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Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by RolandRB, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. RolandRB Member

    Hi taxpayer, you need to learn how to quote text because it looks like I stated the whole block instead of the first line I actually did.

    I sent in a recent FOI request to ask CoLCorp what proof they had that COSRECI qualified as passing the public benefit test and they said they had not reviewed the situation since COSRECI was granted charitable rates relief so things are still the same.

    A bit more on Michael Cogher. If it is the same guy then he was assistant director of Legal and Democratic Services at Hammersmith and Fulham:

    And if the same guy then he was previously Director of Legal Services at Kensington and Chelsea.

    On the legal side of that then the functions will be the same for all local authorities such as this one where the role is explained.

    The Legal Services section provides professional legal advice for the council, covering all the council's services and ensuring that decisions made by the council are both legal and within their statutory powers.

    In the case of the decision to give COSRECI mandatory rates relief the CoLCorp themselves admit that it is not legal but Colvin did nothing to stop it so there is a chance that this new guy might change things. He looks to be a high flyer and at the very least he should have a bit of a clue on the legal side.

    On the legal side then as already stated, 1) the CoLCorp themselves have admitted that granting mandatory rates relief to COSRECI is not legal because they do not meet the jurisdictional requirement. They asked for money from central government to help cover their legal costs to attempt to reverse the situation but did not get a response. Bad on central government but then it is the duty of local authorities to collect rates and not that of central government. 2) The Charity Commission is a quasi-judicial body, as clarified in the Charities Act 2011, and they have said that the Church of Scientology does not qualify as a charity for a number of reasons. They have also stated in writing to Camden council that the same applies to COSRECI (see 2nd page of below) FOI Response Information Disclosed.pdf

    It is beyond the powers of CoLCorp to overrule that decision because it is effectively a decision made by a lower court. They would have to be a higher court themselves to overrule it which they are not.

    If Michael Cogher is new to the job then there is no telling what sort of mess he might have inherited. I can't imagine this rates relief thing having a high priority.

    More info on the CoLCorp decision to continue granting rates relief:
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    Sorry, I goofed, using a rubbish interface. Hopefully this post isn't mangled.

    Thanks, have read that properly now and if there's been no review then it's against their normal procedures according to statements in their previous FOIA responses.

    The response to your request (Sept 2012) said:

    Conflicting with:

    Finance Committee minutes 27 September 2010

    FOIA request by WT, July 2011:

    So why no review(s) and no documentation?
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  3. RolandRB Member

  4. RolandRB Member

    This is a brilliant find. How can we leverage it?

    I am thinking that a very well worded letter could get us somewhere but I don't have the skills to draft it. I would think this were better done by a person who knows how to write friendly but official letters to local government departments.

    Maybe this can still be achieved in a polite way using official channels, even if three years overdue, especially now there is a new man at the helm. I don't have the skills to achieve this and even if I did I am not the right person to make the approach (I told them I might take it to judicial review). So who of you out there can do this?

    If somebody can do this and pull it off then I'll come back over to England for a Saturday, City of London pub crawl.
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  6. RolandRB Member

    I think they should definitely be considered as a picket target since they are currently the biggest financial backers of Scientology in the UK and they give the cult UK taxpayers' money that could otherwise be used for essential services.

    Old age pensioners will die of cold or sleep homeless and newborn babies will die through lack of care in hospital because the City of London Corporation has diverted £280K per year of UK taxpayers' money to fatten the cult.
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