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    Re: pur detox

    Not sure what this is found on google

    Pur Detox Field Rep - HOT NEWS
    You have your own sites or feeder lines and you flow them to Narconon or us based on the drugs the reach is on. You are used to a commission. ... - Cached
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    Re: pur detox

    Pür Detox Hot News
    Pür Detox Hot News
    Hello Field Rep (FSM)! If you are reading this then you and your group have specifically been invited to be a Pür Detox Field Rep. This site is here as another revolutionary idea put forth by the Founder of Pür Detox so you have up to the minute details about Pür Detox, referral tools, referral tracking and have a definite impact on how Pür Detox becomes more open source for lack of a better word. We want you interacting with us as part of our team. Pür Detox has a vision to be the best detox on earth. That's gonna take you. So, please use this site often. It will be updated in real time and used as a communication portal where you get the data you need whenever you need it. Though it's a new site, we intend to evolve it quickly, based on your needs and wants. Take a look around, we think you may like the concept.
    Announcing Pür Arrowhead!
    Pür Arrowhead is opening on Sept 1! Thats right, this is an announcement of not only huge expansion for Pür Detox, but a leap forward for Narconon Arrowhead. Myles Binford (Founder/President) and Skye Logan (Executive Director Int) are already in full blown establishment mode crisscrossing the country, meeting key people and hiring the best of the best. Narconon Arrowhead is preparing for a huge push to bring everyone in as they now have the most technically standard med detox with seamless integration into the Narconon Program, from insurance billing to grooving in those people that Pür Detox will return or send on to Narconon Arrowhead.

    Pür Arrowhead is located in a 200 room motel with indoor pool and staff housing. This building has already housed FSM conventions. So, most likely you know what we are talking about and may have stayed there. Based on our estimates, we will be able to deliver to 400 people at a time, thus making us the largest detox on earth.

    Currently some key delivery personnel from Pür Detox Laguna Beach are making preparations to head out to Oklahoma for setup and delivery. The building is currently getting some final touches to open our doors on Sept 1 and it won't take long to bring it up to Pür Detox Standards. Once we do we will be updating our primary website to include photos and a virtual tour. Here are some current photos.
    Pür Arrowhead - A Revolutionary FSM Game Announcement
    This is Myles Binford the President and Founder of Pür Detox and I want to go over how this new game came about and then describe it in detail.

    I was contemplating how to completely wipe out Psychiatry one afternoon, which lead me to a series of thougts on how Google, Facebook and Ebay got to where they are. I discovered something eye opening for me. They made something useful and gave it away. For lack of a better word, it's open source, yet they maintain the integrity of their sites, they allow others to use their sites within guidelines. Take Google for instance. You can use their site for free. They'll give you free Gmail and even a free phone line with Google Voice. The whole world uses them and all they do is charge a competitive amount for someone to advertise with them. Ok, how about Facebook. Well same model, different product. How about Ebay? Ebay has an open and easy to use interface. You can sell or you can buy and its rather easy. If you sell, they take a cut. If you use them then you can reach a ton of people since so many are using Ebay.

    All this think lead me down a path to how this can be implemented into the Drug Addiction industry and how can I apply it to Pür Detox. The result of this wild idea is Pür Arrowhead as a location. So, whats the idea you ask? Drum roll please...

    We make you part of the Pür Detox Team. Simple. If you didn't fall off of your chair, don't worry, you may get your chance to in a moment. Let me explain further. Pür Detox is now, again, for lack of a better word, Open Source. Here is how it works. You are an FSM. You have your own sites or feeder lines and you flow them to Narconon or us based on the drugs the reach is on. You are used to a commission. That's all fine and normal, but how do I get you super excited to contribute to us and how can I utilize you to help make Pür Detox the largest and most successful detox on Earth?

    The answer to that is to make you a "partner" in a certain way that works for everyone.

    Therefore, I am announcing "FSM Dividends" for 3 months only starting Sept 1.

    Here are the rules:

    * 50% of profits that you bring in, after overhead has been met, will be split with you as an FSM Dividend. We are estimating the overhead to be roughly $300,000. This will be more accurately updated as we get closer to launch and we will do whatever we can to bring that down.
    * Overhead is handled by dividing the number of FSMs that sent arrivals to us during that month and then taking that percentage off the total GI brought in by that FSM.
    * No FSM Dividends will be paid unless you do not meet the minimum amount divided by the group at which point you will get the standard commission.

    Here are some examples:

    Month of Sept
    FSM A: 75K
    FSM B: 140K
    FSM C: 20K
    FSM D: 240K
    FSM E: 180K
    FSM F: 150K
    FSM G: 225K
    $1,030,000 GI

    7 FSMs divided by $300,000 overhead= $42, 857 per FSM to cover overhead. This is how owners of a company that share equal shares would do this. So, if each FSM were to minus that from the amount they brought in and then split it by 50%, then that is the figure of your FSM Dividend.

    If FSM B were to calculate this then the FSM Dividend would be $48,571. Not a bad paycheck for the month of Sept!!!!

