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Discussion in 'Canada' started by Anonymous, Nov 16, 2012.

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    That's can be interesting:

    Have the individual rights more importance than the community rights?

    This is a follow of Quebecers protest for school accessibiltity this spirng.

    ***For my english, someone can correct please?
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    lol wut
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    Only individuals have rights. When groups are given rights is when the troubles start.
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    I'm sure the blacks, gays, unions, and the media are thrilled you think so, inaccurate as that statement may be.
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    Some one be trolling the board with moar diversionary and redundant crap again? Shit, its not even Statsurday yet.
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    Good christ that's a mess, not correctable.

    Individuals make up the community, communities make up societies, societies are made up of humans, and humans have rights.
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    With the Liberal Party of Quebec, individual right's had more importance. I don't know if you read the article but, my school was on court injonction because "The right of Studying" have more importance then "Education access rights".
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    Not really, I fight cops behind my school for defend democracy. My school have vote to fight.
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    Oops, this is already in the Canada forum. sorry.
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    As a former Anglo, tell me about Quebec's respect for individual rights vs the collectivité regarding language laws. The Liberals passed Bill-22, then the péquistes followed up with Bill-101, and so on.

    They're all a bunch of hot-dog eaters.
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    At least he understands the founding fucking fathers. The rest of you are way off base
    Any rights that a collective have are derived from the rights held by the individuals in the group. This is because a group is a concept and concepts don't have rights. Only a person can have rights. A group can never have rights and it certainly can;t have rights that the individual does not possess.

    If you think groups have rights, you do not understand the concept as understood by the people who founded the United States of America
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    You're right, the people in this thread probably aren't as familiar with the founding fathers as you are...considering they're CANADIAN and this is a CANADIAN thread about CANADA.
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    My mistake.
    but rights are rights, my dear. A right is the same in Canada as it is in the US as it is in England, Ireland, Vietnam Somalia, wherever you go, the concept of a right is the same. So when you talk about the rights of groups, I know you are clueless about the very concept of rights.
    The Declaration is a well known statement of rights, so it seemed appropriate to show just how different your conception of a right is from how it was thought of in the past.

    tl;dr lol at someone thinking a group has rights. What a load of hooey
  19. And that's where all the mess begins. :rolleyes:

    Humans have no rights beside those given to them by communities (besides lonesome mastubating inside one's bathroom)
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    Weary sigh at yet another Americunt thinking that America is the world.
  21. anonymous612 Member

    Anon poster above: dude, I'm so sorry. Just think how bad it must be to live in the same country as him.

    Except when it isn't.

    For instance, England has many, many more exceptions to their Free Speech rule than we do (my favorite is in cases where it would "scandalize" judges). In India, any speech "which brings contempt towards government" is illegal (and we're talking prison time illegal). EDIT: In fact, TODAY a woman in India was arrested for "liking" a friend's facebook status. Blasphemy is illegal in Iran. The government of Malaysia has told its media to submit to voluntary self-censorship in order to avoid disrupting "religious harmony." I'm going to assume you don't really think China's concept of the right to free speech is the same as in the US. In South Korea, behaviors and speech favorable of North Korea are illegal. Insulting a group is illegal in Denmark. In France, holocaust denial and anything that presents drug use as a positive (ie, good, cool, enjoyable) is illegal. It's also illegal to insult the national anthem (is that, like, a problem? Does that even happen?). Germany bans insult, satire that doesn't "respect human dignity," malicious gossip, holocaust denial, membership in the Nazi party, or support of the Nazi party, or display of Nazi symbols, or dissemination of Nazi propaganda, disparaging: the president, the state, the symbols of the country, foreign government officials...and then there's "approving of crimes," casting false suspicion, insulting religion, insulting "organizations dedicated to a life philosophy" (sorry Scientology)...oh, and my favorite, it's illegal to disseminate pornographic writings.

    Tell me again how everyone in the world is granted the same rights?

    Seriously, I can't believe you just actually tried to claim that the Declaration of (AMERICAN) Independence applies to anyone else. Hell, it isn't even legally binding on US, because it isn't a law. It's basically a really fancy "Dear John, I'm breaking up with you, love America" letter. Also, just for the record, American rights were granted in the CONSTITUTION, not the DECLARATION.

    Think of it this way. If rights meant the same thing everywhere in the world...then why did we have to declare independence from England?
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    I don't want to be a party pooper for the OP, but seriously the students protest was a bunch of crybabies refusing to acknowledge the fact that tuition fee are kept artificially low since the late 70's. Now get over it and just pay to get an education, Quebec is one of the places in the world where its the most affordable to study. Try getting a similar education in the USA for example, and you will realize you are getting a pretty sweet deal(and for the record I'm a Quebeccer myself). Now can we move on to some real activism instead of coming back on that shit. There are things that are more broken then the Quebec tuition system in the world.

    My 2 cents.
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    But it's a society choice.
    You can have your opinion on "What kind of society do you want?". The province of Quebec have, your rights,"is one of the place in the world where its the most affordable to study" but, quebec have the poorer average income(Thanks google traduction), in general. Secondly, this province have college who cost somthing too. So, in general, if you count college + university cost, éducation cost more than other institution in general in Canada. So, I don't want you judge the cause, I want you judge the consequence and not all, but the fear system in Quebec(and maybe Canada too). If you tchek the first comment on this forum, the question is:"Have the individual rights more importance than the community rights?"
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    I am saying that rights are not defined by government or by people but by nature or god, depending on how you approach the matter. The concept of rights, OTOH, are clearly developed by people.

    Near as I can tell, you say rights come from governments, which is clearly absurd if rights are natural. And it also demolishes the very concept of a 'right' if we need someone's permission to have a 'right'

    The declaration of independence is simply the best well known wording of the natural rights position.

    So, your assertion that laws = rights ignores the whole liberal revolution that saw its apotheosis in the US declaration. That stated clearly that governments are NOT the source of rights.

    Why you persist in ignoring that puzzles me.

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