Protests in Baltimore over the arrest and death of Freddie Gray

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Wrong Guy, Apr 27, 2015.

  1. The Wrong Guy Member

    This became the top story on all of the American TV news channels today, and it's significant enough to deserve its own thread.

    First, here are some previous posts about Freddie Gray.
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  2. The Wrong Guy Member

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  3. Darth Alor Member

    shits happening again sigh, when the illiterates are in charge of a protest this is what happens...
  4. laughingsock Member

    Do you know why Dr. Martin Luther king got his message through and literally changed this country for the better?

    Through PEACEFUL protest and civil disobedience.

    Every time i see people loot and burn down their own community i have to ask myself "what do you expect from this?"
    Stores don't rebuild, reality companies stop investing and the unemployment rate gets worse than it already was.

    The Next part really gets me.
    Now you have the possibility that maybe just maybe the protests have given the police state yet another reason to over arm and treat citizens as enemy combatants.

    MLK knew this and he was successful in effecting true change. Yes I'm aware he was killed for his efforts.

    Rant over, carry on.
  5. ravenanon Member

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  6. laughingsock Member

    Not an anon mask to be seen. Looks like there were lessons learned from the Ferguson stain.
  7. The Wrong Guy Member

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  8. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    I wonder in these cases how many looters are locals. Or are a lot of them people from outside just seizing an opportunity.
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  9. Hugh Bris Member

    From the Baltimore Sun:
    It looks like it's mostly locals getting arrested. I've never once, in my 50 years of listening to news coverage of riots, heard a cop or City official say "It's our people doing this." That just won't happen. But their own arrest records are pretty indicative.
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  10. The Wrong Guy Member

    the other one @imfromraleigh · 9 hours ago
    "Suspect" is so fucked up.


    Mychal Denzel Smith @mychalsmith · 6 hours ago
    Stop calling for peace when you really mean silence.

    Christopher Ingraham @_cingraham · 2 hours ago
    Jaw-dropping stats on Freddie Gray's Baltimore neighborhood: half of residents not working, 33% of homes vacant.


    Christopher Ingraham @_cingraham · 1 hour ago
    In Freddie Gray's neighborhood, there were 465 drug-related 911 calls for every 1,000 residents in 2011.

    Justin Fenton @justin_fenton · 41 minutes ago
    Out-of-town reporters will try to survey the damage tomorrow not realizing how many burned/damaged buildings already existed in these neighborhoods.

    The Baltimore Chop @ThBaltimoreChop · 27 minutes ago
    Watching 6-8 people try to loot Waverly Tavern. 911 hold time about 5 mins. Response time TBD.
  11. The Wrong Guy Member

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  12. Anonymous Member

    It really is a shame that some idiots felt the need to loot and burn whilst genuine protesters took to the streets to voice their disgust and disillusion at yet another black person killed by the police! Obviously now the news reports are no longer concentrating on the real reason the masses took to the streets but on the chaos and destruction caused by a few mindless fucking morons and opportunists.
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  13. System Member

    i dont condone violence this just shows that this country hasnt really changed one bit we all need to unite and move this country forward or we will forever lose it
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Great ideas and beautiful words have always been used as an excuse for lazy retarded people blaming everyone but themselves for their failures, envious and hateful, only willing to destroy.
  15. The Wrong Guy Member

    ACLU: 109 people in Maryland died after police encounters between 2010-2014

    When Maryland did not track deaths after police encounters, the ACLU said it decided to.

    10,000 Strong Peacefully Protest In Downtown Baltimore, Media Only Reports The Violence and Arrest of Dozens

    “A number of protesters were concerned that Baltimore—nicknamed “Charm City”—was being treated unfairly in the media after the trouble on Saturday. Baltimore was not out of control,” said Karen DeCamp, a director at the Greater Homewood Community Corporation, a nonprofit advocacy organization, who was demonstrating outside the funeral home, Sunday. “Baltimore was not burning. A very small number of people made some trouble, and it was completely blown out of proportion.”
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  16. The Wrong Guy Member

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  17. Gang members: We did not make truce to harm cops

    Gov. Larry Hogan addresses Baltimore violence

  18. Trump = wannabe badass mofo
  19. Militia Identifies Enemy Targets For Baltimore Riots


    Oh thats right .. It's this guy \/

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  20. The Wrong Guy Member

    Amid Baltimore Violence, Orioles to Play Game Closed to the Public | Associated Press

    The Orioles will play the Chicago White Sox on Thursday afternoon at Camden Yards in a rare Major League Baseball game closed to the public, a decision that followed rioting in Baltimore.

    The announcement of the closed-doors game came after the Orioles postponed games against Chicago on Monday and Tuesday. The start of Wednesday’s game was moved up five hours to 2:05 p.m.

    The game will be televised, but no spectators will be allowed in.

    In the history of Major League Baseball, this has never happened before.
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  21. Is this an act?
  22. The Wrong Guy Member

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  23. The Wrong Guy Member

    Voices Of The Freddie Gray Protest: Part 2

    Published by Stefanie Mavronis on April 28, 2015

    Second part of a series highlighting voices from the #FreddieGray protests Saturday, April 25th in Baltimore, Maryland. Featuring voices from the Sandtown-Winchester community, where Freddie lived, and community advocates, who marched from the Western District Police Department to City Hall in Downtown, Baltimore.

