what D... said (post #13). Nothing read on ED is serious. Nothing on /b/ is serious. It's all satire/parody/sarcasm/any other synonym for shit that is not to be taken seriously.

    - /b/

    And about this cake issue:

    have you ever noticed how every major Anonymous protest advertises that they will have delicious cake? Have you ever seen anyone at the protests looking at child-porn? no. But you have likely seen :cake: there. That is because "delicious cake" does not signify pictures of nude children; it means a confectionary treat that is delicious... :cake2: I don't know the origins (for me, before Chanology, it started as a joke about a video game called Portal,) but I know as far as Chanology is concerned, cake = an item of soft, sweet food made from a mixture of flour, shortening, eggs, sugar, and other ingredients, baked and often decorated.

    So during any interview you have with an anon, if they offer you cake, you don't need to worry about Chris Hansen popping out of nowhere. You can expect some tasty confectionary treats.
  19. Sativa Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Anonymous does what it wants. People post fucked up shit because they want to. If you have a problem with these sites, I would suggest you do not go there.

    honestly, chanology is becoming separate from the traditional Anonymous of 4/7chan. Like many have mentioned here before, the only thing that makes alot of these people anonymous, is the fact they wear a mask, and you dont know their name.

    Lemme just point out, your logic is flawed. People make news stories everyday siting anonymous sources. You dont need our name. Stop being stupid, if you want to report, then report.
  20. Jugular Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story


    ITT anons go off target for a journalist.
  21. Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    It's not a group, it's a meme.

    If you use the handy Search function you will find members on this site who claim to be members of the Blue Haired Minions.

    I was always under the impression that this was older female anons (I may qualify even, depending on how you spin 'older') and not an official group. I may be wrong, we don't ever seem to do things the same way in London.
  22. LOLserker Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    You won't get a name. Ever. Not only is that a surefire namefagging for the anon involved, it also implies that we have a leader. If people can put a face on an anon, they assume that that person speaks for the whole group. That, in turn, leads them to believe that the group has a leader: after all, how can an entity move in any direction if it doesn't have a "head" guiding it? That's the way the plebian thinks, plain and simple.

    My guess would be that your a plant. If you've followed us for as long as you let on, you should know our MO by now. Either that, or the black PR has led you astray. If you want a clear story, avoid the scientoloists altogether. If you must speak to someone outside of anon, find a third party that's had dealings with them.

    This is from an aspiring journalist to a real one: I sincerely hope you're legit, because we could use some friends in the media.
  23. momISanon Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Lurk MOAR. Kthnx.
  24. Vir Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    For me "delicious cake" refers to this puzzle, related to the computer game "Portal" by Valve:


    Or this cake, which we had at a Scientology protest in Oslo:
  25. mlpatterson2 Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Hello again everyone,
    I didn't receive a packet from anyone regarding Anonymous and child porn. I just got a phone call from a young man who said he was a former member and that I should look into this. Whether I believe the man's statements have any truth to them or not, it's my job to look into them. I have to ask you these questions, just like I have to ask Scientology about all the stuff I've heard/read about them.

    I feel like you may be getting the wrong idea about this story, and I just want to clear something up: The story I'm writing has nothing to do with child porn. It's not about how Anonymous has been accused by COS of being hackers, or pedophiles, or anything. It's about how this group/collection of people called Anonymous, which was born solely by electronic means, has come together to fight for free speech. It's also a story about how Anonymous protestors, though they like to rickroll people and dress in costume, take their cause very seriously.

    Yes, I will be addressing your issues with COS in the story. I've already spoken with ex-scientologist Tory Christman, and I'll be speaking with religious scholars, etc.

    I understand how these questions could be offensive. I just have to ask them, in case my editor ever gets a call about child porn and grills me about it. But none of this is going into print.
  26. Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Use portals!

    Actually /b/'s playing the delicious cake game right now...

    No porn there! Just cake and portals.

    Ok I think I've driven the "cake != porn" point home by now. I'm done. Goodbye.
  27. momISanon Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Sounds like OSA is at it, maybe. Former member of Anon?
  28. Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Could be anyone. Maybe Wuori is at it again :awesome:
  29. Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    To be fair, I remember that this lady was here before, and I thought there were a few Chicagoans who either were already namefagged or were willing to be and were going to talk with her. Perhaps the Scilons sent her the disinfo packet, but in truth, it can be difficult for someone new to all this to understand the 5 or 6 layers of allusions and sekrit references that exist in all of these memes.

    If Encyclopedia Dramatica is a bit too tart, the "lurkmore" wiki iis incomplete but will give some good info:
    Category:4chan - The LURKMORE Wiki

    mlpatterson, some of the *chan boards have an erotic section. However, if anyone ever posts child porn ("CP"), they are instantly banned. Anon is strongly anti-CP. This is why NBC's Chris Hansen is venerated.

