Psychiatry - Good or Bad?

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by november5, Apr 17, 2011.

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    FIFY, again.

    Go away forever.
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    OBJECTIVE: To provide basic data about the physician workforce as a whole and the relative place of psychiatrists in the total workforce. To provide data on characteristics of psychiatrists' work activities in routine psychiatric practice.

    METHOD: Data were obtained from the American Medical Association's (AMA) Physician Characteristics and Distribution in the United States, 2002–2003 and the 2002 National Survey of Psychiatric Practice, a nationally representative survey of 2,000 randomly selected psychiatrists in the United States.

    RESULTS: Psychiatry is the fourth largest specialty in the United States. Since 1970, psychiatry has grown 86.7%, while child psychiatry has grown 194.6%. However, psychiatrists are distributed unequally across the country, are working fewer hours than in the past, and less of their time is spent in direct patient care activities.

    CONCLUSIONS: Psychiatry is a growing and significant part of the U.S. physician workforce. However, if trends that show the psychiatric workforce is aging and working fewer hours continue, it is unclear if its current rate of growth will be able to keep pace with the demand for psychiatric services.


    Today, there is a shortage - there are presently 45,000 more needed in the US.

    45,000 More Psychiatrists, Anyone?

    This is interesting -- I will recommend the practice of Psychiatry to friends who are considering a career change.
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  3. annoncangirl Member

    The shortage of psychiatrists rings true in Canada as well. Most people are put on wait lists postponing their care for upwards of six months. People who post fear mongering claiming that psychiatrists can treat you against your will, pumping you full of meds, performing ETC or worse locking you up in an institution are plain ignorant. I can't speak for US....but here the opposite is true. In fact we are moving people out of hospitals and helping them return to their communities, providing them with a safety net in case of problems. Even if you suffer from paranoid schizophrenia and refuse to take your meds nothing can be done until you actually hurt yourself or someone else!! I would also add that most psychiatrists and psychologists continue their education, training in new therapy programs all the freaking time. In the end you as an individual are responsible for your care...if you don't feel comfortable with the recommendations you get from your Doctor get a knew one.
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  4. Django Member

    Funny story: Yeah I used it. I'm pushing 60, and my cute-as-a-button days are long behind me, but those boner pills came in handy about a year ago when a (rare) date, 10 years my junior, pulled me into a public lady's room in a a well-known Maine resort town, and rocked my immediate vicinity. Not since the 70s-80s (when I was touring & playing guitar with various bands) have I enjoyed such depravity. Some guys got it, and some guys got a lot of it. Just sayin....
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  5. je suis Member

    There's the key. Much like PCPs, shrinks are not in places where they are needed most.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    It is possible to get prompt, quality mental health care here in the US. I can't fathom that there is a pro-scientology stance here, but one never knows who posts here. Anyway, YES. Mental health field is good.
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  8. annoncangirl Member

    For sure NO Pro-Scientology stance on my part!! Agree...Mental health field is good!!!
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    You'd better scoot over some more, because Herro's got company.
    Our 'new' friend knows how to keep his head down, and not let anger and angst get in the way of a good buttmunching.

    2:1 odds a chastened Herro emoquits and the door does not hit his ass :(
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  11. Gary Busey Member

    Ok my bad, you sure got me there, you must be a fucking genius
  12. Smurf Member

    Sure. We won't mention of the high suicide rate among psychs. "Psychiatrists had the highest suicide rate and pediatricians had the lowest rate."
  13. Anonymous Member

    They taste good, but they make me sick. FML.
  14. No, I believe Anon is saying that psychiatry is mostly good, and Scientology is mostly bad, looking at their effects. A close friend of my family would have spent the last two or three decades in a sanitarium were it not for psychiatrists and psychiatric medications. Instead, that individual has been a successful and contributing member of society. I know others who take a number of different medications for different psychiatric conditions. And then, I know one guy who has severe mental issues and does not take meds, and I've seen what happens there. It's not pretty. At all. Frankly, your Mad Pride bullshit is grating on plenty of people's last nerve.
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  15. I truly have no way to respond to this level of extreme faggotry. In the US and Canada, after med school, a person who wishes to become a psychiatrist must undergo 4 years (in Canada, 5 years) as a psychiatric resident. They must also pass written and oral board examinations to become both a doctor and a psychiatrist. In their first year of residency, they must also complete 4 months of internal medicine or pediatrics and 2 months of neurology. 5 weeks? What are you smoking?
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  16. Except for even that level of hope for care unless you have the proper type of medical insurance, it's pretty much the same here. We don't have a societal safety net. We have a sack of broken glass to fall on for those who have been screwed over or fallen on hard times.
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  17. annoncangirl Member

    Your comment just reminds me how very grateful I am to live in Canada with our health care system...No it's not perfect by any stretch...but it's a scary thought that those who are ill (especially with mental illness or disorders) don't get the treatment they so desperately need because they can't afford it. Truly sad to me!!
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  18. je suis Member

    Yep, spend much time online with Diabetes people in UK and Canada, they have nothing but sadness and pity for the coverage in the U.S. Many people, even Type 1 Diabetics, can't afford to control their disease.
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  19. annoncangirl Member

    It amazes me that Americans can't or wont do something to improve their health care system. I have nothing but empathy when I read stories of families that have declared bankruptcies or lost their homes just to cover their medical bills!! Sorry for the derail...
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  20. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    I am in that boat. I have been Type 1 since 10 months old. What stings me isn't the medicine ($25 for a bottle of 30/70 a month and $13 for 100 insulin shots every 2 months) or the testing supplies ($35 for my strips), its the doctor's visits.