    For more coverage on the death of Freddie Gray and how Baltimore is responding, visit and

    Please share this video.
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  24. Hugh Bris Member

    Some mayor they've got there
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  25. Hugh Bris Member

    I feel like the end of an era just occurred, that something important, and very bad, just happened. I hope this is just a fleeting feeling, but truly, I think it is a symbol of how scared our society has become...and I know this makes me ineffably sad.
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  26. The Wrong Guy Member

    Here are two more popular Baltimore hashtags:

    Also, as of the top of this hour, the curfew is in effect.
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    blinkey cravis
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  28. The Wrong Guy Member

    Baltimore Police Were Harassing Students Before Monday's Uprising

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  29. Hugh Bris Member

    Here's a story from the Baltimore Sun.
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  30. The Wrong Guy Member

    Loretta Lynch's supporters have advice for her on Baltimore

    Allies say Lynch should visit Baltimore soon and seize national debate on policing issues.


    Lynch quickly got to work Monday, briefing President Barack Obama on the situation in Baltimore less than six hours after she was sworn in by Vice President Joe Biden at Justice Department headquarters. She was confirmed by the Senate last week on a 56-43 vote, more than five months after she was nominated by Obama in November.

    On Tuesday, she directed the Justice Department’s outreach to key leaders and groups in Baltimore, as well as telling Gupta and Davis to contact families for both Gray and the Baltimore police officers injured in the demonstrations on Monday.

    The Justice officials sent to Baltimore met with Gray’s family to express their condolences, according to a readout from the department Tuesday night. And during their meeting with a Baltimore police officer who is still hospitalized after Monday’s violent protests, the Justice officials reiterated that safety of officers are a priority, according to the readout.

    Though Lynch said contact with Gray’s family was essential, she also added, according to a Justice Department official: “When officers get injured in senseless violence, they become victims as well.”

    Lynch held a conference call Tuesday with key members of the Maryland delegation on the current DOJ investigations into the Baltimore police and other assistance that the department could give. She also spoke with Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, according to a Justice Department official.

    She “assured us that the DOJ investigations of the Baltimore City Police Department are ongoing and have her highest priority and attention,” Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) said Tuesday night. “I feel confident that the DOJ will conduct thorough investigations and that the findings will help provide answers to the many questions surrounding the death of Freddie Gray and the policies and practices of the Baltimore City Police Department.”

    Those who have worked with Lynch closely in years past describe a lawyer who keeps a steady hand, even in the throes of crisis.

    “When things get hot, she gets cool and focused,” said David Barlow, a former U.S. attorney from Utah who served with Lynch on a committee of U.S. attorneys that provide advice to the attorney general. He, like Fedarcyk, testified on Lynch’s behalf at her confirmation hearings before the Senate in January. “She is dispassionate, cool, and steady, rather than visceral.”

    And even some of her critics had no qualms with how Lynch has handled the crisis in Baltimore so far.
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  31. Hugh Bris Member

    The mayor have misspoke:
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  32. Hugh Bris Member

    Here is the best analysis of why riots happen I've ever read, and some possible workable responses

    By 'entrepreneur' they mean the person who throws the first stone (usually breaking a plate glass window) that signals the start of the riot.
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  33. The Wrong Guy Member

    Here's some background on all this that's worth reading:

    7 Facts Everyone Needs to Know to Understand What's Happening in Baltimore

    By Gregory Krieg, Mic, April 28, 2015

    Here are the article's headings:

    1. The city of Baltimore has paid more than $5 million to settle police brutality cases in the last four years.

    2. Victims of police brutality are forced to keep silent about what happened after settling with the city.

    3. In 2007, officers broke an 87-year-old woman's shoulder after her grandson was shot.

    4. Police use "rough rides" to punish suspects on the drive back to headquarters.

    5. Just 28% of Baltimore city residents are white, but they make up 46% of the police force.

    6. Four hundred and fifty-eight people from Gray's neighborhood are in state prison.

    7. Fifty-two percent of working-age residents in Gray's community are unemployed.
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  34. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Simplistic explanation is simplistic.
  35. Kilia Member

    I watched it on a LIVE stream from a Baltimore TV station and was horrified at the destruction I saw taking place!
  36. Hugh Bris Member

    Did you read the article? If not, then your summary is too simplistic. That was one sentence of 11 pages. I felt it best summed up the article. but it was hardly the only point,

    Go read the article, then let's talk.
  37. Ann O'Nymous Member

    1. I missed the link the first time. My bad.
    2. I read through the paper, but had a closer look to the references; all I can say is that it isn't impressive.
    3. It is always a good thing to cite a 20 year old non referenced paper...
    4. An institute paid by one of the Koch brothers seems to be a good source of information...
  38. Hugh Bris Member

    The article looks at the incentives to rioting. It uses an economic perspective to see what the incentives are. It looks at what circumstances are needed for a riot to break out. It looks at riots born from anger (bad justice issues) and from joy (Our Team Won The Game). It comes up with some interesting and unhappy conclusions. It had a lot to say.

    Your objections seems quite weak. "It wasn't impressive" isn't a critique it's an opinion.

    I wonder if you have any actual objections to their reasoning.

    As for the Koch Brothers, it's laughable when people complain about them. It shows a real lack of awareness of the ways the Democrats get their money. In fact, it shows a willingness to ignore easily learned facts about who donates and how much.

    Ah well, I've learned not to expect reason when liberals discuss the Kochs. Sad but true.
  39. Ann O'Nymous Member

    What is interesting here ? Nothing, IMHO.

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