    If FSM C were to use the equation then you'd see there would be a negative $22,857. Therefore, FSM C would get a standard FSM Commission and not an FSM Dividend.

    So, from this you can deduce a few things. First, you'd probably want to promote like crazy and I have some ideas I will elaborate on in a minute. The next is, the more FSMs the less overhead you have to cover! So, this is a collaboration of FSMs thus the purpose of this site.

    Here an FSM Promotion idea. Based on the above numbers, you may want to promote like crazy. If you were to promote by PPC and other paid advertising to increase traffic to you and thus Pür Detox, then the numbers work much to your favor. If you were to put maybe 20K into advertising and you KNEW that you could close 5 30K cycles from that, then you'd bring in 150K. Lets say hypothetically your portion of overhead was 30K. That leaves 130K that is divided in 2 and you are paid half. Yup, thats $65,000 as a paycheck for advertising $20,000 for a total profit of $45,000. (This was my Ebay/Pür Detox blend idea. Like it?)

    If you are part of a group such as a Narconon, then this will work out much to your favor. Pür Detox's first purpose, as laid out by its founder, is to assist Narconon by expertly handling medical or psychotropic medications and then routing the addict to Narconon, as long as the person is qualified for Narconon services. This program is beneficial to Narconon Arrowhead as we can handle just about any type of non-street drug case. Once complete with their med detox then they are sent into Narconon Arrowhead to start the next phase of their program. Also, if Narconon has a cycle that doesn't qualify for Narconon, Pür Detox can accept them and help them end their addiction, thus the person isn't referred out and end up in psych hands again. Pür Detox will never accept a person who should be on the Narconon Program. We are experts at handling psych/medical drugs. Narconon handles street drugs. Its pretty clear cut. If someone arrives at Pür Detox and should be at Narconon, then we will send them onto Narconon. If Narconon has a person who should be at a medical detox, whether for a quick med detox or that the person isn't qualified for Narconon then Narconon will send them to us. This is a normal and is the way we work together. We are all on the same purpose lines and follow the same policies and Pur Detox is here for the long haul, so we are strict about this policy.

    Per data to hand, there are a tremendous number of people that cannot make it to Narconon due to not being qualified either financially or due to medical drugs, pain meds for physical issues or simply don't have the time or money and want to just detox. Rounding up all of these dropped leads and ensuring they are sent over to us will then greatly improve your income brought in from referring cycles to us. Per reports, FSMC is not tracked very much by several Narconons as a source of income, yet the potential is there. So, if you were to post an FSM I/C and have them track the leads sent to us and you received the FSM Dividend then your gross income for Narconon could be greatly assisted thus creating an economy where everyone wins and more people are taken off of any type of drug. Together, we can win in handling any type of drug case.

    Keep in mind FSM Dividends will only go for 3 months. So, this is your chance. At the end, you will have helped a ton of people, made Pür Detox the largest Detox on Earth and you will have been well compensated for your share of hard work.

    At the end, we will celebrate and announce a new, long term strategy at the first Pür Detox FSM Convention. More to be announced on this. I can give you a hint, that the top producers will be comped Air and Hotel for two at the Convention. Location? Think exotic...
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    I read every word that followed that rather provocative lead. Sadly, I am none the wiser re: how to wipe out the psychs.
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    So much for them trying to run a stealth operation that doesn't use the Narconon name.
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    2001 WISE Directory:
    Category: Health Care
    Allan and Susan Sosin
    Dr. Allan E. Sosin
    16100 Sand Canyon Ave., Ste. 240

    Irvine, CA 92618-3724
    United States
    Tel. (1) 949-753-8889
    Fax (1) 949-753-0410

    Also at this address:

    Barrett Koren ND
    (949) 753-8889
    16100 Sand Canyon Ave
    Irvine, CA 92618

    KAHN JULIE ND (949) 753-8889
    16100 Sand Canyon Ave
    Irvine, CA 92618-3716

    RAEG! Goddam DAN! doctor.

    OMG Hulda Clarke.

    I hate everything on that stupid page --full of Scientology quack MLM evil.
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    Bad people have been changing laws so good doctors can't shut down people like Dr. Sosin any longer. I am sorry.

    We can stop right there. Animal studies ARE NOT FUCKING GOOD ENOUGH. We know this because the vast majority of stuff that does interesting things to animals is of no clinical utility.
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    Hyperbaric Oxygen Centers for autism are the latest DAN! scam. The factories that make those chambers would be well suited to manufacturing iron lungs as well. Which causes me some tinfoil when I read stories like this:

    Hyperbaric oxygen chambers are around $20,000 each.

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    He is currently Not a member of the AMA
    4 Hughes # 175
    Irvine CA 92618
    License # G 21912
    Not Board Certified
    Office Phone: 949 600 5100
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    Diet, exercise, stress management, and sleep interventions are not "alternative" medicine. Neither is a good doctor-patient relationship. The alties pretend they own these things to distract you from the crazy shit they don't want you to see until you get to know them better. And by crazy I mean magic water and magic energy and expensive sciency seeming crap that doesn't have good evidence in its favor. None of that in this video, I notice. But I bet you dollars to donuts the crazy is there in this guy's office.
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    ^ He is NOT BOARD_CERTIFIED nor a Current member of the AMA
    ADVERTISING Suzanne Somers the woman who get's illegal anti-again injections may not be a good marketing strategy.

