question about runing proxys for messenger services

Discussion in 'How To' started by LastOneStanding, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. sup homos...
    i need advise on how to anonymize my instant messengers.
    ive been poking around the net for a few hours trying to find any useful info on how to configure tor to run through them, but everything i find just recommends that if im not tech savvy i shouldn't fuck with it.
    then i cam acrsos anonym.os
    from this blog attained in a random search on google
    this one looks promissing and fairly easy to instal. was wondering if anyone here has had any expirience using anonym.os. Is it worth downloading? Is it easy to install and use it to configure my messengers to use proxys for anonymity, or if anyone knows of any other ways to help proxify my messengers.
    Any help suggestions, advise or links to forums with advise or anything will be highly appreciated!
    Also been toying with the idea of running privoxy along with tor to hide any DNS leaks. Anyone has any reviews or advize on using privoxy its would be awesome
  2. Anonymous Member

    If you install the Vidalia bundle you should get Privoxy and Tor set up ready to use. The problem with Tor is that it is very slow.
  3. i have all that shit.... but i just need concrete concise info on how to set it up. my tor is set up as a relay. its help with privoxy that i need asap.
  4. i just lookee on the folder i got with tor
    there is no privoxy but theres polipo i that just like the other

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