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Discussion in 'Protest Advice' started by chwn, Sep 16, 2009.

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    Qods - advice from source, via @jomhirani (15 Sept)

    Qods advice from source:

    1) Do not believe any news of "Green" Qods rally, Do not listen to ANYTHING from IRTV.

    2) We r not there 2 show any1 our teeth7nails. Many of them r thinking of joining us. Convince them 2 join #iranelection

    3) There will be no violence from us, so don't believe media. If any violence happens it is them, not us. #iranelection

    4) To stop us from rally, they may take into custody some of their own ppl(eg. Mortazavi), but WE WILL GO anyways. #iranelection

    5) There maybe very strange news from media, but don't believe ANY of it. Do not believe any news of "Green" Qods rally cancellation, Do not listen to ANYTHING from IRTV. #iranelection

    6) If roads r closed down continue rally in any part of city in big groups until time 4 Eftaar #iranelection No radical slogans

    7) Last advice 4 Qods: NO VIOLENCE, don't give them an excuse.

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