Protest In Iran Gear Recommendations And Preventive Measures

Discussion in 'Protest Advice' started by Lynx, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. Tactics are tactics

    Tactics are tactics
    Be the difference between organized protest & mob chaos

    Choose your battles
    Make sure everyone knows the entire plan
    Make them fight on your terms
    If 3 of them are dragging away 1 of you, be the one that jumps in (the rest will follow)
    If it looks bad, get out
    Always have an exit strategy
    And place to regroup
    If you are constantly dispersing only to regroup in alternate locations, they won't know what to do
    Smoke Bombs are good for escape (4 parts sugar to 6 parts potassium nitrate (Salt Peter) melted over low flame stirring well. Embed fuse as it solidifies. 1lb = one city block)


    Good luck from those of us in the U.S. who would rather have a friend than a crucifix encrusted pipeline
  2. you are right, but..

    as i already mentioned, we need this movement of freedom all over the world! no country is free because globalization means also spreading power, so the powerful become more and even most powerful and the helpless more helpless! BUT : the difference is, you CAN dress how you like to dress, you can drink what you like to drink ( alc ), you have more chances for the youth like discos and jobs, you have not that much censorship and if s.o. trys to limit your rights you can go on the street without be beaten up!
    this are essential liberties, you must have them at leat!

    Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. Benjamin Franklin
  3. For what this is worth:
    When dealing with OC sprays (Pepper Gas) you will find that they are activated and reactivated by water. In other words, even if you have let it dry on your skin you are still at risk to reactivation, if you were to get it wet again.

    The safest way to remove contamination from the skin is to let the skin dry, dab with a dry clothe or fan the skin. Pending availability, products like "Johnson's No More Tears" baby shampoo can be applied to a contaminated area around eyes and face (It works even better if it is refrigerated before) to provide temporary relief (also the drying of the shampoo will help remove a large amount of the loose capsacin.

    Military grade pepper spray is actually a solid, a teeny tiny particulate that is jagged and nasty that gets deep in the skin, tear ducts, etc. It's not uncommon to feel unable to open your eyes.

    When sprayed, I have found the quickest relief is to strobe your eyes to get tears flowing again. Once you can open your eyes and tear, stare for as long as you can bear letting the tears flow to clear your eyes as quickly as possible. The longer you keep your eyes shut and the longer you strobe your eyes the longer you will be contaminated. You want the body fluids in the mouth, nose and eyes to be running as much as possible (This is your bodies natural defense clearing itself out)

    Good Luck.
  4. Just throwing this out there: 10 deaths by police brutality a year isn't really a point to argue. Having our media controlled by 3 guys is better then 1: Although when you say controlled, you mean partially owned, and don't make it out like they are the writers and producers of ever movie, tv show, and radio show you here. Australia doesn't have Habeus Corpus? Just asking, your post is extremely off topic.

    I think it is personally ridiculous that you live in a country where your average quality of life is 100x better then most, and bitch about it like Australia has one fucking thing in common with what Iran is going through.

    So when you are walking around Sydney, you have to watch out for the roving militias, killing citizens and police officers alike? They use tear gas on protests huh? How about M16s? Shut up, I know your on summer vacation from school w/o much to do, but I hear Anti-Flag is coming out with a new CD for you to angst to.
  5. How is he off topic ??!!

    He is rightly answering to people who claim that the iranian revolted should feel "supported" by... western states ! and fight for... what is currently called democracy !

    Revolted people from anywhere should indeed communicate, to avoid getting f***ed by illusions and deceptions. The propaganda brainwashing us through all the media is trying to contain the revolt of people in Iran within the borders of Iran, by affirming it's a revolt against the regime there. But who knows?! Maybe it is deeper, richer, and concerns everybody not because they may feel some humanitarian, victimist empathy with the targets of repression, but because they may share the same revolt, whether freedom of expression is very harshly or just harshly limited in their country, and whether the cops kill and torture thousands, hundreds or "only" dozens every year.

    This site is called "why we protest" : please do not answer in the name of those you are not. The "protesters" - the revolted - can and should answer themselves, and thus probably show that their "why" is not necessarily local and limited as so many of their enemies, claiming to be their friends, claim.
  6. Geraldanthro Member

    False: power doesnot have to come from a Gun

    Remember Gandhi
    Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



  7. What to bring with you to protest (first aid, etc.) in broken Farsi (better than nothing):

    در اینجا یک لیست اولیه از وسایل برای آوردن جعبه کمک های خود را برای اولین بار است ، و برای اهدای به تیم پزشکی.