  30. Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Member of what? Do you think we have membership rolls??? :wink:

    Then why did you ask questions about those things? It made it sound like that was the only info you wanted from anonymous.



    Others later in the thread say that they are familiar with you, and also state that we should not expect a real reporter to take sides...and I think a reporter should be objective with the facts. But the facts must be searched for. If you are asking others in addition to scientology about their abuses, then I stand corrected. But I will wait to see your piece.

    Here is a link to your other name introducing yourself. If you want to narrow your questions for anonymous who will be at he next global protest in the Chicago area (and I got that idea from the OP), a good place to go would be the Chicago thread for that event.
  31. Vir Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    "Former member"? Anonymous doesn have memberships. I know it means that he used to read websites where the posters are using no names, and no longer does that. Or something like that.

    If this young man was bona fide, and not just pulling your leg, he was actually giving him HIS idea of what Anonymous is. It seems to be that when HE is being Anonymous he is into child porn or something.

    When I'm Anonymous, I laugh at pictures at cats, post pictures of ships, and take part in discussions about cartoons and current events - such as this business with Scientology.
  32. xfool4now Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    I hope you have your E&O insurance paid up.
    Scientology will sue you if you have ANYTHING negative. They will hound you, your editor, everyone in the news room.
    They will go after your advertisers.
    Realize this and you might understand our hesitation.
    But, if Tory really spoke to you. Then you have the real scoop.
    There are others more knowledgeable.
    We are the bodies to make sure the noise doesn't go away. We make videos, posters, cake and sometimes just noise.
    C0$ cannot be allowed to coerce silence anymore. Some of us took awhile to get out there and speak out about the cult but we are here!

    sorry, get pissed off and need to rant!

  33. momISanon Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    How can you verify you are from the Tribune? Got an email handy?
  34. core Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Some of the responses in this thread are utterly ridiculous. If you want to post your answers to the OPs questions, go ahead. I'm going to get our mods to infract for any more off-topic posts.
  35. Top Grunge Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    heehehe, "I'm a former member of Anonymous" sure sounds a lot like "I'm not a Scientologist, but I have a friend that is." OSA you slippery bastards, calling reporters under false pretenses, tisk tisk!

    Also, I'm sure a few people can step up and be named in the story, but remember they aren't anonymous if you print their names.
  36. Prozac4Tom Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    Any questions directed towards the cult will just be lies, if they answer at all. The examples of their responses provided above are fairly typical.

    Once you have access to a computer with audio, I highly recommend you view the cult's spokesman, Tommy Davis, lie to CNN. YouTube - CNN: Scientology vs. Anonymous : Tommy Davis Responds

    Anonymous does not have a reputation for spreading lies, in fact, instead work very hard to make sure that every detail is accurate and truthful regarding the cult.

    There is no good reason why this article cannot be written without naming members of Anonymous. There is no information that an anon would provide that could not be backed up by ex-scientologists who are willing to be named or through leaked documents which can be found all over the internet.

    There was once a time when reporters would protect their anonymous sources, giving them false names, but still quoting them within their articles.

    For you to even ask Anonymous about child porn or being a pedophile just shows that you are playing the cult's game. I have been involved in this since the day the Tom Cruise video leaked. I have not run across child porn on this site nor anyone bragging about being a pedophile. In all of the videos produced by anons that I have watched, the only disgusting things I have seen have been the actions of the cult. I have never seen "caek" referred to as being child porn, but instead, a food of celebration! Go figure!

    Anonymous does not have a reputation for being pedophiles; however, the cult has a reputation for covering up rapes and child molestation, in addition to forcing children to work hard physical labor for long hours and depriving them of a proper education.

    Anonymous isn't a criminal organization, we are just exposing one.
  37. Jugular Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

  38. mlpatterson2 Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story


    Or just call me, I'm at my desk. [redacted]. Check the beginning of the thread, I listed all my info.

    [MOD EDIT: Please note that posting information, even your own is an INFRACTABLE OFFENSE. We're editing your personal info from this for your own safety.]
  39. Daywatch Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    you WILL get call about CP and bombthreats etc thats how the COS operates
    the 12th protest should be starting around 11AM and usually runs until 3pm
    details are still being ironed out about 26th regional
    there were some..distractions..recently

    every Anon is here for their own reasons
    some for lulz, some to end a corrupt cult, some to help people, some cause they have nothing better to do

    the best way to describe Anonymous is a herd of cats all independent, autonomous, individuals but sometimes all the cats notice the same shiny thing at the same time and all pounce simultaneously

    Molly Bloom and Anonmomanon2 are good reps for our Blue Hairs

    mlpatterson2 IS legit guys
  40. candlejack Member

    Re: Questions for Chicago Tribune story

    thread really needs to be closed because you will get a huge variety of responses from a public thread. You should really just talk to our pr guy or whatever.

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