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Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by SanguineRose, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. SanguineRose Member

    I have to ask... Why are they asking for donations and what are they doing with the donations?

    How is this helping Iran at all and the democratic movement? We should question Mr. Jamshid Azadinejad and his motives for asking for donations. We don't know enough about this site nor what will they do with the donations that receive.

    Looks like it is already translated: ****************مانیفست کشور دموکراتیک ایران**************** | کشور دموکراتیک ایران - Democratic Nation of Iran

    Where/who are these offices, Affiliates and/or alliances? Just because you say you have them doesn't mean they do?

    I see no purpose in this website nor anything it is doing to help Iran in any way. To me it is just to exploit poeple to make them feel good about donating. I will happily change my opinion if they can clarify the actual purpose, what they are doing with the money, and what have they done to help iran? (That can be somewhat verified). A feel good manifesto to make you nice and tingly inside and a please donate button on the end in exploit of the persons emotions to me doesn't help Iran.

    Link: کشور دموکراتیک ایران - Democratic Nation of Iran | آزادی، دموکراسی و حقوق بشر - Freedom, Democracy, & Human Rights

    Oh Have to Mention this for lulz:
    "Bounty Hunters wanted. Skype: jamshid.Azadinejad Email: Each bounty over one million dollars.""Jamshid Azadinejad"&cd=8&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us Azadinejad"&cd=10&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us Azadinejad"&cd=13&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

    Also links to

    Google is Magick!"Jamshid Azadinejad"&aq=f&aqi=&fp=8ec80112f99bfde5

    Also, the security of his website is a tad interesting:

    Is it me or does this look a tad... wrong?
  2. SanguineRose Member

    Avery Jaffe is NOT Iran115/Jashmid nor ever associated with him in any way or form

    His host: Reliable Web Hosting Service | Marble Host

    Domain ID : D89690719-LROR
    Created On : 26-Aug-2002 20 : 18 : 36 UTC
    Last Updated On : 22-Mar-2008 00 : 26 : 06 UTC
    Expiration Date : 26-Aug-2009 20 : 18 : 50 UTC
    Sponsoring Registrar : eNom, Inc. (R39-LROR)
    Registrant ID : 70a13d6fb8d4cd56
    Registrant Name : Ali Azadi
    Registrant Street1 : 1 Azadi
    Registrant Street2 :
    Registrant Street3 :
    Registrant City : Tehran
    Registrant State/Province : Iran
    Registrant Postal Code : 22112
    Registrant Country : IR
    Registrant Phone : +1.2124449999
    Registrant Phone Ext. :
    Registrant FAX :
    Registrant FAX Ext. :
    Registrant Email :
    Admin ID : 70a13d6fb8d4cd56
    Admin Name : Ali Azadi
    Admin Street1 : 1 Azadi
    Admin Street2 :
    Admin Street3 :
    Admin City : Tehran
    Admin State/Province : Iran
    Admin Postal Code : 22112
    Admin Country : IR
    Admin Phone : +1.2124449999
    Admin Phone Ext. :
    Admin FAX :
    Admin FAX Ext. :
    Admin Email :
    Tech ID : 70a13d6fb8d4cd56
    Tech Name : Ali Azadi
    Tech Street1 : 1 Azadi
    Tech Street2 :
    Tech Street3 :
    Tech City : Tehran
    Tech State/Province : Iran
    Tech Postal Code : 22112
    Tech Country : IR
    Tech Phone : +1.2124449999
    Tech Phone Ext. :
    Tech FAX :
    Tech FAX Ext. :
    Tech Email :
    Name Server : DNS1.SUPREMECENTER22.COM
    Name Server : DNS2.SUPREMECENTER22.COM