    * آب (تا آنجا که می تواند شما را ادامه می دهند. در این است که برای شما و دوستان خود را به نوشیدنی ، برای irrigating چشم و زخم ها ، برای خنک کردن. آن را به ارزش و وزن خود را 's-- آورد فراوانی)
    * چند جفت دستکش وینیل (در برابر خون و اسپری فلفل ، شیرابه حفاظت از آثار است ، اما حساسیت زا مشترک)
    * تغییر و / یا کارت برای تماس تلفنی
    * کاغذ ، خودکار ، نوار مجرای ، نشانگر
    * زخم تدارکات مراقبت (گروه - ایدز ، steri - نوارها ، 2x2 و 4x4 باند ، 1st کمک نوار ، Bactroban یا ضدعفونی)
    * باند تک خال
    * decontamination تدارکات سلاح های شیمیایی (3 کوچک و بطری روغن canola ، الکل ، و یک راه حل و دوای ضد ترشی معده مایع / آب ، نسبت 1:1 -- این را در یک بطری اسپری ، مقدار زیادی از sponges گاز پانسمان یا ژنده پوش تمیز ، ذخیره شده در چند کیسه پلاستیکی کوچک )
    * کوچک تامپونها (مناسب برای bleeds بینی)
    * depressors زبان (برای splinting)
    * پیراهن تمیز در کیسه های پلاستیکی (به تغییر در اگر به شدت gassed)
    * صفحه نمایش خورشید یا دنده باران ، با توجه به آب و هوا
    * Emergen - ج (و یا دیگر مخلوط electrolyte پودر)
    * نجات جبران (مناسب برای شوک ، آسیب)
    * تنقلات
    * لوله و کیک icing (یا سخت آبنبات -- خوب برای بالا بردن قند خون)
    * آسپرین ، ibuprofen
    * inhaler ، epinephrine ، benadryl (برای کسانی که واجد شرایط برای استفاده از آنها)
    > swap
  8. I think it is also important for Iranians to know what will and will not provide effective protection from gunfire.

    These things will offer some protection from gunfire:
    Engine blocks
    fire hydrants
    steel an inch or more thick
    solid concrete of about a foot or more, NOT CINDER BLOCKS!
    water, such as in a swimming pool will provide some protection if you are submerged a few feet.

    These are the most likely to stop bullets. Bullets are far more powerful than many people realize. Do not hide behind cars if you can help it, and if you find yourself in that situation use the engine as cover.

    DO NOT hide behind trees, telephone poles, lightposts, tables, wood of any sort or brick walls. Also most garbage dumpsters are made of very thin steel or aluminum, do not use these for cover except perhaps if they are full of garbage but I wouldn't bet my life on whether the garbage was sufficiently bullet proof or not.

    Bullets are capable of traveling through multiple objects while maintaining their lethality, so don't consider yourself safe simply because you put a building between yourself and the gunfire. Stay low, run in a zig-zag fashion if you have to move, make yourself as small a target as possible. Get as far away from the gunfire as you can, bullets lose velocity over distance and at 300-500 yards will have more difficulty penetrating various objects. Bullets are still VERY deadly at ranges of 2000 yards or more, so don't develop a false sense of security.

    If you happen to obtain body armor or helmets somehow please remember that these will NOT stop bullets in most cases and are designed to protect the wearer from shrapnel. Most do provide some protection from pistol rounds however, but don't bet your life on it.

    Also remember that CONCEALMENT is not the same as COVER. It is easy to find a hiding spot, not so easy to find a hiding spot that will stop bullets.

    Hope this helps.
  9. Do not follow this instructions

    I've lived these scenario 20 years ago in Serbia. Same scenario brothers. The UK/US and EU devils wil try to destroy your country, your nation and your religion. Stay well and strong and forget shity ideas on democracy and liberty, they'll bring you to new world age prison !
  10. non violence vs thugs

    When people are shooting you, find a way, ANY WAY, to fight back.

    Self defense is a basic right!
  11. Ghandi and Tieniman

    Ghandi beat the British Empire because the British were reluctant to mow down thousands of people with machine guns.

    Not so the Chinese.

    Passive resistance at Auschwitz? Get real.

