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Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by SanguineRose, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. As you already know, I tried to do an interview with him. I don't know him so I had no reason to believe nor disbelieve him. That was his chance to talk and be heard.. instead he got really angry when I refused to do a voice chat, blocked me, added me to a black list (Which legal actions are currently being taken) and then blocked me on Twitter...... This guy isn't acting as an "innocent" person would be expected to act, so I did three articles on my observations into his behavior.
  2. Unethical nothing. What is unethical is being accused of being a con artist, and when somebody comes along to hear your side, instead of talking, you block them and place them into a blacklist.. that, my friend, is unethical.
  3. SanguineRose Member

    Yes, it can be viewed as unethical. Consider what Iran115 is doing? Do I need to list them all? I view him as a utter disgrace to the human race and he needs to be punished in some way for what he has done. People like him are dirty worthless pieces of shit. I have no respect nor will I ever treat someone like that with respect or even a minimal form of dignity.

    I even removed this thread from public view in hopes of creating some kind of peace which was very short lived which I believed was in the interests of everyone. Instead it was demanded of me to get everyone to treat Iran115 like a God, literally in his words. I did not see the point in waiting 24 hours for the obvious putting back up of his paranoid delusions. Even so much as to suppress my own personal opinions in an attempt to bring at least some kind of peace. His only interest is trying to get information out of me in the mean time and which I refused to tell him some did the declaration that he is to be treated like a God. His literal sole interest in the green movement is to slander and bring disinformation to naive people not to mention his want for money.

    The nonviolent manner in which they are protesting is very brave and I respect them allot for that. However trying to persuade the current corrupt regime in power by the showing of unity and appealing to those in power when they obviously don't have a moral fiber in their body nor even a presence of human compassion won't bring anything down. The effects of what has happened and the protests will bring the people of Iran more together for sure. I am not saying that their sacrifices are in vain. The social impact of it will span years until the next election. There is no doubt then there will be a fair vote or else AN will be removed swiftly. The only hope is someone in military power close to AN decides to answer the cries of his people and disposes of AN. This does not mean kill him but he should stand trial for what he has done and the proper punishment in law accordance to the will of the people. This is a nice thought of course but sometimes circumstance won't permit the best outcome.

    Yes, this is rant kinda about everything.

    As for the protesters they were innocent and peaceful, Iran115 is not and in fact far from it. His actions can hardly be considered in any way innocent or even naive. He is doing this on purpose and he understands what he is doing. His views on the type of violent removal will just lead to meaningless deaths, civil war, and dividing the country. This is not peaceful nor even productive. Of course this is all false along with everything else about him and he just wants the money to do things only God knows but the points still stand.

    Do you think you would be angry if you were Iranian by exploiting all your peoples pain? Would you want to be nice and "fair" to a worthless human piece of shit doing it? He deserves every little bit of what is coming to him.
  4. Amen brother. I completely agree with every word that you have spoken on the above post.
  5. Kruge Moderator

    I understand what JM wants to say, I think.

    #sog mustn't come down to his level in fighting this fraudster - while it might be funny to invent horrible stories about him this will not help in the long run, because it can come back like a boomerang - "see, #sog uses lies too!".

    I myself have said some things about him that are based on my assumptions (both here and as "brielmusik" on twitter) rather than knowledge, especially in the beginning when it was not so clear as it is now that he is really "just" a con-crackpot, but his behaviour in connection with the fear that there are regime-thugs out there really looking for personal data of Persian protesters to build a case against them hopefully counts as a reasonable explanation for this.

    So, 115, right now it looks to me like you are *not* a basij pig.

    But a pig he is nonetheless.

    As for his stability: If he really suffers mentally, because people won't stand by quiet while he spreads lies and disinformation and sometimes get rough with their tweets - bad for him. If you can't stand the heat you stay out of the kitchen, and you *definitely* don't douse yourself in gasoline and hold a burning match in your hand - which is kind of an analogy to what he's doing atm.

    His possible blindness or his sexuality (some touched that issue on twitter) to me are completely irrelevant for the whole situation, so I just don't mention them. I just don't care if he's straight or gay or whatever, this, and if he can see or not has no influence on what he's doing.

    Using legal means to get to him: Yes, please. On that level I truly believe he deserves everything that is coming to him. If someone should at some point sue him for his actions and he ends up in jail and loses a lot of money to lawyers during a trial caused by his actions: WELL DESERVED.

    Also this fucker has gone so far by now with his shit, that it actually could be for his own protection, would he be judged and sentenced to do time - the whole Iran issue is very heated and emotional of course, and I can imagine a situation where someone who may have fallen for his fraud and sent him money might do the wrong thing and get his real address and pay him a personal visit with a weapon.