    This is typical cos doctor/naturopath bullshi* these types of doctors are dangerous. I am not saying that vitamins and herbal remedies are not some times called for but hypertension/high blood pressure. Yea sure stop taking those meds then wait for the big one to come along and take you out.

    These types offer all kinds of off the wall practices like the, "meridian analysis system" they actually measure voltage at different point of the body. Then from their results they tell you what vitamins and amino acids to consume and recommend dietary changes. However medical literature in the USA totally disregards this no studies back it up, they have to get the devices from China.

    Yea He Is A Quack
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    I want to call him, "Vinny," and ask him if the car really only had one owner before?
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    Could you explain the significance of that to us non-Americans please?

    Do doctors in the US have to be licensed by the AMA?
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    Medical specialty certification in the United States is a voluntary process. While medical licensure sets the minimum competency requirements to diagnose and treat patients, it is not specialty specific. Board certification—and the Gold Star—demonstrate a physician’s exceptional expertise in a particular specialty and/or subspecialty of medical practice.
    The Gold Star signals a board certified physician’s commitment and expertise in consistently achieving superior clinical outcomes in a responsive, patient-focused setting. Patients, physicians, healthcare providers, insurers and quality organizations look for the Gold Star as the best measure of a physician’s knowledge, experience and skills to provide quality healthcare within a given specialty.

    AMA membership is voluntary however it is rare to find a physician who is not a member.

    To see a physician who is not an AMA member as well as not being Board-Certified in their specialty is quite a troubling find.
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    The stealth Narconons in Michigan are using a similar detox house: <-- Warning Scilon affiliated link

    There are unconfirmed reports of at least one death there:
    "AUTHOR: margaux - Los Angeles (United States of America)
    SUBMITTED: Saturday, August 25, 2012
    Everytime I read articles on afr/bdr/narconon, what not, I am disgusted..all I can say is that no other rehab behaves this way. It is hard to even get a lot of them to call you back on the phone. They definitely do not chase you down and harass you. The whole thing is so cultish. We need to untie and I am sure someone has already died there. Someone died in Tranquility detox in May 2012. " Source at Ripoff Report

    Another source:
    "Tranquility detox is just a run down old building with no signs or anything on the outside. It looks like an old boarding house, but it includes a sauna and a hot tub. A girl died while in there due to them taking everyone off their medications cold turkey. The authorities didn't even know Tranquility detox existed. They couldn't find it. Narconon Stone Hawk is now known as "A Forever Recovery" from my understanding. They just operate it a bit differently. A Forever Recovery is right down the block from Tranquility Detox. It seems like all of Stone Hawks methodology and possibly employees were moved to Best Drug Rehabilitation where I ended up. I felt like I was at the David Koresh compound(with a Scientology twist) with a lot of other drug addicts. It's an experience I wouldn't want to repeat, but I'm glad I went. Now I know how kooky and money hungry The Church of Scientology really is.

    EDIT: I'm pretty sure Tranquility Detox is Scientology run also. They just don't FORCE you into the saunas but they highly encourage it. And they feed you massive amounts of vitamins and take you off all psyche meds completely." From a thread at Reaching for the Tipping Point
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    ^ I only wish one of these people would actually come forward under their real name.

    I am pretty sure that the Margaux above is Margaux Machat who worked at/attended Best Drug Rehabilitation, the "stealth" Narconon in Manistee, MI.
    She claims for legal reasons she can't comment openly on her experiences with Best Drug Rehabilitation.

    I wish her the best of luck and hope that someday she can come out in the open to bear witness to the abuses she claims she has seen.
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    All Rehabs that promote a "Sauna-Detox", need to be addressed by the governments of subject country, and soon. They have no idea how much these quack practices are costing each community in health care costs after the victim leaves. If a person is healthy and wants to jump in a sauna for 5 hours a day and gulp toxic doses of Niacin, go ahead - fill yer' boots. BUT, addicts are NOT healthy and many, if not most, have compromised livers and ingesting toxic doses of Niacin is totally CONTRAINDICATED by all reputable physicians - - unless, of course, they are scilons. The Cult may "Morph" their 'Rehab-Treatment-Names", but we will catch them and pull their stinky pants down for all to see and smell.

    ....... Oh', I forgot one word. ***BASTARDS***

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    Is "Pur Detox" the actual name of this scam, or a DBA for another business name??

  25. DeathHamster Member

    There's probably another business hiding in the shadows.
  26. fishypants Moderator


    • Best Drug Rehabilitation
    • Tranquility Detox
    • Pur Detox
    • A Forever Recovery
    • Rainbow Canyon Retreat - www DOT rainbowcanyonretreat DOT org
    Any others? Dox on these ones being Narconon/Scientology affiliated?

    edit: added Rainbow Canyon. Its website says it's Narconon. "Narconon Southern California dba Rainbow Canyon Retreat."

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