Protest of Canadian Advanced Org.

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Chuck Smith, Apr 19, 2010.

  1. AIN Member

    Re: Protest of Canadian Advanced Org.

    1. dox=docs=documents=Information
    2. The guy organizing this raid
    3. As a whole we are, but for IRL shit, we still need someone to figure out dates, get permits, etc.
    4. He outted the anonymous protesters
    5. Cut off your entire foot.
  2. Chuck Smith Member

    Re: Protest of Canadian Advanced Org.

    That clears that up. My foot feels much better.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: Protest of Canadian Advanced Org.


    1/ dox = documents; doxed = being identified, no longer being anonymous Docs - Encyclopedia Dramatica

    2/ we use the suffix -fag as "a term of derision/endearment. your affiliation/location suffixed with "fag"; e.g. Macfag, Britfag, newfag, Scifag, etc." Fag - Encyclopedia Dramatica

    3/ we (Toronto, etc) do not have a leaderfag, although someone may have tried to be last Thursday

    4/ lurk moar, or PM those who know

    5/ gangrene. Get your ass to a hospital. (I am not a dermatologist)
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Protest of Canadian Advanced Org.

    that's why OP should always post anonymously. Anonymous is our leader ^_^
  5. Chuck Smith Member

    Re: Protest of Canadian Advanced Org.

    OK Back to planning Project Deep Woods.

    So far i have the following on my honey do list (These are not in order even though i have numbered them):

    1/ Create a mailing for local government and other officials to let them know about Scientology
    2/ Create a press release for the local news papers.
    3/ Check the cell signal situation on site.
    4/ Contact local cab companies to firm up a price
    5/ Set a date and apply for permits
    6/ Write a letter to the Bruce Trail Club so that they know we are on their side.
    7/ Need materials to educate locals of the danger that lurks- this is for use in all materials
    8/ Try to find something to put where my foot used to be.
    9/ Other - Just things that are none of your business (Clean underwear for example)

    Please let me know if you have any other suggestions. This is going to be fun.


    Anyone decided if they are going to show up for this shin dig?
  6. Chuck Smith Member

    Re: Protest of Canadian Advanced Org.

    You guys chicken to protest in the woods??????

    P.S. Still want help with information even if you are chicken.
    P.S. Chickens don't belong in the woods anyway.
  7. Chuck Smith Member

    Re: Protest of Canadian Advanced Org.

    Bunch of Chickenfags!!!!!!

  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: Protest of Canadian Advanced Org.

    But remember, according to the mods, there are no lulzfags or moralfags. We're all just moralfags.
  9. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: Protest of Canadian Advanced Org.

    I'd totally do this, if I were at least 100 miles closer.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: Protest of Canadian Advanced Org.

    1) Doxing: The purpose of discovering and revealing personal real-life information on a specific target, e.g. it could be basic stuff like Real name, address, phone number, place of work, etc. in the context you are referring to.

    2) Leaderfag - Encyclopedia Dramatica
    The line between "taking the initiative" or "encouragement" and just plain leaderfagging can sometimes be be a fine one. Different people have different thresholds. Learn to recognise it early. Don't confuse leaderfag with someone who merely proffers flat-out useless ideas.

    3) see 2)

    4) No idea. Ask your local cell. Warning though: Asking about prior faggotry can often give completely conflicting replies as each may have their own personal version of history. Some of these accounts may be made up, just for the hell of it, because you asked.

    5) Don't know. Try one of your free doctors. Also, I know it might be very un-canadian, but try changing your socks and bathing more than once a month in the colder periods, otherwise please be posting pics of your amputated foot in a jar, on your head, soon.

    Good luck. It would be nice to see some non-fail raiding and public awareness-raising of this "Advanced Org".
  11. Chuck Smith Member

    Re: Protest of Canadian Advanced Org.

    Project Deep Woods has been aborted. Thank you, to those who helped with information and support.

  12. Chuck Smith Member

    Re: Protest of Canadian Advanced Org.