    While I could understand that some people might even consider non-legal ways of making him pay for his deeds on an emotional level I think that'd be a really bad thing to do. For it means that you really get down to his level not just verbally but in deeds as well, and this could very well put #sog in a bad light for many people. Not to the whole world, but still.

    So I will stick to the truth about him and his deeds as far as I can make them out and I really hope that no one does something criminal, even if it's against a lowlife like him.
  6. I tried contacting him yesterday to inform him of my legal actions; he has refused to reply. However apparently being that he is overseas, it's proving to be a bit of a challenge to get anything done. What are my alternatives? Since I'm no hacker, the most I can do is simply reveal what he is. When I talked to this guy, he didn't seem like the most stable minded person. I have talked to a lot of organizations in the past.. some fake, some not. Either way, they never reacted the way he did. One organizational scam that was occurring in my area, I confronted in person. The harshest thing he said to me was "Think what you want, you already have your documents that suggest I'm a fraud." I replied with "Yes, the evidence shows you are a fraud, you can't even prove your tax exempt status" My point is, this guy can't be stable and so in that aspect I pity him. However, his blacklist alone is enough proof to show he's out to spread hatred, confusion, and anguish for not only people who are trying really help Iran, but for those who are currently in Iran who deal with this shit on a day to day basis... the man is simply sick.
  7. Kruge Moderator

    LOL! Check the comments on the blacklist page:

    This imbecile posted a chatlog himself in which he obviously doesn't understand any of the Farsi sentences posted by the other participant. You can't make this shit up, it's real life satire!
  8. SanguineRose Member

    Mirrored so deleting it once he realize what happened won't save him lol.
  9. Kruge Moderator

    Thx - good idea!

    By now he's watered down this post by splitting it up and posting it in a confusing reply order... Poor arsehole...
  10. Wow. All these pages. Goes to show the different responses folks can have to the same event. My response was keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

    And why that question mark is beside my name is like totally beyond me. Maybe its the haiku I've been writing.

    The internet can be a sad sad place for some poor unfortunate deluded folks.

    Therapy works you know. To all you predatory jokers out there: get some.
  11. maliheh Member

    messege to iran115

    everytime iran115 tweets he just giving me more ammunition to use on him to make him feal small:rolleyes:
  12. Kruge Moderator

    Geez, his latest thing is actually tweeting about news events in Iran.

    Is it for real?

    Does he really collect interesting articles and point to them?

    Or does he just do a quick google-search and links everything he finds? That'd at least explain him quoting the Green Brief 20 minutes after tweeting that the Green Brief can't be trusted...

    But no, even that seems too much work for our fraudster!

    If you click on his links you'll see that his recent news are "Auto-tweeted for: iran115" by a twitter tool called "" - "put your twitter on steroids". You know, one of the tools spammers use to make it look that they tweet about other topics but only their spam as well without having them doing any actual tweeting. You give them so0me filter topics and your twitter login and THEIR BOT will google for articles to tweet about FOR YOU!

    From their (pretty short) FAQ: "How can I generate income with links?" - yes, got that right. It IS a spamming tool.

    So there you are, dear readers from #iranelection and #sog - once more 115 tries to be clever and witty but whizzes it all down his leg again... lol
  13. maliheh Member

    about iran115

    iran115 also uses its a tool used by trolls to auto-mate messeges in a spam fashion on social-medias
  14. Kruge Moderator

    Ehm, I have to correct you there.

    A little bit, at least.

    Perl is not "a tool that trolls use", it's a programming language that is used all over the world for all kinds of things.

    Of course you can write malicious scripts in perl as well, just as with any other programming language.

    Perl is even used on websites sometimes, and mostly that is completely harmless as well. So do you have some more information about what you mean or did you just encounter a per script on his page and didn't know what to make of it?
  15. Kruge Moderator

    Oh, look here:

    Constitution for the Democratic Nation of Iran | کشور دموکراتیک ایران - Democratic Nation of Iran

    "If you wish to contribute language or changes to the constitution, please do that on the specific page for that article in question.
    Please note: we are looking for a volunteer to help translate these pages into Farsi."

    Iran115 is still looking for someone to translate texts into farsi. This coming from someone who claims to have lived in Iran for several years and helped "build a grassroots democratic movement" over there... Snicker...
  16. SanguineRose Member

    I can confirm the voice I heard and all the recordings are his that are spoken in farsi on his website. If he was blind it would explain is need for audio rather then visual. Like the call me. I wrote naughty things in 1337 and he could not understand them, if he could I would imagine it would p155 h1/\/\ 0ff <3
  17. Kruge Moderator

    OK, I want to stay fair here, you make a valid point.

