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Discussion in 'Support Questions' started by Orson, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. Orson Member

    Thought I'd get some discussion going in one place about some of the new features that are pretty cool (at least to me) and others. Also, post any tips you have already figured out to make using things easier.

    There's a whole other thread to BAWWWW in, so please, don't do that here.

    My thoughts to start (please add your own)
    1. Go make sure you set all your privacy and preference settings.
    2. The little blue dot next to a thread title will take you to your first unread post in that thread.

    Cool features:
    Your News Feed: While some think it's creepy (Miranda?) that you can follow users, I like the concept a lot. Clicking on Your News Feed from your profile page will give you all the activity of posters that you are following. I like this because it allows you to keep up with posters you find particularly compelling or who you are anxious to hear from (AnonSparrow for example). Plus it helps me prioritize threads to read.

    Plus, you privacyfags can opt out of showing various elements or all of your activity.

    Conversations replacing private messages: The layout and easy functionality of the conversation feature makes working together collaboratively behind the scenes with multiple other anons much easier. I think this will be a highly used feature. If you have tried the conversation thing yet, do so. It essentially creates a private thread that only invited participants can see and post to. This will be very useful to getting work done before taking it public. Seriously, this is great functionality.
  2. COREarg Member

    I already used the Conversations feature. It's just so easy to use,and more comfortable than the private messages.
    I usually forgot what people said at the pm,so I have to search for them,quote them,then write,then delete the answer the other person gave was really annoying.

    So yeah,I love it. Now I only have to look up a little bit and I know what I was talking about to the other Anon.
  3. Miranda Member

    I didn't say it's creepy to follow users--I'm following you, Orson : )
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  4. COREarg Member

    ^ Not good to hear "Every Breath You Take" at the radio, when you read "I'm following you"
    It makes it look way more creepy than it really is (?)
  5. Mark Cabian Member

    Conversation feature is going to be popular, I think. I really like the newstuff so far!
  6. Orson Member

    Ok. If you have not clicked on the Events link at the top of the page, do so. Very cool features there and another useful planning tool for monthly raids, etc. Be sure to put your monthly raids on the calendar.
  7. AnonLover Member

    so far I sees 3 things that are super cool.

    My Newsfeed - zomg where haz you been all my anon life!?!?!? Except i suck with names and cant think of all the nicks i liek to read off top of head to go find and follow stalk to get the subscriptions i need on my newsfeed to completely ignore the tard threads and skim thru only thru whats worth reading. So now i actually got pay attention to find the peeps i want added to my feed.

    Also these handy drop down list on main forums index - altho absolutely must mark all posts as read on these new boards to truly appreciate the indicators for where unread traffic is.

    Now if we could just get ^^those cool dropdowns one level lower, on the index page on a given initiative - the awkward PITA factor of no longer having the handy overview of hot threads wouldnt be so bad.

    Also the menu pad quick links dropdown has great potential...

    But ^^This needs "All Recent Messages" on the Forums menu pad, and the Home pad should have links to the subforum index for each initiative. That would easy the pain of the roundy-round-dammit i ended up back at main home page by mistake hassles whenever you try to shift a gear and specifically go look at something else.
  8. AnonLover Member

    4th thing... zomg i can dbl click my posts and fix mai damn typos!! wow.
  9. Orson Member

    The news feed, conversations replacing the clunky private message system, the event planner. All are win developments that should make organizing, planning and collaborating much easier.
  10. Kilia Member

    Someone has drawn me into a "conversation" and I want to opt out. How can I do this??
  11. Miranda Member

    At the top of the window there's a link that says "Leave Conversation." It will opt you out. If you can't see it, clear cookies etc.
  12. Mark Cabian Member

    At first, I thought some fora which were previously here were no longer listed - or easily found. Then I poked around. Example: If I go to Forums, and click on Celebrity News (as I recall), a new page appears which has the usual suspects to select from. This is convenient, but not clear at first glance. The same example can be made for global regions, etc. I found the heading that fits best, clicked on it, and then found the category under that heading that is what I sought. Cool!
  13. Kilia Member

    Thank you, Miranda. Did as you instructed and all is well now.
  14. Loki's spawn Member

  15. Anonymous Member

    Oh for Christ sake, my mouse has only so many clicks left in it. Click this, click that, there only so many hours in the day and can't be arsed to be clicking willy nilly all over the place.
  16. Anonymous Member

  17. Loki's spawn Member

    It's still interesting.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Exactly. It's like a WWP Antique Store, full of magical stuff!

    Where else can you find things like this?


    Internet Hat Machine Tip to Jaycee Wiseboy!

    Thank you, Jaycee!
  19. RavenEyes Member

    Love the conversation feature, esp. being able to allow multiple people and having a smooth flow of conversation in which to refer back to. I didn't realize how cumbersome the old PMs were until I discovered the new. :)
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