    After alot of thought I have decided to continue with Project Deep Woods. Please disregard previous post.

    Deep Woods will be a go!!!!

    The reason for aborting is not important and wasnt my call to make anyway.

  13. Chuck Smith Member

    Re: Protest of Canadian Advanced Org.

    Passed by the org today i think garbage day is Friday because i see their bins are out.

    Is it legal to check out garbage that is road side?

  14. Anonymous Member

    Re: Protest of Canadian Advanced Org.

    WB Anastasia!

    AnonymousNasty - Encyclopedia Dramatica
  15. anonymous1312 Member

    Re: Protest of Canadian Advanced Org.

    I guess it may depend on jurisdiction but that has never stopped private investigators though.

    My guess is that you're not technically trespassing if it is on public land and garbage should have an inherent value to the owner of zero, which if value is used to determine the degree of theft, grand theft etc., would make it below the bottom run if you were to remove items.

    That said the scilons are a paranoid bunch so I would be surprised at them throwing anything out of use, but you never know...
  16. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Protest of Canadian Advanced Org.

    From when CoS was raiding critic garbage, at the curb is fair game, but that was with sidewalks.

    How many bins were there? (For estimating how many on site.)
  17. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Protest of Canadian Advanced Org.

    To expand on that, according to Gregg Hagglund, after OSA/PI garbage raids, the police said that as from the sidewalk to the curb was city property, the garbage could be taken by anyone once it was placed at the curb.

    I don't know how correct that is. Keep in mind that the police also search garbage without a warrant, so they have a vested interest in that interpretation. (If the city owns the grass between the sidewalk and the curb, they can keep it trimmed!) In the case of the "Inn", it might not be clear cut who'd own the property where they put the garbage, so it'd be chancy (and gross) to physically search it.

    Just knowing how many green bins (kitchen stuff) they put out would be a good indication of how many people are on site. If the place was in full operation, they'd have to let a contracted waste company truck through the gate to empty their dumpsters, rather than putting it out for Mono to pick up. (I'm sure that they'd want to make a pickup area close by the entrance, move the gate in a little and add a guard house, but that's where the tight land controls on that property as an Escarpment Protection Area kick in. They need variances and permits for that. Good luck!)

    A blue bin full of bottles of scotch might be a sign Dave was visiting. :)

    I do wonder who owns the road that circles through the property. Various mapping software, including Google show it as a road rather than a private driveway. (Then again, we don't even know who actually owns the property.)
  18. OTBT Member

    Re: Protest of Canadian Advanced Org.

    I'll back this up.

    10 years ago in the USA, once garbage was place outside a building and put on curb for collection, it is no longer private property.

    Sorry, not sure what the current laws are.
  19. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Protest of Canadian Advanced Org.

    The current American laws...? :)
    It looks like the Supreme Court has ruled that it's okay to search garbage if it's out for collection.
  20. HellRazor Member

    Re: Protest of Canadian Advanced Org.

    Note to self: shred EVERYTHING.

    Did Chuck Smith pass by the Toronto Org, or the AO in Mono?
  21. Chuck Smith Member

    Re: Protest of Canadian Advanced Org.

    It was Mono Org i passed by. They only had about 3 bins out so i dont think much is going on.

    They didnt have anything in them, because the trucks had already been by. I wouldnt go through their garbage anyway. If i did i think i would go earlier on Friday or maybe Thursday night sometime.

    Thanks for all the input.

  22. Anonymous Member

    Re: Protest of Canadian Advanced Org.

    Stealing trash for Scientology's OSA
  23. Anonymous Member

    Re: Protest of Canadian Advanced Org.

    As far as I know, I think it's illegal to go through someone's garbage where I live. Even picking up something like a chair, or a bike off of someone's curb when they are obviously tossing it is against the law. Doesn't mean that people don't do it and things like that is not really enforced.