    See, I use to take Lantis insulin. Lantis was $100 for a month supply. However, it was a prescription insulin. I'd have to visit the doctor every time to get a prescription when it ran out. That alone would add up and caused economic hardship for me. So I just began using the 30/70 twice a day... now my doctor is wondering how my BGs are staying the same and improved some... of course I told them and they tried to get me back on the Lantis. I was like "LOL no. I am happy with this if the results are the same".

    TL;DR: Say what you want about the Obama Health Care reform, I don't care. As long as they don't remove the "No Preexisting Medical Conditions Can Disqualify A Person From Coverage" clause, then I am happy.

    Nah, your cool. The problem is that the issue is a political hot potato. Both the Dems and Repubs get some money from the Health Care groups in one way or another and they don't want to bite the hand that feeds them. That isn't meant to be read as a "TINFOIL HAT NAO!1!" statement, but as just a general fact.

    Its a very big TL;DR but I'll give you a clift note gist: The US has high costs in heath care because of, believe it or not, insurance. Doctors and Hospitals have to have insurance against Malpractice. Big Pharma has to have a legion of lawyers in case one person in a half billion takes their pill and grows a third testicle...and that person is oddly a woman. The point is: The US is LOLSuit happy against itself. These lawsuits have caused the price of healthcare to skyrocket.

    Now, some of these suits I know are legit. However, my TV plays a few commercials from lawyers that specialize in medical malpractice. One even claims he is a doctor and may know more than your doc! He even ran an ad saying he was chargin his lazors at a hospital who's CAT scanner had a minor maladjustment and may have given a slightly higher dose of radiation to people. This ad ran less than 24 hours after the hospital said "Oops, we suck cawks. We may have accidentally the machine and made you Spider Man...". The dose was realistically exponentially less than the rads we may get from Tokyo's Chernobyl 2.0 or even in a normal year, but by Xenu, he was ready to sue4ca$h for himself you!

    ...and everybody in the world wonders why health care is astronomically high here. Its not the doctors or the politicians or the uninsured. It is for the most part the insurance the docs have to pay in order to cover their asses from lawyers like that moon bat.
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  21. ^^^THIS. Any doctor who is likely to perform badly enough to be guilty of genuine malpractice should, instead, have his or her license pulled.
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  22. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    ^^^THIS and they should be sued personally. That way people that are really hurt can afford any care resulting in the malpractice. By personally, I mean they would get sued like they would away from their practice.
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  23. annoncangirl Member

    It's amazing that two countries can share such a large undisputed border and be so vastly different in their culture. I agree is appears to me that the insurance companies are the only ones that really make off like bandits!!
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  24. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    They are partly to blame. You have to keep in mind that Insurance companies have to have a whole fuckton of cash around for all the claims they get both from lawsuits and patient claims. A few LOLsuits like the one that moonbat doctor/lawyer wants to launch can add up fast. They have to pass the savings onto the doctors and hospitals...and they in turn have to ass rape the consumer (patient). If the patient has insurance, then that is a claim they make to the insurance company, which means the insurance companies have to have a fuckton of money for those claims...

    ...and around and around we go. While I'll admit I think insurance companies want to make fucktons of money for themselves, they also run a legit function that requires a fuckton of money to keep running. Insurance companies are not saints or perfect, but logically they are just doing what they need to do in order to survive.
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  25. annoncangirl Member

    I certainly don't want to paint all Americans with the same brush...but that is such a "MEMEMEME" attitude...and it causes so much harm to everyone!! I'll be happy to stay north of the border!!
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  26. slobeck Member

    I think the "memememe" thing you speak of really falls along party lines - or at least lib v. con- ideological lines. The Reagan years really kicked it in to high gear in the US when he lowered the top marginal tax rate on the wealthiest Americans and paid for it by slashing welfare and medical services for the elderly, children and the poor. And also killed the state mental health system kicking 10's of 1000's of severely mentally ill people on to the streets of California. Streets which, 30 years later, are clogged with homeless severely mentally ill people. And the trend continues.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    Why isn't Scientology helping them?
    You'd think, this would be a FANTASTIC opportunity to demonstrate how effective Scientology is in helping people in crisis.

    Better than dumping yellowjackets on Haiti and Tokyo anyway...
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  28. annoncangirl Member

    yeah but remember Scientology is all about helping "the able become more able"
    able=steady income
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  29. Anonymous Member

    Except none of what Co$ states about psychiatry is accurate, nor based on actual research. Its based on Hubbard's butthurt towards the psychiatric industry and whatever he can twist to make them evil. Referring to the Co$ for psychiatric criticisms is unwise.

