Protests in Albany, NY

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by girlcat, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. girlcat Member

    Hello, I'm looking for the next scn protest in Albany, NY. I was raised in the church- have been out for many years. I feel that I have to become involved in the protests. I'll share my story for those who ask. Peace.
  2. Anonymous Member

    You may have to catch a dose of “do it faggot” and organise one yourself.
  3. girlcat Member

    Ha- "do it faggot"- well I'm not such a great organizer- wouldn't know how to start- don't know the legalities.
  4. Anonymous Member

    The big thing that may be an issue is that NY has laws that may bar the wearing of masks. If you contact the local PD they can give you some advice. It always helps to give the PD notice of when you plan to protest since it helps counteract scifag BAWWWW.

    I cannot be of much more help I’m afraid since I’m not even in your country. Albany used to have a pretty dedicated protester before he went batshit insane. I’m sure it wasn’t the protesting though.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Keep us updated if you go forward. I'm relatively far away, but Albany is still the closest to me. I never did go the Albany protests b/c of the previously mentioned batshit insane protest--I went elsewhere instead.

    This could be very good.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Batshit insane "protester" that is. ^^^^
  7. Anonymous Member

    At risk of stirring up drama, "who?"
  8. hushpuppy Member

    Welcome girlcat! I see that you signed up months ago, but started posting only yesterday.
    Planned protest threads can be found here: I don't see any scheduled action in Albany though :(

    I don't know if you've checked out the Ex Scientology Kids forum yet - it's pretty dead these days, but still has some very interesting reading. You might even find some long lost friends that are also out of CoS :)
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  9. Anonymous Member

  10. Anonymous Member

    Im near the area, if you do plan a protest i'll try to get there
  11. Anyone noticed that the sign at the mission in Guilderland (Albany) is no longer there? Did it close?
  12. Anonymous Member

    For the lulz, here's a google street view from June, 2011:


    Looking quite prosperous, don't you think?
  13. Hmmm...I was referring to the location in a shared office-type building on Western Avenue. The placard on the sign that said Dianetics - Mission of Albany is gone and it has been replaced with a blank white one as of a few weeks ago...
  14. Anonymous Member

    I'd take the semiotics of that situation at face value. It's gone. Maybe confirm with a telephone call?
  15. Anonymous Member

    Apple Icons in the screen shot - classy
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  16. anonymous562 Member

    By now im aware that most of you know im from CT, but i too wouldnt mind going to NYC to do a scn protest if anyone is interested?.....
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Would be nice to see Albany rise again. Hoping you lot get shit together down there.
  18. Anonymous Member

    If anyone has legitimate interest in organizing a protest against the church in Albany....lets start talking.
  19. Anonymous Member

    And a lovely church it is, or isn't...

    Albany cult of scientology.png

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