Quebec City post game.

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Scythe, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. Scythe Member

    Quebec City post game.

    So it was a pretty epic raid, at first we got a visit from a few journalists, our first femanon (qc is no longer a sausage fest), an interview with a crazy scientologist (epic hat scilon) and two exes who tried to explain to him that scientology was bullshit. This guy allegedly met Hubbard and Miscavige at some point in his life. Police was very friendly, only passed one or two times, they seem to be used to us now I guess. We also had cake for the one year annoniversary, didnt eat it since I was still hangover, heard it was delicious. It was also a record for the headcount, I think we were 8 total.

    im too lazy to host the pictures so I'm linking them instead.
  2. PresidentShaw Member

    Re: Quebec City post game.

    Epic protest, crazy scilon is crazy.
  3. peterstorm Member

    Re: Quebec City post game.

    Due to the recent local media exposure, public support was even stronger than ever before. I get the sense that they really know their cult is under scutiny and are trying to show that they don't care.

    Co$ spokesperson lady looked under stress. We were actually very nice to them and wave at them. Peaceful protesting is powerful.
  4. LordHuggy Member

    Re: Quebec City post game.

    Fuck yeah, Quebecfags!

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