    When you're facing fascists with gus...GET A GUN.
  12. I meant 'gun'

    OK. So I'm better at shooting than typing...
  13. If you get hit with a nasty gas canister

    If you get hit by tear gas, or something worse, it will feel like you are unable to breathe. This is how it works, and is designed to work. You panic, and riots stop. The trick is to understand that while it feels like you are unable to breathe, you are actually breathing ust fine. Tear gas doesn't kill people (mostly). If what they are firing is killing people, then you should call the UN.

    So try and remain calm. Even if you sit down in a place out of the way and just remind yourself that you are breathing, but you don't know it. Getting rid of the panic eliminates a lot of the effectiveness of some of the anti-riot gas.
  14. sorry, but that's terrible advice. just ask the darfuris, the tutsis, srebrenicans, et al.

    if you wait for someone to rescue you, you'll end up dead. look to your own safety first, then the safety of those around you. having done all you can to insure both, fight back.
  15. I was passing by and wanted to include an important note:


    However you need to drink it. Do NOT wash your face with water if you suffer tear gas. You should not wet your skin, it increases the effect of the tear gas.

    Use vinegar or lemon to get rid off the effect of the tear gas. Cloths with some apple vinegar or pure lemon juice are very usefull in riots. You can press some lemon in a plastic bottle before going to the protest. So you can wet your mask with lemon, it will make a recognizable decrease to the effect of tear gas.

    An advice:
    The thick gloves used by construction workers(Used for heavy works) are good to throw the tear gas cans back to the cops.
    Warning!: The tear gas cans are too hot to hold with hands!!!

    If ate too much of tear gas, get rid off your clothes. Take a cold shower. The colder it is, the better it is. Wash your clothes as soon as possible because there are chemicals on those clothes!

    Remember to eat good and sleep thight before going to a protest. If you smoke or take drugs, stop it before you go.

    Cheers from a Turkish Anarchist!!! ;)
    Source: (Turkish)
  16. Violence removed.
  17. self defense tips

    Violence removed.
  18. regular military

    Is any one in the protest movement reaching out to the regular military, not the revolutionary gaurd, they are fanatics, I am not sure about Iran but most nations use conscript soldiers, regular young men who are as probably feed up with the dictators as the protesters are, I cannot encourage you enough to reach out to them, they have everything to gain and nothing to lose by supporting you, unlike the revolutionary gaurd or any other secret police force, Please try, at this stage YOU have nothing to loose and everything to gain, my heart is with you. FREEDOM
  19. Ybtisam Member

    Excellent advice. Disarming and keeping the arms is imperative.

    Also, walk unless you're being pursued. Don't let the electricity in the streets get you excited so that you wear yourself out.
  20. Ybtisam Member

    It sounds like a lot of Americans are here. The very idea of not fighting back is foreign to Americans. Many watch the protests and WISH they were there to bust heads.
  21. Ybtisam Member

    How long have you been with Iran government?

  22. bust heads huh?
  23. former anarchist here:

    iranian protesters should consider using black-bloc tactics. dress the same, in the WTO protests we dress in all black, in thick clothing: hooded sweaters, thick gloves, gas masks, helmets, knee/elbow pads boots, etc. carry food, water, and bandages. also, and this is crucial, when teargas is fired, do not be afraid to rush the can and throw it back. (remember to hold your breath)

    there is a problem though, since they are being identified and targeted on the streets, i would not reccomend dressing the same, or having any color of recognition. but anything stated that is easily disposable should help.
  24. you havent seen many real protests have you. look into the WTO protests, its a gathering of all the worlds finest anarchists, socialists, and die-hard libertarians. we always fight back.

    i agree with you however, as an iranian, i cannot stand see my people being murdered in the streets. i would however be using another sort of tactic: assassination, buring buildings, finding or "attaining" weapons...

    ive hated this regime all my life. it deserves what its about to get.
  25. also, and ive already said this on facebook and twitter:

    remove all street signs so police from other areas will lose their direction. there are not enough sympathetic police, soldiers, or revolutionary gaurd members in tehran, so brainwashed people from villages are being shipped in to join the Basij. most of the portestors are local, and can find their way using main streets, the Basij however, can not. this will render their radio communications useless for long distances.

    but like always with any plan or action, consider the negatives.
  26. TheSwabbie Member

    Tear Gas

    I was trained in the Military - the US Military. There are a few things you can do, but its not going to be pleasant no matter what you do. If you can get your hands on baby shampoo (No tears) type..get it. That Will help get the stuff out of your eyes a little quicker than trying to wash it out with water alone.

