Protesting Safely: A Guide

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    General Guidelines for All Protests

    Following a few basic common-sense guidelines at raids will help you to protest effectively, to avoid problems and to enjoy yourself.

    • Don’t protest alone.
    • Before planning a raid, always check local laws regarding public gatherings, and get a permit if one is required.
    • If this is your first raid, contact your local cell and arrange to meet beforehand. Stay together.
    • Organize in squads of ten to fifteen people, with no more than one megaphone per squad.
    • Prepare signs and flyers before protesting. Make sure they are simple, readable and pertinent to the protest.
    • Consider protecting your name, face and identity for safety's sake. In general, WWP encourages protesters to avoid sharing personal information even with other Anons.
    • Film the raid so you can share a post-game video, and particularly if you expect any trouble or problems.
    • Avoid behavior that can be considered aggressive or annoying. Be polite at all times, and stay cool in the face of opposition.
    • No violence, weapons, graffiti or vandalism.
    • No alcohol before or during protests.
    • Stay across the street from the object of your protest. If there's no street, look for another natural boundary.
    • Stay off of private property.
    Working With Police
    • Be especially polite, low-key, and cooperative when talking with police. (This includes providing identification if requested.) Thank them for their involvement, even if decisions don’t go your way.
    • Do not ask for badge numbers unless police are behaving very abusively.
    • Contact the police immediately if anyone in the group is harassed.
    • If police are unavailable, film any suspicious behavior and leave.
    Consider this advice from an experienced Anon:

    Never place the police in the position where they have no choice.

    • If they are attacked, they will have no choice.
    • If there is vandalism/looting, they will have no choice.
    • If there is violence between factions in the crowd, they will have no choice.
    • If they are allowed to choose, and they choose to attack, nothing has been lost.
    • However, if they choose not to attack and to watch, then you have won.

    What to Bring

    Consult your local cell for advice about what to bring (and not bring) to a raid. A few things are essential, though:

    • Cash for transportation and food
    • Identification in case you’re stopped by police
    • Water
    • Comfortable shoes
    • Seasonal clothing
    • A sign or pamphlets
    Face Coverings

    Guy Fawkes masks are often worn, though not required. Before buying a mask to protest in, check your local ordinance and consult your local cell—in some locations masks are not permitted. If you prefer, you can cover your face with surgical, dust or theatrical masks; facepaint; or veils. To find a Guy Fawkes mask, ask your local cell or check out online vendors:

    Enjoy yourself, be safe and be sure to post an account or video of your protest!
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