    Domain ID : D150780355-LROR
    Domain Name : IRAN115.ORG
    Created On : 27-Jan-2008 22 : 42 : 14 UTC
    Last Updated On : 02-Aug-2009 19 : 45 : 16 UTC
    Expiration Date : 27-Jan-2010 22 : 42 : 14 UTC
    Sponsoring Registrar : eNom, Inc. (R39-LROR)
    Registrant ID : 6755a0acfc1ed7f9
    Registrant Name : Jamshid Azadinejad
    Registrant Organization : Democratic nation of iran
    Registrant Street1 : 1717 K Street
    Registrant Street2 :
    Registrant Street3 :
    Registrant City : Washington
    Registrant State/Province : DC
    Registrant Postal Code : 20036
    Registrant Country : US
    Registrant Phone : +1.2025090933
    Registrant Phone Ext. :
    Registrant FAX : +1.2025090933
    Registrant FAX Ext. :
    Registrant Email :
    Admin ID : 6755a0acfc1ed7f9
    Admin Name : Jamshid Azadinejad
    Admin Organization : Democratic nation of iran
    Admin Street1 : 1717 K Street
    Admin Street2 :
    Admin Street3 :
    Admin City : Washington
    Admin State/Province : DC
    Admin Postal Code : 20036
    Admin Country : US
    Admin Phone : +1.2025090933
    Admin Phone Ext. :
    Admin FAX : +1.2025090933
    Admin FAX Ext. :
    Admin Email :
    Tech ID : 6755a0acfc1ed7f9
    Tech Name : Jamshid Azadinejad
    Tech Organization : Democratic nation of iran
    Tech Street1 : 1717 K Street
    Tech Street2 :
    Tech Street3 :
    Tech City : Washington
    Tech State/Province : DC
    Tech Postal Code : 20036
    Tech Country : US
    Tech Phone : +1.2025090933
    Tech Phone Ext. :
    Tech FAX : +1.2025090933
    Tech FAX Ext. :
    Tech Email :
    Name Server : DNS1.SUPREMEDNS.COM
    Name Server : DNS2.SUPREMEDNS.COM
  3. iran115 is now spreading rumors on the twitternets about Niteowl being a spy.
  4. Shhh-IRAN Member

    @chwn on twitter posted that iran115 is a business with $110,000 gross proceeds last year and 2 employees. chwn didn't post the name of the business or where his/her data came from.

    I did a loose google search on 1717 K St in DC today and didn't find any suspect businesses, but who knows what businesses' names anyone is operating under?

    What if iran115 is really just 2 guys in an office on K street just trying to help things along?s
  5. jadt65 Member

    From @iran115 twitter page

    That is not a typical misspelling of the word "liar"...I am concerned this is less about a scam & more about sabotagingthe credibility of our truthsayers. This person is not just going after Nite Owl but other twitter trusted sources as well.:mad:

    It is just not @iran115 either.....there seems have been a swarm of these types building in the past week or two.

    Br careful out there is getting nasty.
  6. Shhh-IRAN Member

    Well, yes, for heavens sake, there's no question about Josh.

    But, let's step back a moment. Did y'all see @iraniscc's tweets today about unity?

    I'm thinking we might want to give iran115 some benefit of the doubt. I'm NOT SUGGESTING anyone should donate or PM or DM with it. Rather, let's just continue to watch what it does -- and continue to challenge it to document results of its efforts.

    I'm not okay with having 2 guys suck off donations from good-hearted folks, but I'm also not ready yet to condemn them as spies for the regime who are causing the arrests and deaths of ppl in Iran.

    They have the opportunity here to come clean and allow everyone to "get in their pants," as it were, to confirm they're only 2 guys in some small office on K St, rather than IR govt spies.

    It appears they're surely bilking us. But they may only be petty thieves...which we can handle.
  7. lol. here is Niteowl being plucked by the god of light and truth.


    yeah, iran115's been calling any doubters regime-supporters/spies/communists (communists?!) instead of assuring any potential donators by proving their own integrity. their timeline is chockful of those accusations and paranoia (at least for today) and bunches of unattributed quotes or general anti-regime stuff w/o much substance. they're interested in launching a radio & tv channel, though!

