Protester arrested at "Stand Tall" raid at Celebrity Centre, Aug. 6, 2011

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by mnql1, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Smurf Member

    Not exactly. Notice the phrase "give the impression" in the clause? It has nothing to do with wearing badges, but the intent behind the act. In other words, one cannot wear a uniform or badge that gives the impression they are under the jurisdiction of the "federal government, a state government, or any political subdivision of a state government."

    It is perfectly legal for a security guard to wear a badge identifying him or her as a security guard & if the badge is provided by the licensed company.
  2. i'mglib Member

    This is purely my feeling, but it seemed like the cops were totally on the Scientologists side from the beginning. Often the cops play mediators, and seem to take the stance of telling both sides what they DON'T want to hear. You know what I mean? They'll tell the protesters to keep the driveways clear, don't tell people to honk, etc, and tell the Scientologists that the protesters have a right to protest, so deal with it.

    That didn't happen here. Both of the cops (Push-in-boots, and grey mustache cop) came on very strong. They spent at least an half hour talking to OSA, and no time talking to us. You know, usually they say something like, "You have a right to protest BUT blah blah blah."

    Push-in-boots clearly wanted to present a tough cop persona. Maybe it was because one of the protesters had already given them a hard time about the street closure. I mean, that's possible, but I just felt like both of them spent way too much time talking to OSA to believe they were being fair.

    And, yeah, the camera situation was like something out of a movie. Who knows what would have happened if the cameras weren't there? I feel like Push-in-boots came stridently into the situation to control it, like "I'll handle this for you. Let me get these cameras outta here." That's purely my take.
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  3. DeathHamster Member

    Are we talking about Officer Push-in-Boots? If so, I doubt the security guard rules apply to an off duty/special duty actual police officer. They're not moon-lighting on a second job, but are still police officers contracted through the city.

    Even if a public street is closed to traffic, I don't think it suddenly becomes private property owned by CoS, or does it? It's likely that CoS private security guards can't legally stop people from walking down a public sidewalk or even the closed street, or anything that isn't actual CoS property, so they need real officer there to make it legalish. Lawfags?
  4. Smurf Member

    The protesters stood to jeopardize Push-in-boots moonlighting meal ticket & "most favored" status with the cult. Gotta impress the hand that feeds you, ya know?
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  5. Smurf Member

    Correct. Sworn police officers are not bound by the same rules of security guards when the cops are contracted through the city. The City of San Diego put out a doc explaining the difference.. I couldn't find a similar doc for Los Angeles, but the circumstances are the same.

    "It is the responsibility of the Host Organization to contract with a licensed private security company and to ensure that the company has the ability to respond to the security needs of the event and surrounding environment. Private security officers have no police powers except the ability to perform a citizen’s arrest.

    The San Diego Police Department may require department staff to be present at your event to supplement your security plan and to provide additional presence at your event. These sworn officers are there to enforce laws. It is not the responsibility of police officers to provide the services that are the job of private security staff. If your special event impacts the community outside your venue, police services in addition to those needed to directly support your event may be required."
  6. I've watched the videos several times and it looks to me like "Steve" puts his left hand on the officer right before he is shoved. I've watched the slow-mo versions but can't see it, likely due to compression artifacts. I see it every time in the original.
    If that is the case, then it might give the cop more outs. I.e., "He could have been reaching for my gun." etc.
  7. Smurf Member

    I doubt the cop could make that case. It's a matter of whether his touching the officer was aggressive in nature or self-defense. If the cop was bullying him and got into his face, the natural instinct would be to raise the hand to protect oneself. If the cop shoved him the way he did simply because Steve touched him, that would still be excessive force. I've touched and patted LAPD officers on the shoulders at protests and didn't get shoved into the street.
  8. DeathHamster Member

    I'm sure that after Rodney King, police have gotten used to the idea that they might be recorded. (Even by their own cruisercams.) I guess the badcop response is to get the guy with the camera and disappear the evidence. (As was done to Mark Bunker in Chicago years ago.) It still has to sink in with them that almost everyone is carrying a video camera these days, and there's a growing reflex to tape everything.

    I'm betting that the video from Mr Fingers' camera has already been "lost" (possibly the entire camera), and Push is working on a good story of how the destruction of evidence happened in his custody.
  9. Yeah but, "He put his hand on me and I shoved him." Sounds better than, "I shoved him."

    Anywho, thought I would point it out because it didn't seem obvious, especially not in the slow-mo versions.
  10. Smurf Member

    You would think that the LAPD would learn by their mistakes, but continuing incidents of excessive force & other scandals in the LAPD continue to dog it. The LAPD is considered one of the worst in the nation. Remember this last year?

    The guy videotaping it was tackled by cops who tried to prevent him from taping thier abuse. Several cops were suspended after photos & videotape of the incident got out.
  11. xenubarb Member

    I don't think those uniforms are distinguishable from LAPD.
  12. xenubarb Member

    Not to derail, but Apple created a way to shut down the phone/video function of YOUR phone, remotely. (assuming you have iPhone) It troubles me because of situations just like this.

