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    Psychsearch News

    * Bizarre
    * Drugging
    * Fraud
    * Sexual Misconduct
    * Shock Treatment - Psych Search Psych Abuses
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    Re: Psychsearch News

    From Psychsearch website:
    So, I guess ...since they themselves are unlicensed therapists and counselors, Scientologists are "Psychs"?
  3. Kanonimus Member

    Re: Psychsearch News

    Um, yeah, that's what it says in my mind.
    But they call themselves "spiritual" counselors don't they? Is that the loophole?

    That website is just full of fail...
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    An email that demonstrates how much Scientology loves going after the ‘evil psychs’ | The Underground Bunker

    Scientologist Ken Kramer ... is on a mission. For several years, he’s run a website,, that uses public record searches to collect stories about psychiatrists who have broken the law in some way.

    That fits with Scientology’s hatred for psychiatry, embodied in its most goofy front group, Citizens Commission on Human Rights, which runs a museum in Hollywood, and sends out mobile museum displays, which blame the Holocaust on “evil psychs.”

    CCHR tries to insert itself in local government debates about mental health issues, as we saw recently in Texas. (Kramer does the same, as can be seen in this news clip that he hosts at his own website.) CCHR pretends to be a legitimate public interest group, but never really gets around to admitting that it’s just a front for Scientology and its founder, L. Ron Hubbard, who told his followers that psychiatrists come from the planet Farsec and have been implanting thetans (our immortal souls) with evil mental image pictures for billions of years.


    Kramer has some pretty interesting ideas about why psychiatry is so bad for the world. “Gays now rule Psychiatry,” he complains in one interesting piece he wrote at his website.

    We doubt that the psychiatry profession cares very much about CCHR or Mr. Kramer and his website. But we thought you’d enjoy the language that Kramer uses in an email he just sent out about his website expanding.

    Continued here:
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    Making A Living “Busting Psychs” | Mike Rinder


    Our old friend Ken Kramer has gotten himself into the fundraising business.

    It seems to have become part of the ethnicity of being a scientologist.

    You can bet that he is making his living doing this. He found a little niche and is making a pitch for people to give him money to “destroy the psychs” — he is a mini-IAS!

    And what better subject to get scientologists going than psychiatry. They are the ultimate boogeymen — sent here from the planet Farsec to torture and maim the people of earth. The whole track implanters. The SPs that by nature of their diploma all want to do terrible things to every man, woman and child on earth. They are just itching to get another Holocaust going.

    Who wouldn’t give a few dollars to stop that?

    Continued here:
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  11. Quentinanon Member

    "Gays now rule psychiatry". Looks like we are going to have to revise our hierarchy of control diagram for Anonymous.
    The Marcabians use telepathic mind control on "gays" who then control psychiatry. Got it.
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  12. Aren't you gay LOL
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  14. Anonymous Member

    From Mr. Rinder's posting of Ken Kramer:
    Anyone got the time to do the due diligence on those record costs, finding out if they are in fact legit?
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