  8. jadt65 Member

    Just to clarify....I am not making an accusation ....just observations. I have been following things on twitter since the start of the protests & the degree of character attacks has increased. It is not just @iran115 ....
  9. this guy's just digging his own grave with each silly tweet.

  10. jadt65 Member


    Why is this person looking for bounty hunters all over the US & Canada?

    Jamshid Azadinejad - Google Search
    ***The info only pulls up on the caches***
    Tweet from July
    Twitter / Democracy for Iran: Bounty Hunters wanted. Sky ...

    Just wondering.......
  11. this guy's a paranoid dumbass. according to him these are COLD HARD FACTS about Niteowl:

  12. ^ sorry wrong smiley :eek:
  13. SanguineRose Member

    Using the wrong smiley is blasphemous! Repent!

    Is name is on every Green Brief?

    LOL? OMFG No Website or phone! Just because I (iran115) does means i'm legit shit!

    He doesn't have a forum, and if he means this one only a few poeple can see IPs of anyone posting like me. (The big "Super Moderator" rank kinda gives it away)

    LOOOOOOL, secret spy forum.

    The rest is just too dumb or I have no words really at all to express it.

    As for me:
    I am a secret Israeli spy from the mossad and so is NiteOwl. Isreal actually is not Jewish but work for the borg to assimilate everyone. All Jews perished long ago and are now assimilated unto us, the borg. The mossad is our right hand bent on your assimilation to become one of us.

    You Have Been Assimilated

    We will assimilate you all! Resistance is futile.

    iran115 you are next in our assimilation! You shall become on of us, one with the borg and be under our control. All your thoughts will be ours, you will be us, you shall tell us all your secrets and wishes in life. Your resistance to this is futile because we are the borg.

    You shall not win against us.
  14. bwahaha! that's the best response for this dude!

    apparently Niteowl is a great many things. not only is he a spy, a lyre and the borg, he is quite bustier and red-headed than we were led to believe.

  15. NiteOwl Member

    You forgot to mention the roundness of my ass. *sigh*
  16. SanguineRose Member

    YEEEAAA!!! I got mention status! Along with Beloved NiteOwl!

  17. jadt65 Member

  18. TNTIran Member

    I would like to know, also, who the two employees names are... I have a feeling about one employee, but am not sure.
  19. TNTIran Member

    I am also wondering why, if this guy can offer million dollar bounties, he needs money from us??? I would not trust him at all... His attack on Nite Owl is so stupid, you cannot possibly take it serious, and for that reason alone (stupidity) I would not trust his handling of money....
  20. jadt65 Member

    Internet Investigation Services:cool:

    Last night I checked IRS verification site to see if Democracy for Iran is a 501(3)(c) is not.

    I also did a "deep web search" for Democracy for Iran....nothing beside ..what is already listed here . Advocacy groups usually have events, news releases ect. Lobbyists & PAC groups usually show up on financial disclosure records. Not hits for DOI.

    Deep web search for Jasmid A.----nothing beside was is posted & some comments made @NYT asking for funds. No hits on the "person finder sites"...once again, pretty strange.
  21. jadt65 Member


    Great finds....I didn't do a search for the address:eek:

    This dude seems to have some traits like Timothy McVeigh....or he might be just a general creep....ICK!
  22. NiteOwl Member

    Okay, that's just a gross overestimation of my abilities. :S
  23. The_FNG Member

    Well, maybe, but not much :D

  24. TNTIran Member

    Just an opinion, here... I think it is rather audacious of US to be writing a constitution, etc., FOR the people of Iran. When the time comes, I suspect there are enough wise and intelligent minds in Iran to work on their OWN constitution... And, I doubt that money will be an issue for them... Just my thoughts..
  25. chwn Member

    I posted details about the company a few days ago, which I found by a simple business info search on Google. It showed an annual turnover of £110,000 for 2 ppl employed. It also gave a different phone number (202) 973 0152.