    This might be an unfraudulent reason.
  18. alfredl94 Member

    On his website he is claiming that he is blind.
  19. Kruge Moderator

    Heheh - Now he not only deletes comments on his page he doesn't like...

    He deleted one comment made by an anonymous visitor and then re-posted it with changed content, claiming it was sent to him via email by Josh (NiteOwl).

    He deleted/reposted comments before, but then I didn't check too close for changed wording too much... But now I'm sure. Actually the person that seems to be the original poster made another comment:

    The reposted comment, falsely said to be a mail from Josh:

    Email from Josh Shahryar
    Submitted by admin on Sun, 02/28/2010 - 04:39.

    Ban this IP you fucking asshole
    You little boy in a worn out old blind man's body,, YOU caution EVERYONE not to go to any other site, because THEY might know an IP address YRT you can't see that YOU have told everyone that you not afraid to list them and then to say that YOU have banned them. Fuck you.

    You know a dynamic IP revolves and you can't ban the whole world YET?

    ****And here I felt so sorry for your THRID BAN from twitter that I was gonna send you a check for 1 MILLION American Dollars that you were offering for bounty hunters..*****
    BTW get off the phone, I can't get thru to you, because so many bounty hunters have your phone all tied up 24 hours a day.
    Your such a TOOL. You have to I know it's just not twitter that's out to get you, but the WHOLE world now. That's what paranoia does to ya. it destroy's ya. ASSWIPE


    FUK You 115, you pathetic fool, the only person paying attention to YOU, is YOU and you better put yourself on your blacklist cause I'm afraid you will kill yourself. but that can't happen too soon.

    Josh Shahryar


    The reply by what I believe to be the original poster - I can vouch for the "strong"-tags in the original post:


    You lied again ASSWIPE
    Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 02/28/2010 - 09:35.

    That wasn't from Josh .. it was from me..

    You deleted it, but then you posted it as from Josh and put his name on it.

    IF it was actually FROM him, you could trace the email servers, but you can't do that, because it was posted here on your site.

    AND every line in it began with < strong >

    Only the original poster would know this, and where is the other post that was also written here and you deleted that one too? that one that said to post exactly what jamshid really means in the Persian vernacular.

    The one that told you about how you post other peoples IP's and how all I had to do, was re-log and get a new DYNAMIC IP. FOOL

    PS. you aren't foolin anyone when you get on here and post the comments in support OF YOURSELF.. you delusional blind old man.

    BTW Josh never knew you were blind, only one other person knows that and knows your real name too.

    See you with my new IP soon. I can see you, can you see me?

    When you think he can't go any lower he still surprises you... Manmanman!
  20. Here he is Part II

    They said that he is a man around 27 and uses his blindness as a tool to get attention and sympathy. He then starts to pretend that he has a major operation going on in Iran.
  21. Kruge Moderator

    Sounds interesting... Did you mail&ask them or how did you come by this?
  22. People know him

    Patrons going to that restaurant know him. I have several friends who eat there regularly. They have indicated that they know him very well.
  23. Part III

    They have advised the people not to trust him. His goal is to deceive the people and get money. His victoms are usually very honorable people who have sympathy for blind people. They trust him and give him money. After getting the money, sometimes in large sum, he spends it for his personal use.
  24. Part IV

    I am not sure if he has an addiction, but he might be an addict.
  25. iran115 is banned from twitter

    iran115 was suspended for using malware/phishing hardware downloads..its against twitter rules
  26. Kruge Moderator

    WTF are "phishing hardware downloads"?!?

    Is it just me or does this make no sense?
  27. Kruge Moderator

    Latest scammernews:

    Iran115 is back as iran118 and he's offering money now instead of begging for it:

    #bounty $10,000 Any person who will testify in front of congress with hard evidence that #SoG is funded by CIA. #iranelection #Iran about 7 hours ago via web

    #bounty $10,000 for any person who has hard evidence that #SoG is the Iran Cyber Army. #iranelection #Iran about 7 hours ago via web

    #bounty $10,000 for any person who has hard evidence #SoG #iranelection is a political operation funded by Reza Pahlavi & Maryam Rjavi. about 7 hours ago via web

    Sadly, coming up with any hard evidence for his fantasies is quite impossible (the same as if he asked for hard evidence for the existence of flying purple elephants), but I asked him for his address and promised to send him some soft stool instead...
  28. Kruge Moderator

    Riddle me this...

