Quebec City - November 26, 2011 Montreal Anons Join QC

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Intelligence, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. Intelligence Member

    Montreal Anons join Quebec City ORG protest in a Flash Raid. Fantastic turn out; even some public grabbed signs and joined in. Guy Fox will be posting some of his exquisit HD Videos ASAP. Yvette Shank caught in some neanderthal images. Scilon engaged me in conversation when he walked out the ORG door. When asked where my GF Yvette was, he said he didn't know. A few minutes later, there she was, just inside the door where he came out from. Fox has it ALL on video.

    Will post my videos ASAP, but for now, a few pics:) - - on way home on bus right now.

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  2. Pique Member

    Too cool. Well done all. Looking forward to the video.
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  3. moarxenu Member

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  4. Intelligence Member

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  5. Oh man! Now that's a protest!
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  6. All these Glorious Faggots are Glorious! I <3 it!!!
    It makes me so happy when this happens! I bounce in my chair and clap for a while! :)
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  7. Intelligence Member

    Processing my videos now. Guy Foxes will be absolutely EPIC, but probably won't be posted until Sunday:)

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  8. GuyFox Member

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  9. Pique Member

    Yummy superb video with my morning coffee. Not often I feel a 6 minute raid vid is too short.
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  10. HellRazor Member

    Quebec is awesome!
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  11. Intelligence Member

    OSA Canada - President Scientology Canada: Yvette Shank

    OMG - - they're here again!!!

    Oh', this is NOT good... they found me...

    SHIT - - I'm getting a sore head.....DM is going to spank me.....again..
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  12. I am consistently compelled to spell the last name with a &quot;K&quot; - SKANK! Lol! She certainly does look freaking ethical!
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  13. Intelligence Member

    A big thank you to Guy Fox for sending me these ^^^^^ and his awesome photo skills.
    I'm still working on videos of this Flash Raid - - just received the dox I needed to add
    text to video - - patients please:)

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  14. Intelligence Member

    Hiding behind Hubbard Books,..., LOL.

    Losing Confront - - full of &quot;Charge&quot; :)
  15. RightOn Member

    Canada doin' it rite!
    LOVE the pictures of poor Yvette!
    her face is priceless above those books.
    What a wonderful Scientology advertisement!

    The Way To Happiness!
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  16. N. Ron Rubber Member

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  17. Great video and great stills of little red Yvette. When I saw the first pic of her I thought, "What is she thinking? Maybe she is having some doubts." Then I saw the rest of the pics. The one with her hand to her eyes/nose is great. It rivals the one I saw of Jean "Larry" Lariviere. I don't see what she is so freakin' worried about. Scientology is winning, right?

    That coffee and muffin restaurant you guys were standing in front of kinda interests me. It looks like a nice place to go to. If I ever get around to that neck of the woods I will be sure to go there. Maybe by that time the org will be gone and the Scienos will be back to studying the works of LRH in their basements.
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  18. Anonymous Member

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  19. Anonymous Member

    Yvette Skanks doesn't get any prettier does she?

  20. The video is so great ! good choice of music and alot of lulzy actions. Some subtitles would help me to lol more because I don't understand all the words.
  21. xenubarb Member

    Every time I see her froggy face, I think 'Rosa Klebb.' Can't imagine why.
  22. Anonymous Member

    ugly is as ugly does.
  23. Anonymous Member

    She's a mean one...
  24. I read a mistake in the tittle, it says October.
  25. Lotte Lenya wasn't that bad looking. I hope you just mean Ian Fleming's description of her as a 200 lb plus lesbian.

    But yes, I get the point.
    I'm thinking more of Linda Hunt in The Year of Living Dangerously but at the same time that is an insult to Linda Hunt. Sorry Linda.

  26. Intelligence Member

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  27. Vive le Québec anonyme!

    Vive L'Anonyme Montréal!
  28. Anonymous Member

  29. xenubarb Member

    I am totally relying on Fleming. I liked the books, didn't really like the movies, so I don't know how Lotte Lenya looked compared with Fleming's vicious description.
  30. GuyFox Member

    Long overdue. Sorry.

    "Hey bohss, look, they're back, hurr durr"

    Srsly, people in QC can't drive for s**t
    This guy kept hovering behind us all raid
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  31. GuyFox Member

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  32. GuyFox Member

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  33. Intelligence Member

    What would we do without YOU, Sir Fox - - awesome pics!!!

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  34. Pique Member

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