    For your skin. A couple of boxes of Baking Soda will help along with regular soap with skin conditioners. Remember, the pepper spray is going to really get to your mucous membranes. Under your armpits, Crotch (sorry ladies, its going to burn like hell). The snot is going to pour of our your nose like someone turned on a fire hydrant and its going to burn the whole time. Your eye lids are going to swell up too. Use the Benadryl for that.

    Baking soda will help neutralize some of the caspicum...but you need to get it washed off you as quickly as possible.

    Watch the wind.. always watch the wind. If they start using rubber bullets do NOT be under the impression they do NOT hurt or that they will NOT kill you. Rubber bullets CAN kill you, mostly they just injure, but they are only one step down from FMJ (full metal jacket). Be careful out there. PS.. taking street signs down wont help alot, if they have GPS. :)

    I know you all hate the regime there but... Remember - these soldiers/police are your brothers, fathers, neighbors. They are between a rock and a hard place having to try to bring order. I promise to pray for you all.
  27. TheSwabbie Member

    You almost make it sound like we are a "Violent" people... LOL... :p
  28. Basji, Revolutionary Guards......your choice, murder people or freedom. Lay down your arms. CHOOSE FREEDOM.

    Basji, Revolutionary Guards, if Ahmadjad wins, you continue murdering. If Mosavi wins, what happens to you? Lay down your arms. CHOOSE FREEDOM!

    Khamenei, why choose Ahmadjad when your people choose Mousavi? Dump Ahmadjad & make $$$ from tourists, We love your people.

  29. Basji, Revolutionary Guards......your choice, murder people or freedom. Lay down your arms. CHOOSE FREEDOM.

    Basji, Revolutionary Guards, if Ahmadjad wins, you continue murdering. If Mosavi wins, what happens to you? Lay down your arms. CHOOSE FREEDOM!

    Khamenei, why choose Ahmadjad when your people choose Mousavi? Dump Ahmadjad & make $$$ from tourists, We love your people.
  30. 122d guardsmen

    But the whole fake IED thing is great. We used to put up fake road signs to keep certain people away from our political protests. Misinformation and confusion is a great tool. Also, stuff clothes with straw and other stuff to create fake bodies to lay in the street ahead of motorcycles. If you can find a way to pop the tires, that is great too. It'll cause them to leave the bikes in the street. Keep them there. Road blocks. Great tools.

    BTW, as a licensed motorcycle owner, a popped tire will NOT cause a fatal crash.
  31. don't you think they have "run on flat" tires?
    pouring oil on the road seems to me a better choice (even if large quantities might be needed)
    after a few falls they might reconsider the use of MBs.
    BTW the garbage containers are very efficient protection against anything except live rounds... since they are on wheel can be moved along with the people. In case just drop there and it will slow down people following you.
  32. 1 - They are HOT from the chemical reaction, so wear gloves.

    2 - Anything that slows the smoke down has to be fire-resistant. Several layers of wet cloth will slow it down a lot.

    Or get them out of the way by tossing them into a sewer, parked car, trash can (with lid)
  33. Protest needs to change to a popular insurrection

    Post Removed for Violence
  34. Time to adapt and overcome

    Violence removed
  35. Lol my post was deleted I guess it was found to be "violent"... I only supplied DEFENSIVE information. Anyway, I'm saying it again: If you eat tear gas, don't use water - it makes everything worse. Use fresh lemon juice or vinegar instead.
  36. How to defend yourself and Injure, Maim, and/or Kill BASIJI

    Be violent somewhere else. Edited out.
  37. Arabic speaking Basji and excellent previous post

    Thank you unregistered chemistry teacher - I was suprised no one had made explaination of available house cleaners like amonia and bleach to be used on offense.

    POSTERS - please read previous posts in thread to avoid repetition - thank you - some of us do not have a lot of time to read - thank you

    There are reports that there are now ARABIC speaking Basji enforcers.

    Someone please confirm in news section?

    If we are to pick a target, it must be them. They do not belong in Iran.

  38. also - thank you to "former" anarchist WHO protestor

    thank you - "former" is true? hahhaa. thank you

    yes the clothing - matching game works very well - many police unlike Basji - do not want to really arrest because it is a lot of work - if they lose you in a group they will back off.

    also works? to have shirt on under shirt. run back in to group, crouch, take shirt off and leave on ground.


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