    I've just read this thread and discovered the bounty hunters advertisements (LOL!)

    His claims don't withstand even a minimum of rational, logical scrutiny, and I don't understand how people can be giving him credence.

    For example, on the point of the 'constitution' alone, his claim to be writing a 'new constitution' is absolute, total nonsense. A county's national constitution determines the political, social, legal and econimic future of the whole nation. If a country is going to re-write their constitution, believe me, the best lawmakers, judiciaries and most qualified politicians in the country will be involved for months and months in drafting it, scrutinising it, etc. You don't just write a country's constitution and hand it to them!! It's absolute nonsense.

    And someone who is involved in re-writing a national constitution doesn't then come on Twitter to ask for donations to translate it. It's absolutely totally nonsensical.

    Do u think Sea of Green, would treat so lightly the bloodshed of their loved ones as to have a bounty hunter of dubious repute deciding the national future of the 70,000,000 Iranians they are at this very moment risking their lives to protect? Are they not capable of doing it themselves? It's completely and totally irrational.

    Wake up everyone, this guy is a total fraud and giving him credence serves only to encourage him - and, more seriously, to undermine the reputation of SoG.

    ~By the Power of Magic they are one~
  26. DOES VIOLATE 501(c)(3) charities

    You 2 can report them to the IRS with this simple form. :

    It will cost you the price of a stamp, but consider that you have just helped the real people within Iran rather than these 2 dopers posting on twitter to glean monies from ppl.

    But wait: there's more.....

    For a close up view of the offices of here is a link, use the street view to see the residential neighborhood it's located in. 1717 K Street Washington DC

    Google Maps

    And if you respond within 30 seconds U too can use ur dime to talk to him on HIS SKYPE @ 202-509-0933 which does NOT give any info when doing a reverse phone number lookup.

    Imagine that, here is a guy('s) accusing a journalist of dirty tricks. THE dirty tricks they themselves use. No wonder they grab for items to pull out of a hat.
  27. osumom311 Member

    If we believe NiteOwl is legitimate (which, of course, we all do), then ask yourselves why Iran115 would be trying to convince folks he's not. Normally I just ignore those folks whose opinion I disagree with, but Iran115's purpose is obviously to either scam money out of tweeters or trap tweeters into giving out personal information. In my opinion, Iran115 is dangerous and everybody needs to be aware of it.
  28. Use the form and report his scam to the IRS


    Did u know Joanee that he is using your name on his website to make him look legit?

    Fill out this form with all of his info and report him to the IRS :
  29. perry1949 Member

    Just wondering, there is a business called Share Marketing Inc. At 1717K Street NW in Washington that has a lot of complaints against it for random calling.Could our friend have anything to do with them?

    There is also a business called FAS Military Analysis Network which has 3 websites one of which looks interesting...
  30. There was another obvious government troll on twitter who called himself "greenbrief". He spent all day and night and day saying nightowl was a spy and that he was getting people killed, and he used the name "greenbrief" so that when people called him a fake other people would get confused.

    He was called out on it yesterday, and I haven't seen him since, but when he stopped the attacks iran 1 1 5 stopped begging for money and started saying the same thing the other guy had been saying. So I am sure that if they are not the same person, they are still taking the same orders from the same IRG controller and following the same plan.

    This is a page right out of the tactical plan of theirs that was leaked so many years ago, after the last protests. They think they are sneaky, but they are so obvious and their tactics are so old. They only work on the extremely naive. And they have spent so much time attacking so many people, there aren't many of us left anymore who are naive. they have inoculated the masses against their tactics by using them so much. Fools.