    I couldn't really find anything but I did come across this:

  24. Chuck Smith Member

    Re: Protest of Canadian Advanced Org.

    Maybe i can bring out some garbage and then accidently drop my bag of garbage and the in all of the confusion pick up the wrong bag??????

    Then go back later and acuse Scientology of stealing my garbage.

    Its such a simple plan really.

  25. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: Protest of Canadian Advanced Org.

    [FONT="Century Gothic"]And you're confident this plan will work, are you?[/FONT]
  26. Intelligence Member

    Yes, I am indeed :) ,..., keep me posted please.

  27. xenubarb Member

    They don't NEED a reason. It will be done b'cause it is Standard Operating Procedure. You will be shut out of that trail. I'd bet on it. (Assuming they ever really manage to take hold there, which is dubious.)
  28. DeathHamster Member

    The beauty of it is that they probably have no idea how much bad will and political fallout that would cause them. (Hi OSA, tune this out.) The Escarpment Commission is like an extra layer of government: Any changes to the property requires grudging permission from them. (The previous owner tried and failed a number of times.) Promotion of the Bruce Trail is one of the mandates of the Commission. (They don't operate the Bruce Trial; it's a private group that does that.) Theoretically, CoS closing the trail and CoS asking for permission to put up a guard house at the entrance aren't linked, but the reality is different. (Hopefully they won't even ask those wogs for permission, and will be shocked when they're fined and ordered to tear it down.)

    Plus, every hiker that has to detour along the road around the property is going to be thinking "fucking cult!" every step of the way.

    Short of Davie throwing millions at it, or a hooking a very rich fish, the only way that they'll get the funds to open the place is if they sell the land the current Toronto org is on for a good price, buy a much smaller storefront and put the difference towards the AO. Development just north of the Toronto org is heating up again, and the mortgages are paid off this year, so that could happen soon.

    That would be a good thing, since it'll speed the implosion. They won't get enough people to meet the operating costs, those that do go there will come straight from the stats in Clearwater and LA, and it'll spread the Sea Org even thinner to operate it.
  29. DeathHamster Member

    Someone might gently suggest to the Mono councilors that if things with Scientology get tense, they might want to be careful at the salad bar. (Yeah, yeah, different cult, but a good look at just how crazy some groups get while they're drinking the cultwash and have to Keep Stats Working and the policy formerly known as Fair Game is in affect.)
  30. Anonymous Member

    Though I haven't been on Yonge south of Bloor in at least 2 months, whenever I passed by the org late last year and early this year the storefront windows seemed papered up. There was a note on the window, but I never got close enough to read it. The doors to the left of the storefront, however, remained unobstructed.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Trail: A path that is walked on.

    Trial: Something scilon mgt. will get used to being walked on.
  32. Ordo Xenous Member

  33. ifywar Member

    why has this pretty much died? we should get a raid underway!

    obvoiously its not going to be easy for us to get alot of toronto anons, but why should it be just toronto anons? i am a kitchener anon, and i tell you that we could aid in filling your ranks, even if it isnt alone enough (which it obviously isnt), like we have established, it is a backwater. if we could contact anons from the surrounding cities, we won't need for all of them to come, just afew from each city. we could get toronto anons, kitchener anons, barrie anons, and find that adam holland kid, and whoever he was protesting with, and so forth.

    singularly, we may only have small amounts of people who can attend, but together we may be able to muster a semi-large raid proportionally to the size of the org.
  34. Anonymous Member

    I understand its a long way to go for perhaps little or no scientology action. Is it even operational? What possibly would be valuable, or at least interesting, is another reconnaissance mission. It is located along the Bruce Trail after all, so random hikers would be anonymous without even being Anonymous. Take a couple of friends and cameras and go for a hike. Don't go on their property but see what can be determined from the Trail...there is discussion of that upthread, eg what vehicles in parking lot, garbage bins etc.

    Report back with pics... WIN!

    Do eet faggot! I'd join you but the flight to get there is too expensive. ;)
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