Quebec student protests suceed

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Anonymous, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

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  2. Anonymous Member

    Actually the next election will probably be held in march, Francois Legaut from CAQ has already stated his intent to challenge the budget and topple the minority government of the PQ
  3. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, I was puzzled by "previous govt". But I know zilch about Canada. Nov event refers to another country.
  4. Archer Member

    Yet they are still bawwwing and protesting, now asking for completely free education. While we got the cheapest in north america BY FAR.

    Go figure.
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  5. BlooAnon Member

    Still don't have sympathy for them. Pay the tuition like the rest of us.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    give up on tuition hike
  7. Don't be so jealous. If you want the same you have to go out there like they did and raise a stink. You won't get it by sitting back with wishful thinking. Become the world that you want to see.
  8. grebe Member

    Holy fuck I never knew politics was so easy. All this time I've been thinking there was this thing called a "budget" that needed balancing.
  9. Anonymous Member

    In Iceland they jailed the bad bankers and rewrite the constitution. That's easy if you set your mind to it. Who needs a budget when the bank takes your money? Who supported the sub-prime, sub-sub-prime and sub-sub-sub-prime mortgage market? One major US bank is fined peanuts for acting as buyer and seller on the commodity market.
  10. Perhaps they could better balance the budget if they were to stop living the high life on the backs of the people with lavish lifestyles such as champagne parties, private Limousines, Private Jets, and the list goes on and on. Don't get us started on "budget" thanks very much.
  11. Anonymous Member

    And stop bailing out the criminals - bankers - with your money. It's proven. They are going to prosecute chase on something. But for most crimes, they have a so called deferred prosecution. So if you appear to be a good boy, I won't prosecute you, because I'm afraid I will bring the banks down. There goes the money, the economy and what budget you say?

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