    They must really be afraid of us. They are getting very desperate.
  31. Their plan is to divide and dilute. They want to leach away money that would otherwise go to legitimate causes, like buying thumbdrives for haystack, or to fool new people who have just started paying attention and drive them away. It is like when a protest is called on twitter. The government trolls come out in force and start calling the people spreading the news MKO, or they use their favorite "this is unconfirmed, do not trust or RT" line. What is there to confirm about a protest that has not happened yet, that is still in the planning stages? But these are their tactics.

    They only fool new people, and only for a little while. They are growing weaker, and they know it. It is obvious that this is scaring the hell out of them.
  32. Niteowl

    If Niteowl claims to be from Israel (which I neither know or do not know) I figure that there is a great chance this is correct.
    After all who would get onto a site like this and pretend to be an Israeli? Sort of like a guy in a bar who pretends to be married when he's not. I just don't see any reason to do that.
  33. Perhaps he wants to use the money from ppl who support freedom in Iran to pay non-Iranians to track those ppl down. It would attract a lot of attention to send actual basiji into Western countries to search for people. But if you pay Westerners to do it, and lie to them about why they need to do it or pay them enough that they do not care...

    I think a few of us should answer his adds and pretend to be bounty hunters, to see what he is really up to. ;)
  34. perry1949 Member

    Before I started with twitter I spent a lot of time on They were covering the elections hot & heavy for the first few weeks. One of the most reliable posters on there was Jewish. He did more to keep us informed than anyone else. By following the happenings on Twitter you could tell everything he was posting was real. After a while though the trolls showed up. They started calling him on every little detail and questioning his motives. He finally gave up and not long after that it wasn't worth posting there.
  35. TNTIran Member

    I totally agree with all the posts in this forum. Iran_115 is becoming a real nuisance more than a threat, however. His attacks are so stupid and juvenile that I doubt any reasonable person could give them credence, must less donate their money to this idiot.
  36. The_FNG Member

    Just block him in your Search. No audience - he get bored and stop
  37. the iran115 thing

    So far, the only real claim against iran115 is that he is "stealing" people's money because he asks for donations.

    These orgs also ask for donations for Iran. Are they spies too?
    UNICEF - UNICEF Iran (Islamic Republic of) - Support UNICEF in Iran - Donations
    Ahl-ul-bait World Assembly - .::AHL-UL-BAIT::.
    Center For Advancement Of Women Iran - Center for the Advancement of Women - Iran - Helping Rural Iranian Women in the Karaj Area
    Center For Women's Studies - Center for Women Studies
    CENESTA - .:.CENESTA.:.Centre for Sustainable Development & Environment.:.
    Green Front Of Iran - Green Front of Iran
    Iranian Society Of Environmentalists -
    Iranian Cheetah Society - Iranian Cheetah Society (ICS)
    NorCal4Iran - Norcal4Iran
    Cyber Dissidents - Causes on Facebook | Stop Internet Monitoring and Censorship in Iran
    I Am Iran - Causes on Facebook | Stop Internet Monitoring and Censorship in Iran

    and many more... just do a google search.

    Sorry but this whole brouhaha seems like much ado about nothing. Lots of nasty accusations flying from *both* sides and some of the nastiest from nite owl. Whether iran115 is a spy or not, my respect for night owl took a plunge.
  38. Respectfully Disagree

    I must respectfully disagree I have seen other people take umbrage at what Iran115 has said about Nite Owl but he has remained very calm about the matter. And we must take into account that it's Nite Owl's reputation that Iran115 has been attacking. All in all I find Nite Owl to be not so nasty in his comments.

    RE: Iran115
    Like a loud drunk in a bar, it's just best to ignore him if he bothers you.
  39. Twister Member

    Then you:
    A) haven't been here for as long as the rest of us to know his heart and dedication, much to his personal detriment

    B) believe in what this scumbag is presenting in his pathetic, desperate attempts to defend a regime that is breathing its dying breath

    C) are an ally or perhaps iran115 himself.

    Read his briefs, corroborate them with the facts as known to us now (and his info often is days before others confirm it) and if you still doubt him, you're an idiot.

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