Puerto Rico

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Disambiguation, Sep 29, 2017.

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    Always the hurricanes blowing...
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    "Its people have been U.S. citizens since 1917, but they have no vote in Congress. As citizens, the people of Puerto Rico can move throughout the 50 states just as any other Americans can—legally, this is considered internal migration, not immigration."

    Bet we have a large group of people moving to the mainland.
  3. I fucking love her and I hate Donald Racist Trump

    I was done political correct and mad as hell 8 months ago
  5. I am indeed a softie, I love girls and I love the world, I alsoo love guys, I do not discriminate. Transgender and such Why hate ?

    Damn this will not do antything for my reputation for being a Dom. Unless It's standing up for what is Right
  6. [IMG]

    This is his face thinking of Puerto Rico
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  8. You don't really care do you Donald:

  9. Cheeto colouring for my fake tan is all I give a fuck about, that and some massive ego stroking gently administered by my family and staff, not to mention the many many heads of state in other countries.

    I , Donald Trump do not give a fuck.

    These people expect everything done for them! Everything!

    Excuse me , I've got to play a very important golf game.
  10. White House plan is to blame it on the storm.
    Leaked White House Memo Details Puerto Rico Spin: “The Storm Caused These Problems, Not Our Response.”

    It looks like they will keep up the boosterism congratulation FEMA for good work. Pix will be key here, the only way to fight that PR is visual




    2 days ago

  11. Angry That People Think He Doesn’t Care About Puerto Rico, Trump Spends Weekend Golfing and Hate-Tweeting
    Then he tweeted threatening N Korea, telling his Sec of State to stop negotiating, and he is still all about sons of bitches in the NFL.
    He's bragging about the amazing work of FEMA and the military inspecting all buildings for safety. No one knows what buildings he's talking about
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  13. Puerto Ricanos are full US citizens but can't vote while they live in Puerto Rico. As they abandon PR and move to Florida- they become voters.

  14. If Trump gets rid of Puerto Rico's debt they will all be Trump voters.
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    A third of the island’s money had been used to service its debt as of 2016. No way out of this. They can't file chapter 11 cuz they're not a state.
  16. Today in Puerto Rico
    There's been a report that Puerto Ricans are drinking water from a well in a superfund polluted site.

    It's especially disturbing that the water is being brought in by Puerto Rican water company employees.

    And Trump threatens to pull federal employees out.

    I hope they all move to Florida and vote. The state would go fron red to blue pdq
  18. What a Moron


  20. This just about sums him up!

  21. charter Member

    I think he'll be impeached soon.
  22. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    I hope. Maybe by the time he is charged with sexual assault, tax fraud, bribery(Russia), conspiracy ( Russia), and fraud ( the world) someone in the Republican Party will wake up and start impeaching him.
    His co-horts are going down whatever- Both sons (tax fraud, collusion and conspiacy to commit fraud/treason), his son in law ( treason, fraud, money laundering) and daughter ( fraud for her rip off of shoe designs), Flynn (treason), Manafort ( treason and bribery), half of his cabinet for various crimes they got away with before they made the spectacularly bad decision to join the government of a crook.
    Additions anyone?
  23. emoluments, foreign and domestic


    conflicts of interest
  24. Not forgetting those eyebrows they're an offence all on their own.

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