    Can't carry guns, can't carry cameras, what's next? Pants?
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  13. anonamus Member

    To me it looks like Steve is raising his left hand as an instinctive reaction because the pushercop walks up close to his body.
  14. Anonymous Member

    That isn't what happened. He was wearing a police badge, and other police insignia. If he was acting in a private capacity, that is a violation. It is not a complicated concept.
  15. Note: I believe you're mixing two convo's together. Smurf's answer was referring to CC's security guards and, I believe, you're speaking of the protester & officer McPushsAlot.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    As the officer walks toward him, Steve bends his elbows, placing his hands in front of his own chest, as he says, "Listen..." The officer walks into his personal space and pushes him. Steve never takes a step toward the officer. If Steve's hands touched the officer, it is because the officer walked into them.
  17. Anonymous Member

    I think this is precisely the cult's idea.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Should be standard issue to Anons...
  19. Sonichu Moderator

  20. Interrobanger Member

    I also noticed that Steve brought his hand up as the officer approached and that could explain Buddy's accusations. I cannot tell whether or not Steve touched the officer, but I saw nothing to indicate Steve was being aggressive with his gesture. The gesture is similar to the one he made prior to the officer getting in his face. From the shadows one can clearly see that Steve jumped to the line demarcated by the work zone signs and then stood planted as the officer rushed into his face. Given the officer's intrusion into Steve's personal space there is very little room between them at that moment and hence Steve's hand is also still very close to Steve's own person. Hard for me to imagine the police get far with it.
  21. Interrobanger Member

    Kudos to the brave, persistent persons that helped make "clear that the sidewalk couldn't be closed." I'd like to hear more about how that happened, if picketers availed themselves of the officers' new understanding and whether it is likely to have an effect on future pickets.
  22. Interrobanger Member

    The legal standing of the security guards is a separate topic and its discussion in this thread is confusing some readers. Plus the sissy drama it spurned has gotten tedious.

    The street permit closure issue is inherently part of the topic of this thread, has not bloomed into a topic meriting its own thread and should remain in this thread.

  23. QFT. This is basically what I saw too. It just disappeared in the slow-mo versions and I wanted to make sure people saw it.
  24. Anonymous Member

    I agree with the observations that he looks like a cop. We all know what a security guard looks like. This guy is dressed with his utility belt full, like a cop on a walking beat. Or maybe a CHP in a big city, where their lives are at greater risk.
  25. Smurf Member

    If this is the case, the officer is guilty of "excessive force" and should be reported through an attorney. Don't expect to be treated fairly by reporting it directly to the LAPD. When LAPD Officer Porter shoved me (during the sign lighting ceremony at Big Blue), I advised him I was going to report him to Internal Affairs. He smirked, said he didn't care, and I could report him to President Obama for all he cared.

    After I had a civil attorney file a complaint on my behalf, with copies of the videotape going to City Council President Eric Garcetti & the Mayors Office, Officer Porter lived to regret his attitude and words. He was reprimanded and denied future moonlighting opportunities at PAC Base.

    The LAPD doesn't like it when civil attorneys get involved in their shit.
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  26. AnonLover Member

    Here's hoping Officer Push-n-Boots gets some of the same... if we smack the knuckles of one cult loving cop at a time, LAPD might not suck so badly after awhile.
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  27. Anonymous Member

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  28. Anonymous Member

    It's Tuesday night in California. What happened to Mark? Was he released or bailed out? How is he? Has anyone heard from him? Any one made any inquiries at the jail about his whereabouts?
  29. Anonymous Member

    It was a person with Mark who was arrested, not Mark. I am very sure we would have heard long before now if the guy was missing in the system somewhere. Probably the less said around here about it the better. Seems to bring too many e-lolyers out of the woodwork.
  30. i'mglib Member

    Here's my video. As I said, I neglected to PRESS RECORD somehow while the altercation with the police was taking place. Also, the lens is a little smudged. Other than that it's great.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    Some very basic facts would be nice though, just out of concern, and nothing that the cult wouldn't already know.
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  32. Diablo Member

    At 6:40 when the troll MOXON appears, did anyone else notice he has really aged?

    Not well either.

    He has a big turkey neck.

    Must be all the guilt for sending his daughter to the RPF and then she dies in the cult's hands. I wonder if heartless/brainless midget asked Moxon to create the necessary paperwork for OSHA so they wouldn't be fined...I like how cult turns on each other.

    Speaking of douchebags and turning on each other....where is Tommy Davis? His mommy has been low key for a while too...hopefully Tommy will end up like Stacey and Anne will leave cult!

    Yeah, I said it....
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  33. anonamus Member

    U seriuz?
    I hope he's still the cult's spokesman, noone can do a better footbulling job than he, me thinks.
    Imagine if he really has been RPF'ed, and they get a real clever one instead, a super-duper spindoctor..
    That would make the lulztask of taking down the cult harder.

    But yep, Moxon looks old.. nice if he soon gets too old to practice.
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  34. Enturbulette Member

    I hope they at least bought you dinner.
  35. Diablo Member

    Yes, I hope he leaves earth for his next life OR blows and tells all!
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  36. xenubarb Member

    I hope he tries to treat cancer with auditing. It's like R2-45, only you give them all your money before you die.
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  37. Anonymous Member

    You could ask Mark who posts here & on OCMB. If he's willing to cough up the info.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Any name to go with the badge number of officer Push n Boots.
  39. i'mglib Member

    Here's Mark Bunker with Buddy Richardson, the same guy in my video:

    Isn't it weird how similar the videos of the handlers seem after a while. Somehow they all have the exact same facial expression, the same shrug, the same way of trying to "cave people in". I have been noticing this for a while. They're all exactly like Mary DeMoss.
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  40. the anti Member

    thats something i've been saying for some time, they have the same type of behavioral pattens and almost look dead inside. bridge to total freedom huh? not when everyone is the same

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