    Dox on this claim? First, here are some dox that shows you wrong ( Stahl, S. Stahl's Essential Psychopharmacology: The Prescriber's Guide. Cambridge University Press: New York, NY. 2009. ). Anti-depressants actually affect you on the neural level, particularly your neurochemicals that send signals across your brain. By blocking or increasing such chemicals (depending on which one you take), it can significantly reduce depression, anxiety, etc... Serotonin reuptake inhibitors are the most popular partially because they have the least likelihood of having nasty side effects. Here is a more basic understanding of how meds work: (read if you got the attention span for it).

    Second, sense everyone's brain works differently, no one medication has the same effect. Psychiatrists often are drawing out a hat with a selection of medications based on what is known about a patient. So you won't always get the same effect. Third, it is well known in the field of mental health that antidepressants alone does not alleviate depression in patients with underlying problems. It reduces depressive symptoms, but unless the person treats the underlying problems the symptoms come from, its not going to do much.

    It is true ritalin is over prescribed. Unfortunately psychiatrists have little training to recognize beyond the diagnostic criteria of the DSM-IV if whether or not someone has ADHD. Read the criteria yourself: . How many people do you know this would actually apply to? I can say quite a few, even myself. Without additional education in things such as child psychology and family education, psychiatrists are stuck with what the parents tell them, forcing the psychiatrist to diagnose and treat based only on what he knows.

    Dox pls? Newspaper article? Chances are this fellow was probably not a doctor, much less a psychiatrist. Your sounding like a CCHR-fag with this wild story.

    What the hell are you talking about here? If any advertiser thought he was basing his commercial handle on Sigmund Freud's psychosexual theory, he must have gotten it all wrong. Freud's theory about oral fixations was not about penises, lol. Not even about cigarette smoking, it was about people who experienced neglect during childhood, which causes a dependency problem. In the case of addictive substances, that dependency can lead to a need for nicotine, which provides stress relief and thus, can cause addiction to cigarettes.

    Quite the contrary. Its based much on the medical model, which unfortunately limits treatment of disorders being limited to a medical solution. That is how psychiatry began and it is how it continues to develop, with very few psychiatrists actually studying mental health. A lot is involved in prescribing medication, including checking for allergies, possible adverse reactions, and health issues to try to find the right medication to interact with the right neurotransmitter, to have the right effect, with the fewest side effects. And just like medical doctors, psychiatrists have to obey their oath to do no harm. There is real science and real work in collaboration with a lot of genuinely ethical people trying to improve the science to reduce the risks, but also trying to correct the flaws.

    Mostly right about what? Did you even see Psychiatry, industry of death? You realize that where Scientology falls short is in their sources. And sense they have no sources to back up their claims, that pretty much makes your point moot.

    So let me get this straight. First you try to validate Scifags' claims, now your refuting them? I can tell very much that the psychiatry field has very little to worry from you and other crackpots who waist energy spewing bullshit while missing the real problems.
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  30. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    I agree with this:

    But it also depends on where you look. For example: Missouri and where I live is very friendly and isn't all "MEMEMEMEME!! GIMMEGIMMEGIMME!" Most folks here will actually go out of their way to help you. In return, they want nothing except maybe helping somebody else.

    Granted there are assholes in every bunch, but I am positive that the old saying "A few bad apples don't spoil the whole bunch" comes into play. Most of the portrayal of the US makes it look as if we all share the same attitude. However, I believe that not everybody thinks or feels exactly the same way. I am sure the same is true for Canada (I never got why the US likes to make fun of Canada... We have no room to talk) or anywhere else in the world.

    That would be funny if that... Oh wait you are talking VMs... Nevermind.
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  31. annoncangirl Member

    Of course there are some "bad apples" here too...but I think you would be hard pressed to find many that would be willing to sacrifice the rights of many for the benefit of a few. As far as US poking fun at Canada...deep down I think they are all jealous!!
  32. Anonymous Member

    This is really TL;DR, but here are Dox -
  33. Anonymous Member

  34. Anonymous Member

    Orchestral French Horn soloists kill themselves more than string section ensemble players. It's the pressure.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    i appreciate your much needed Humor. thx.
  36. Anonymous Member

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  37. over9000OT Member

    The real reason healthcare is so expensive here is that Big Pharma has to pass on the burden of our huge salaries to consumers. So, in a bizarre twist, Scientology is actually responsible for the high cost of healthcare. And HAARP, and the NWO, and...
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  38. Anonymous Member

    Poor William Shatner. I think he had a cavity in a molar when that pic was taken.


    Sound batshit? It is, and that makes as much sense as what people have said about psychiatry. ITT

    *Of course, he was an idiot when it came to his health. He knew our family history better than I did, he knew he more than met each of the criteria for what is now called "metabolic syndrome" by the AHA, had a high stress job, and he never saw a doctor's order he wouldn't cheerfully ignore as long as he had his high salt, high fat, high sugar food. RIP, you glorious asshole.

    Tl;dr: Psychiatry and cardiology work and they help people, but they don't cure people of stupidity. That's not their job.
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