protests in sydney 2012/2013

Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by anon4366, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. anon4366 Member

    anyone up for planning a few events for Sydney? we seem to be getting left behind...
  2. BHG

    Left behind is an understatement.

    Last 'protest' I remember was back in 2011 with about 5-6 turn out.
    I do miss the old raids.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Bests bet is to grab a few good friends and launch a surprise raid.

    Hit 209 Castlereagh Street and troll hard (and take vids).
  4. Anonymous Member

    :( ! Any thoughts on why we became so thoroughly disengaged from protesting IRL?
  5. FUOSA Member

    Hey, I'm up for it. I'd like to raid an event so we have someone there to hear our message.

    The next event that I know of is the NY event, which occurs usually on the Sat before NY eve, so my best guess would be 29 Dec. Will need to confirm that.

    If someone wants to flash raid Castlereagh, that could be done in the afternoon, then the event raid at about 6:30.

    We lost our leak last year. We now seem to have another one so we can time things right.
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  6. Because the trolls fucked it?
  7. Anonymous Member

    What leak was lost? The leak is always there, if you want it. If people are serious about raiding I will provide the necessary CoS event details.
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  8. Im in Newcastle and up for the drive down, Has any one got more details?
  9. You missed the memo; nothing was fucked, the oldfags retired and ceased protesting because the cancer of newfaggotry was getting too high and things were going to end badly otherwise. We always had an exit strategy, and it was implemented flawlessly.
  10. rof Member

    All we need now is a viable Enter Strategy.

    Men! Steal the fuel from tankers like Mad Max!

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  11. Anonymous Member

    Evidently not in a timely manner, as is evidenced by your late response to this 2 year old thread.
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