    Riddle, riddle, riddle me this, Batman:

    When your twitter account is suspended, and you create a new one to get around the suspension, and one of the twitter employees directly addresses you and tells you that creating new accounts to get around a suspension will get you perma-banned from twitter, and you don't react to this pretty clear message... What will happen next?

    Why, you get perma-banned, you fuckturd! What did YOU think would happen? That in your case they'd make an exception and that delbius was just joking when she told you that your behaviour would lead to a perma-ban?







    PS: This was meant as a comment for that wankstain's blacklist - but guess what, that genius finally found out that you can set comments to "moderation required" in Drupal - took him only a 3/4 year... lol
  29. Kruge Moderator


    The cunt is back under it's old name?

    So does this mean that twitter rules mean shit?
  30. Copy of a Twit Ticket I filed TODAY

    #897664 Iran115

    You keep letting Iran115 back on, regardless of the ToS that he violates each and every time you suspend his account.

    YOU have banned him 3 times on that account alone, BUT he keeps making duplicate accounts while banned and you tell him that will get him banned permanently..

    I had 2 tickets in on this and dropped them when you banned his Iran118 account, NOW you have let him back..

    Then your ToS really means nothing doesn't it?

    Ban him permanently and have some balls about it

    Submitted about 15 hours ago
  31. Kruge Moderator

    Submitted just now

    #898809 Twitter letting a scammer run wild for almost a year now

    Since the topic "#iranelection" started to peak for the first time last summer a twitter user named "Iran115" has been

    - asking for "donations"
    - asking for user's personal information
    - spreading lies about users
    - spreading lies about the whole #iranelection community


    On his homepage he claims "iran115" is an international organisation with "executive offices Based in Europe and North America. Chapters, Affiliates, and/or alliances in Iran, Turkey, USA, France, Canada." - yet no one ever heard of that "international organisation" before.

    His claim is to have been involved in working directly in Iran to "establish a democracy" for years. Of course no one in Iran has ever heard of him...

    He started his campaign of attacking twitter users as soon as he was asked about any credentials by people who sometimes actually were interested in donating money.

    Others were simply questioning his intentions: Since the Iranian regime actively suppresses it's citizens and imprisons people who openly criticise the regime (often leading to torture or worse) it seemed at least questionable why he wanted to know people's personal information. The suspicion arose that he actually tries to collect this data for the regime to use against tweeters from Iran or Iranians living abroad. It's not news that even *those* or their families back in Iran have both been threatened and even attacked in the past 30 years.

    His claim to work for "freedom in Iran" seems pretty fishy when you consider that - since his webpage first went online - the only section of it that he actually worked on is the one spreading his lies:

    Iran Intelligence Alert! political conspiracy, rogue activists, or spies? | کشور دموکراتیک ایران - Democratic Nation of Iran

    Pretty much all of the users on this list have done nothing else than to post in #iranelection - only a few of them actually openly criticized iran115 or asked questions about his credibility. He also changed some of the comments made on this page, faked them so to speak, to make it seem as if they were from persons like Josh Shahryar - when caught doing so those comments were deleted again.

    The anonymous community of is discussing him for quite some time, often documenting his lies and slander: Why We Protest - IRAN - Twitter

    I know that I am, by far, not the first person to address you with my concerns about the user @iran115, but I now do so anyway, because it seems that after he was banned for violating the Twitter ToS for several times now it seems he managed to lie his way out of a permanent ban once again and continues to spread his lies and slander about honourable members of the twitter community on his account (for example claiming about me: "FBI is after you for cyber crimes" - which is pretty ridiculous...).

    One has to wonder how serious twitter takes it's own ToS and how it stands about letting scammers like Iran115 use it as a platform for his doings...
  32. SanguineRose Member

    I am thinking of deleting my twitter account and never touching it again, they can't even follow their own TOS.
  33. Kruge Moderator

    Let's see what they have to say to my ticket. The user who caused him to be banned the last time went pretty much overboard with the stuff she claimed about 115 imho, thus presenting him with the opportunity to say something like "see, I'm the *real* victim here - they're bullying me!"... She means good, I guess, but might have shot her own foot...

    While, of course, I can't say if this is the reason he got back I could at least *imagine* it to be a factor.

    I have always tried to stick to the stuff I actually know or that at least sounds plausible to me and didn't jump on the "he's a pedo!"-bandwagon (for example) - and above you can see my twicket.

    And even if they don't ban him - would you throw away such a nice tool like twitter just because this one arsehole is there? I wouldn't go that far... After all: By our postings both here and there and the reactions he gets from other people it seems pretty clear that literally only a handful of people actually takes him seriously for real.

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